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  1. Walking Dead...the thread and a few members. Lol
  2. So he was near his shop. I've been wondering if it has been shut down, I drive by it regularly and lately there has been a big huge wood board in the window!!!
  3. 15-20+ was standard for final papers, 10-15 for papers through out the semester.
  4. whoa! I went to school with a guy through middle school and highschool that contracted it through a blood transfusion. We all knew his status and we all knew he was still our buddy. I don't remember anyone acting a fool about it either (other than some folks at the public pool) but I dont recall any fuss with parents of students (maybe the adults just hid it from us, I dont know) but either way that school sucks!
  5. I suppose the giblets are the seasoning!
  6. I will never understand what is so horrible about getting to know what losing badly feels like. You just don't always when, kiddo. Ya just don't.
  7. I always do ginger snaps and I outlaw anyone from bringing them to my annual exchange. LOL! I also require tacky christmas sweaters and give a prize for the most ridiculous one. This year I am adding a craft table so that everyone can make an ornament to go on the tree. I want to be able to lok at drunkenly made ornaments each year. LOL
  8. I hate when people ask me what I want so I don't ask anyone. I just pay attention to conversations and then pick something thoughtful.
  9. I read this and wonder what happened with the professor and the whole cheating deal. Somehow this thread reminded me of that.
  10. Nobody told this turkey to hide... http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/news/local_news/Turkey-Strolls-Into-Marietta-Gas-Station-20111122-pm-pk
  11. I don't comb my hair...for days...sometimes weeks (I do wash it, regularly). My morning routine can't get much quicker. sounds like my mornings...oh, with a bit of grouchiness in there towards people trying to talk to me...WTH is the deal with folks being all perky and happy all early. UGH
  12. dumb might be the most offensive of anything...yes, dumb trumps it ALL
  13. yes yes!!! eyebrows and make or break a face, FOR REAL!!! I have been having fights with mine...I only have like three hairs and I don't like looking like I took a sharpie and drew them on (even if that's the in thing...and it looks like it is from looking around) Saw Anthony in concert with Jill Scott back in august (a surprise early bday gift)...dougie fresh was also an opener...show was HOOOOTTTTTT!!! Anyway, Anthony took it to church there, so I'm SURE he REALLY took it in the footage you spoke of...and I need to watch...
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