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  1. selfish bump...curious what everyone thinks....why would they pull my credit report?
  2. Last weekend I got a letter from same CA that lied to me last time. The account is actually for a sports related injury, the town was to pay the balance. OC (hospital) gave to CA evidently. I fired off letter requesting validation told them no contact via phone, etc. THEY LEFT A MESSAGE at my home and now today, I was alerted that they ran a "hard" inquiry to request my credit report!!??!?!? Can they do this???
  3. OK, got notice from TU today and it was removed. How can one CRA remove and another "verified"??? Rather than ITS to CA, should I just respond to EX?
  4. I'm so MAD about this...it's $55. part of me just wants to pay it and wait for it to fall off but the fact is, OC gave to CA 4+ yrs later. CA sent to some unknown address. CA reported 5 key derogatorries in 1 year with no attempts that I know of. Is that enough to sue? I realize the idea is to just get them to remove it but I should then find an attorney, right?
  5. Per the CR, "Key Derrogatory Dates" 9/05, 12/05, 3/06, 7/06, & 9/06. Other CA report one date - when they receive. I have not been able to find anything when I search.
  6. I found this letter. Wondering if I should fire off to CRA before the ITS letter or just follow the advice above and send ITS. Take a look & let me know what you think.... Dear CRA, Today I received notice that you verified 5 tradelines on my credit report that are being reported by CA. Please tell me how you did that as I know this is in violation of the FDCPA. Who did you talk to at CA? Or did you write them? The FCRA says that you have to tell me this in 15 days if I ask. I do not want a generic response of how you use various methods. I want to know exactly how you verified this. Also, what is the date of the commencement of delinquency. CA is required to give that to you. So when is that? And when will these 5 tradelines be past the reporting timeframe? I do not want the 7 year generic response, I want to know WHEN this account was added, when delinquent, and WHEN it will be removed. I want to know HOW CA can report 5 tradelines for the same account. I expect your response within 15 days.
  7. I got the dreaded "Remains - this item has been verified as accurate" from the CRA's for this account. 1. CA never provided "validation", just "verification" to me 2. CA reported 5 TLs for one account 3. CA reported incorrect address (which is why I never rec'd) Is next step to shoot off letter to CRA's with documentation/copies of all of the above? Help!
  8. they removed the 5 TL's while it's in dispute. 5 TL's can certainly total 80 pts. it's still in dispute - should i wait for the CRA's answers before shooting off another letter?
  9. Do I wait to hear from the CRA's to finish their "investigations"?
  10. the disgusting part is that while the item is "in dispute", my score jumped up over 80 pts! I really need this removed. Just not sure how to proceed now...
  11. Update: I sent the 2nd letter to CA. It's been nearly 30 days now with no response. I also sent letters to 3 CRA's once I got the green card from CA. I receive "investigating" responses. Assuming that the CRA's will not simply remove this CA from my CR, what is my next step? I really appreciate all the great help! So far so good!
  12. With regard to the incorrect address, EX will not allow me to file dispute online - stating that it's associated with an account. The account is this CA acct. Since the account is marked "In dispute" with the CRA, should I now send the address dispute to CRA? Or wait to send address AND CA dispute at the same time?
  13. YES, 5 distinct TL's from one CA for this alleged debt. Can they do this? I was unable to find any info on multiple derogatorries from same CA. I'm sending second letter today. Should I also send letters to CRA's today too? Thanks for the help!
  14. I am so aggravated about this bill on my CR that I have literally lost sleep! Check this out: Utility bill - acct with $55 balance from 8/2001. OC placed with CA 9/2004 (three YEARS later!). CA reported 5 key derogatory dates to CRA in 2005!! Is this allowed????? Note - CA reported an invalid address to CRA. I tried to dispute the address but it will not allow as it is tied to this acct. I never received any sort of statement from OC or CA pertaining to this alleged account. Action taken so far- letter (from WHY CHAT) sent CM to CA asking for validation. CA sent copy of their "bad debt" screen and some sort of print out showing a payment history, again a print screen to "verify". I have the 2nd letter ready to send CM, with copy of 1st, and creditor/debt declaration, and demand that they validate. Any suggestions? Thanks! Cath
  15. I've been searching/researching for quite a while and I think the more I read, the more confused I become! I am hoping that the highly intelligent, super helpful & friendly folks here can offer some advice. Hghlighted below are the accounts I'd like to see removed from my CR…along with my thoughts on how to go about doing so. PLEASE be so kind as to provide your thoughts/advice. 1. Medical bill - service date 9/2003. Placed w/ CA 11/03, date to be removed 9/09. Originally, I was going to send the HIPPA letter with payment but now after reading, am not sure if this is the best move? Help! 2. Despite my efforts, it appears a brand new medical CA just appeared on my report. I paid part of this to the CA with the promise they would not report. Freakin liars! Should I now sent HIPPA to the OC? Thanks for the help!! Cath

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