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  1. Hey all! I've been MIA for a while... I'm a little rusty, but I had an issue with an old Sony Visa after Capital One sold it to Comenity. It fell off my Capital One portal and was unfortunately forgotten about, and the new card and info from Comenity slipped through the cracks. To make a long story short, I got a call that my phone flagged as "potential fraud" advising that I was more than 30 days late on my Comenity Sony Visa. I thought that sounded odd; Last I knew, I did have that card, but it was a Capital One card. I got off the phone with him and found the mail. I set up an account immed
  2. I'm happy to find that out even if it was the hard way. I talked to three different reps who told me otherwise. lol
  3. Did your purchase show as 4/6? Yep! It does now. Hopefully that's a data point for someone... Obviously I made a mistake in cutting it so close, but it worked out this time, thankfully. Won't do that again!
  4. Looks like I got my miles. Not sure if it just happened naturally or if it's because I was persistent as hell.. I reached out on social media earlier today and spoke to a couple of different people who said they would make sure I got my points. I just logged in after midnight and it shows that I got my bonus. Probably happened naturally, but I have faith again and am back in love with Citi after talking to those people. lol!
  5. When did you make the purchase? When is your last day? I made it on 4/6 and I was told in chat that my last day was 4/7. The 7th is my payment due date. Looking back at it, I never realized this could be a problem, but I thought I spent what I needed to in time.
  6. Did you have 90 days to reach the minimum spend for the SUB? If so, why wait until the last minute? I did have 90 days, of course. It came down to the wire because I wasn't planning on M$ to reach the spend. I had planned a large purchase for a new lens but that fell through and I ran out of time.
  7. I'm so discouraged right now! I had to spend about $1000 more to reach my SUB on my AAdvantage card. I was getting down to the wire, but I had talked to Citi and found out what the last day was to reach the spend amount. I went and bought more than enough gc's to reach my spend goal, but for some odd reason the charges are still pending... I reached out to Citi and they basically said "oh well!" My date is up, and the charges are still pending. Think there's anything I can do? I hate to miss out on 60k points.
  8. I always get my hopes up, and Penfed always crushes them! lol
  9. Discover CLI from $7000 to $7500. Had three statements cut, so I went for it. I'll take it!
  10. You will! Just keep at it. My scores got a big bump when I got my utilization way down and added a loan. Just keep your head in the game and you'll probably get there even faster than I did. I'm super proud though. I was exactly where you are now two years ago.
  11. IIRC, your utilization makes up approximately 30% of your credit score. Having a high utilization is killing you more than any amount of inquiries ever would. Try to start looking at the big picture here and think long term. You've got this!
  12. If you apply for a Bank of America card and are declined, there's a good chance that you'll be offered the $99/500 offer... It's a secured card that converts to unsecured fairly quickly, and will grow quickly. My $99 deposit has grown into a $10,000 card and a $9,100 card in about a year and a half. I have a bunch of Capital One accounts so I'm not saying to stay away, but you may want to spend that inquiry elsewhere until you're pretty sure you're qualified for a better unsecured Cap1 card.
  13. I reached out to Alliant and asked for reconsider and they told me to FOAD. Too many accounts with less than 12 months of age. Oh well! I don't know if I'll try with them again. I think that's the third "no" from them.
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