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  1. Does anyone know if you can BT balances from two different banks under the 0% offer?
  2. Try this... I discovered my FICO score is still available on Amex, the link is just moved to a different page. Click on the Account Services link at the top of your account page. Click on Personal Details. The FICO score link should be in this section.
  3. As Kat posted, I found the link to view my FICO score buried on a different page of my account. Check out this post...
  4. To update, my Amex homepage still shows the offer for the free TU report/Vantage score. The link to view my FICO score is still around though. I click on the Account Services link, then look under the Personal Details section. My score updated a couple days ago for December, so it's still an active feature on my account. It just takes a couple extra clicks to get to it now.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the info!
  6. Do you have any Discover cards? I'm just wondering if that makes a difference when it comes to Discover Scorecard and frozen credit reports.
  7. For now, at least, it appears the link to "View FICO Score" has been moved to another page on my account. I found the link under Account Services, at the bottom of the Personal Details section. The score has not updated for December yet (usually happens between the 2nd-7th of the month). I'm hoping it actually updates and that the link doesn't eventually disappear.
  8. I should add that I got this with the EveryDay card. It was my only card with an EX FICO. Dangit.
  9. I logged in to check my Amex FICO score and all I could find was the option to sign up for a free Transunion report and a Vantage score. Ugh. Those fako scores are worthless to me.
  10. Ah, good to know. I don't recall opting back in, but then again I'm not a spring chicken anymore. There's no telling how much stuff I have forgotten. 😛
  11. Pretty much every call I have made to a credit card company has been an exercise in futility. Including the calls that were elevated to a supervisor. I do not recommend going that route.
  12. I don't recommend getting a statement credit. It will not count as a "cash back" payment on the Double Cash card. It is better to request direct deposit or a check . That way you can still use the money to pay your statement, but you get the 1% cash back on the payment.
  13. My son bought a car a few years ago, and someone at the dealership helped themselves to his credit info (lesson learned, he now uses only pre-approved car loans). Within a week of the car purchase he began to receive multiple letters from credit card companies advising him he would need to lift the freeze on his credit for them to consider the applications. He had not applied for any cards. His credit freezes protected him from having some unknown bozo open credit in his name. The a$$wipe(s) also attempted to get copies of his credit reports. This experience left our extended family and friends in appreciation of credit freezes. We like them even better now that they are free.

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