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  1. Your question was answered in post #8. Amex reports one month in the past. So when they update your reports in February 2010, it's showing the balance of your January 2010 statement, and so on.
  2. It seems like a lot of work and hassle on her part.
  3. Citi ThankYouSM Premier Card with 20,000 bonus points seems interesting...
  4. Here's a tip... Expect a hard inquiry and be thankful if it's a soft. Regardless of what he/she/they said, the fact that you expected a soft inquiry is the problem.
  5. Why not just PIF and keep the card?
  6. My Discover reported 1 day after I got approved--way before I even received the card in the mail.
  7. Prepare to see some confused cashiers.
  8. First, it's no longer a "Schwab Invest First" card. Schwab has nothing to do with it. Login: http://www.fiacardservices.com or call FIA
  9. Get over the whole ID checking thing already. I don't like it myself. But have you honestly calculated the % of time retailers actually ask for your ID? I always say you have to pick your battles in life. This one is so minor to the point of being trivial.

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