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  1. Hi, everyone! I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've been a member since 2004. Back then, I utilized every relevant forum post to scrub my personal credit and then build business credit. Since that time, I've referred a lot of people here in an effort to share the knowledge. Today, I have a new problem. I went back to school 3 years ago to work on a new Bachelors and Masters degree. My class terms are in 8-week increments and the student loans that I have used to fund my education appear on my credit report. The problem is that those loans are depressing my credit score. My current scores reside in the low to middle 600's. I have a 30-day late payment that is pretty old and 3 inquiries. My oldest account is 15 years old. I do have 72% utilization across my revolving accounts. Over the past year, I have attempted to do the usual things to improve my score. At one point, I paid most of my cards down to 40% without seeing much movement in my score. Don't get me wrong...the score did go up by about 20 points, but I expected more. I believe that the issue is that 8 new student loans have appeared on my report in the past 2 years. Another will be appearing in a few days and I am dreading it already. None of my loans require payment at this time and I'm not too worried about repayment because I will be able to make decent money when I finish school. I'm planning to see if I can dispute the 30-day late in the hopes that it will help. Does bumpage still exist? I think I recall reading that it was in the process of going away a long time ago. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance! ~Native
  2. Thank you... I have been referring people here for years because I do believe in the *power* of this place! 331 pages, huh? I might need a glass of wine for this!
  3. Hi! It has been a long time since I have posted here. Through CreditBoards I was able to accomplish a whole lot, several years ago for both my household and my business. I am trying to help someone else and need to know where you are getting your credit reports from. I am not referring to the ones that come directly from the credit bureaus, but the ones that come from a third party provider. She also doesn't need any FICOS right now. Way back when, some of the services were just starting to pull back on the true "daily pulls" and would allow you to see only the same credit report that you pulled days ago without updated information. Does b* still exist? While I plan to refer my friend to this site, I need to be able to share a few basics with her. I did try to search for some of these topics, but I've never been very good at searching this site. I think it is because so many of the topics end up having the same terms in the posts. Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to provide.
  4. I discovered this around 3pm today when I logged on to check my account. It's kinda funny... I was actually thinking about moving to INGDirect. I guess I don't have to now... It will feel a little odd, though... I've been with Netbank since the '90's. The bad thing is that I am a junkie for really nice checks. I used to work for Deluxe so I had many, many check designs that I was able to get for free for both my checking and money market account. I haven't worked for them since 2000 and still had alot of checkbooks left. Now, I assume that I will have to get new ones with the new accounts. (I'll probably have to pay for them myself, too!)
  5. Congratulations!! I hope that you will be very happy in your new home. There really is nothing like being a homeowner!
  6. I've had a Target Redcard for a few years...Started out at $200...got an increase several months ago to $400 (Big fat hairy deal!) No other increases or upgrades since. Most cards on my report are in the $10,000 to $25,000 range. I was at Target last night...If I had used the card, I would have been at 75% utilization. I used Amex instead.
  7. I know longer care about being in Chase's good graces, except for business cards. DH received a Universal card from them with a low limit of $400 or $500. We tried to work with them by using the card ocassionally. After a hard pull, they increased the card to $5000 and then decreased it several weeks later because we weren't putting more than $200 per month on the card. We still have the cards, but they live in the sockdrawer. Chase sucks...
  8. I don't think that tribal whaling is bad...just the commercial kind. For the tribes, it is an opportunity to continue their cultural legacy and pass down the old stories and methods. It is important to perpetuate culture. Now those people who were catching whales to make corsets...they should have been shot!Lord knows corsets were extremely barbaric to women. I think a girdle is barbaric, but whale bones to nip and tuck you into a 18 inch waist?
  9. I would definitely leave it alone...You never know whether or not they will report the lates. It also appears as though you have less debt than you actually do, which will make you more appealing to potential lenders. My home mortgage doesn't report on my TU report...I love it!! BTW- When car notes report, they are not considered to be part of your revolving utilization. They are an installment loan, so they are not factored in.
  10. My amex accounts have the actual opening date, too... I fell for the upgrade as well and then didn't understand why I had two accounts. I closed the green card and kept the gold. The gold reports the newer opening date.
  11. We went to Bermuda last September and there was just something about that place that captured me. It was just so darn quaint and the people were so friendly and helpful. They are a little old-fashioned and vaguely British, though...They had a street fair in their BIG city of Hamilton. It was a lot of fun with music, vendors and dancing. Everything closed up by 10pm!! All of the people who had come off of the cruise ships looked positively bewildered when everything closed! DH and I would love to go back (minus the kids) again...(sigh) I never thought that I would enjoy a place where I was forced to take public transportation everywhere!
  12. I stopped eating "obvious" eggs several years ago...I still eat things that are made with them, I just don't eat boiled eggs, omelettes or quiche.
  13. March 27th was the day that I stopped eating meat... I didn't do it gradually, though. I went to McDonalds and bought a fish sandwich. It bothered my stomach, so I vowed that I wouldn't eat one again. Instead, I found that I did not want to eat meat anymore. I never really ate that much meat. I never liked steak or any other beef, except burgers. I haven't eaten pork in years, because I married into a -Religious epithets not allowed by Admin- family. I get grossed out when I bite into a piece of chicken and find gristle or something stringy, so I only ate processed chicken. I loved tuna fish and imitation crabmeat and that was about it. Most of the meat in my home was turkey...turkey bacon, deli meat, sausages, hot dogs, etc... I have not had meat since March 27th. I will eat some of the Boca and Tofurkey products for protein. I've been on soy milk for years, but I will eat various types of cheese. I'm not truly vegan, but I do qualify as a vegetarian. So far, the only problem that I have had is that I tend to be anemic, so it is imperative that I remember to take an iron tablet a few times per week. For me, I think that not eating meat is a positive thing. When I think about the meats that I used to eat, they were mostly processed and relatively unhealthy. My dog has gone through two pet food recalls of professional dog food products in the past couple of years (and could have died as a result) and I don't trust the FDA to keep contaminated food off of my dining table. I also believe that it is dangerous that the US imports so much food from foreign countries. Though I live in the city, I still grow quite a bit of produce for my family. It allows me to control the contaminants and pesticides, so I feel a bit better about the food that I serve.
  14. I'm an investor, though not a flipper... I have to agree with the above statement 110%. We are not your competition, we are the vultures looking for an easy meal!
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