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  1. I felt the great need to update! Last year I was able to finance my mortgage at $170,000 after closing and fees. Ended up with a wonderful 3.5% interest rate! It was a long process because of credit but it went well!
  2. Ok, I appreciate you. I will keep my eye on my mortgage score.
  3. PS: Just went on MyFico and pulled my Fico Score 8 and it was 646 It shows my mortgage score at 629
  4. I totally understand what you are saying. The property was in fact reported properly and we had a lawyer write everything mortgage related. I have checked the county records to confirm. I am listed on the deed. As for Shannon, unfortunately the criteria has changed for credit requirements post Covid. It is now a minimum 660 to obtain a tradition mortgage.
  5. Well, part of the loan hasn't been forgiven perse....I paid all of the bills while we were together including the house payment. I supported both of us which is why his parents encouraged ME to keep the house over him. They didn't trust him to get himself straight. But I see what you mean. I can typically be naive when it comes to matters of the heart. But in your experience, is it easier to refinance? or is it just the same kind of thing?
  6. PS, I might add. I am in the car sales business so I know that Credit Karma is worthless....but it is a good gauge as to how my credit is progressing.
  7. Yay, this is my first post here in a long time! I have been a long time member here. My credit situation has drastically changed. I am CreditKarma Equi 635 Trans 648 with an Exp 639 These numbers have gone up over the last couple of years with lots of hard work. My question is.....my ex boyfriends parents bought us a house 2 years ago and we signed mortgage papers to pay them instead of acquiring a conventional mortgage. We are both named on the deed with his mom as ETAL. My ex, unknown to me, was a drug addict. I sent him packing back up to NJ with his parents approval. They are allowing me to keep the house and continue to pay them until I am able to refinance. This is a godsend. Now, I am looking for some direction on what is the best way to proceed. What kind of mortgage should a single female with decent income consider? Is refinancing easier? Thanks in advance to everyone here
  8. Ok, I totally agree. That collection looks so ugly sitting there. I will see what I can negotiate and post an update.
  9. Unfortunately, the collection is relatively new. Had a disagreement with a condo rental management company that backfired.....long story but has to either get paid or sit there in time out. I have thought about the secured cards....... The charge off, I have disputed many many times to no avail. Credit One is pretty ruthless and I came REAL close to hiring Lexington Law to try to get rid of the Credit One and the Rent collection......then thought better of it. I have tried repeatedly to get rid of it on my own and failed. Aside from paying up, I've given up on those two.
  10. I have been hanging around these boards for quite sometime and I have learned SO much! So first off, thanks to all of you experts for your great guidance! Now, I need your advice. I went through a divorce that was finalized in October 2016. Within 6 months, my credit took the big plunge to a low of 505. I’ve been working to strengthen it but it has been incredibly hard since nobody will give me any approvals so that I can start rebuilding. I’m currently stuck at Transunion – 587 Experian – 560 Equifax – 570. Since nobody will give me credit, trust me, I tried……How can I bring my score up? I am hoping to apply for my first mortgage preapproval within 4 months and I need this score up! HELP! Here is the information that might be important for you guys to give me advice lol CREDIT REPORT DETAILS Credit Cards TD Bank USA / Target = Balance: $223 / $300 (I have paid it down to a balance of $112 but it just hasn’t reported yet. 7 Months late payments over a year ago but fixed) Credit One = Charged Off – Closed Auto Loan Ford Motor Credit – balance $11,659 with a high balance of $17,081 – No Lates 2 Other close and paid off – never late auto loans hanging around from over 5 years ago. Installment 2 Other old accounts – closed – paid off Collections RENTDEBT AUTOMATED COLLE - $1,600 showing open Hard Inquiries Transunion – 8 Hard Equifax – 18 Hard Experian – 4 Hard Showing 2 years and 1 month average age of open accounts
  11. Thank you very much. I'm really not sure how to get in on this and the money. The Dealer is being convicted of over 15 counts of fraud and he will be sent to jail if that has not already happened. I think that he is out of range if that is the case. About the finance company's insurance, they have just re-calculated the payment to include the insurance. But I haven't been making payments for over 2 months because I put them on Hold per the Holder in Due Course law. Now I am just wanting to know what to do next. I guess that I should call a lawyer but I don't have money to pay a lawyer. That is why I haven't up to this point. Any suggestions? I live near Myrtle Beach South Carolina if anyone might know someone..... lol
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