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  1. If I make another balance transfer to a card that already has a balance transfer, will the entire sum of both balance transfers be due on the earliest or original end date? Or will they be seperate BTs and have seperate due dates? I always pay them off before the 0% is up. The card is Discover. Thanks!
  2. Jen32

    FHA refi question

    I don't have a problem with him bring on the loan, it's just that I owned the home before we were married and I was just curious.
  3. I am FINALLY closing on my FHA refinance. When I bought my home my husband and I weren't married. My rep has just TODAY told me that he HAS to be on the title due to Texas being a community proprty state. Does he have to be on the mortgage too? Does he even HAVE to be on the title? I am assuming this is a "new loan" so since we are married now, that's what counts.....? TIA.
  4. Jen32

    Savers Club

    LOL VERY funny. You know you're in the money management forum right?
  5. Jen32

    Savers Club

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/getting_started?page_id=363243477062422#!/pages/Savers-Club/363243477062422?skip_nax_wizard=true This is the link to the Facebook page.
  6. Hello all. I am interested in starting a savers group where we motivate each other to save a certain dollar amount each month/bi weekly, etc. for the purpose of going on a cruise next summer. The payoff will be a great cruise and meeting each other- our motivators. Hopefully, this will inspire us to save for other things during our life time such as cars, homes, you name it. I just wanted to see if anyone was interested. Please reply or send a private message if you are. If I can gather enough interest we can start a group on Facebook or another social media site.
  7. I am gettig nowhere with customer service at Cap One. Does anyone have the contact info for someone further up the chain? TIA.
  8. Jen32

    Capital One

    I made a 0% balance transfer with Cap One and I was shocked to see in my next statement that I was charged interest. I immediately used the online assistance to see what was going on and the "online agent" told me I had 0% until it is paid off. I reiterated to her about 3 times and she acknowleged that this was the case. When I call to speak to a rep they insist that I made a BT at my existing purchase rate, which I would NEVER do. I only BT to 0%. LUCKILY I printed out the chat transcript. I am going to fax it in tomorrow, but I'm worried that it will be a long process to get this taken care of, or they'll think I forged the whole transcript (do they keep their own transcripts?- I asked but was told no...come on...?). I guess I just need some words of advice and encouragement. I plan to mail a copy of my letter and transcript as well (CMRR?). Does anyone have a good address or e-mail to Cap One that will get to the "right" person? Thanks.
  9. Jen32

    Lowes CLI

    I haven't had an increase since April 2009. I've actually been denied twice since then. Just now hit the button and went from $1000 to $3000. Weeee!
  10. As mentioned, this won't help. Some have gotten back in with Amex after CO/BK-ing them by waiting it out for 10+ years, give or take, and reapplying. Others are still blacklisted past that point. Your best bet to get back with Amex is to pay off what you owe them. That will work. If it's too much or you don't want to, then use the affiliate Amex cards like GEMB, BOA, Citi, etc... They're a good alternative. Congrats on the Dillard's Amex approval! I don't owe AMEX any money. I had a late payment in Dec of 2004 and my card was closed (either by myself of AMEX...too long ago to remember). Does that make a difference on how I should approach getting back into AMEX's good graces?
  11. So, I was approved for a Dillards AMEX card issued by GE Money......I'm confused. My credit must have been approved by GE, right? How will this affect me re-applying for a "real" AMEX in the future? I've been blacklisted, or so I thought, for almost 7 years (baddie falls off this Dec).
  12. What would be considered family growth? Our current house is in my name and my husband and I married last year, so we added him to the household technically. Does that count, or does it only refer to children? Thanks!
  13. Since I already have a mortgage, my husband and I were wondering how this will affect us getting one together. I would like to sell my current home if possible, but if not, rent it out. Are we going to get a quote based on a contengency? Will it be different whether I sell or rent it out? I'm worried I won't be able to sell it for what it's worth (it's never been underwater, btw). Thanks for all of your great advice.
  14. I have a great credit history and was able to obtain a mortgage on my own in 2008, but now my husband and I want to get a house together. I have 8, yes 8 accounts that are at 0% interest. I have small limits, so the utilization on a couple of the accounts is around 90%. I always pay them off when the promotion ends. The current monthly payment total on all accounts is only $218. Will this be frowned upon my a potential lender? Is the fact that each account is at 0% taken into consideration at all, or do I look like a huge risk?!

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