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  1. I think what I'm asking if anyone agrees that I'm at a point in my life my credit doesn't really matter anymore so i would like to see if a debt relief program could help me out of the credit card mess I'm in. Im no longer worried about my credit score because I don't plan on buying anything else or getting anymore loans at this age. I want to enjoy my later years in life just a little instead of spending every dollar I have toward credit card debt. I am making all my payments at the present time but just don't think I can swing it much longer
  2. Been a long time since I have reviewed this site. But recently got myself in a mess and almost pulled the trigger on a solution but then I remembered credit boards and thought I better get some opinions of the people here at credit boards. I will try and make this as short as possible and not long and boring. I am actually so ashamed to even be here posting this but I am beyond knowing what to do, so here is my story. Spent about the last ten years working on my horrible credit which consisted of a very low score, charge offs, collections and late payments. Had some life troubles that were unavoidable that got my credit to that point in the first place. Anyway, using the advice and tricks of this board I persisted and after several years finally was able to get my reports clean. I was so proud. But my scores would never budge above around 650. Was never able to get a credit card during this repair time but after I finally had all the bad stuff pretty well gone I was approved for a couple of cards which I intended to use for utilization to increase my score. Here is where the trouble starts. The high of actually being approved is so overwhelming, you just want to keep doing it. And that's exactly what I did. That was not the problem,but actually having access to funds I had never had before was so exhilarating. I am the sole bread winner in my family and have kids, grandkids and lots of people depending on my for help and support. And so it began. When someone needed something, put it on the credit card. Grandaughter needs a new mattress, put it on the credit card, running short until payday, supper on the credit card. It was my full intention of paying the cards in full every month but anyone who has had an encounter similar to mine knows, best laid plans never happen. So I am to the point of where I have about 12 cards, all of them almost maxed out. On top of that I borrowed cash at a very high interest rate for my daughter to have the gastric sleeve procedure. (which I would do again in a heartbeat, she is now free of diabetes). By now I am drowning and see no way out of this mess. And after all my hard work and no late payments for seven years, it was bound to happen, I just couldn't keep track of it all and have two late payments that I just totally overlooked. One is for a truck payment and the other a credit union loan. I think the late payments made me sicker than anything else. I could barely stand the thought of it. All that work, down the drain. So by all means let the flaming begin, I'm ready to take whatever anyone on the board has to dish out. No one know more than me what an awful place I am in to no one's fault but my own. Now to the point where I need some advice. And really, I don't even need advice because I see no clear or easy solution to this problem..Forgot to mention I also have 140K in student loan debt which I have managed to keep in forebearance, deferment for seven years but the time has come I must start making the payment which is $800 a month. I am 62 years old. Have a good job, make a six figure salary. I have a mortgage, truck payment, car payment, several other fly by night loans and the credit cards. I am current in all my payments and have never paid late except for the two I mentioned. can't get anyone to give me a consolidation loan due to the late payments. otherwise my credit report is perfect. My question is this. At some point I would like to stop working and draw my social security but I don't see that happening. At least not for about ten years. I need to get this debt resolved first. I do not need another loan for anything ever as far as I can see. I have my house and transportation. I am considering going with a debt relief program. which I know will tank my credit but as I just said, I really don't see the need to ever need a better credit score again. I would like someone to just tell me they think this is ok. I see no other solution.
  3. I've been trying to get a Lowes card for five years. Always got shot down. Finally got approved. Score was about 672 and my utilization on other cards at about 70% so I was surprised I got it this time! Limit I received was $700. Activated the card yesterday. Called and asked for 6K and was approved! Unbelievable, but I am a happy camper!
  4. I had two paid judgments fall off within about six months of each other. Scores didn't change a bit. I was totally disappointed.
  5. farmington
  6. AMEX blue everyday 2,000. I make a good salary but have 70% utilization on my current cards. Don't know what they pulled.. Only score I know for sure is TU 672
  7. Yes, the OC is not listed. Only the CA. It worked with me with AT&T and Dish but wasn't sure with a medical office.
  8. Thanks for the info. they are 30 day lates. I will just let them age off.
  9. Have a couple of old first premier cards that are closed. They are seven years old and have a couple of late payments about five years old.Can't get them removed. Can you request to have the trade lines deleted or are the lates hurting me that much?
  10. It is a Dr office.I thought about paying the OC and then disputing the CA. This has worked for me in the past with trans union but I've never tried it with Experian.
  11. DoFD is 8/2012. the report says I owe $100 but I think I actually owe about $238. I am in Missouri.
  12. There is a collection on one of my reports that is mine but the amount is incorrect. When disputing it as inaccurate do I need to specifically say the amount is inaccurate or just say the information is inaccurate and leave it at that. Thanks
  13. I have three and doesn't seem to make a bit of difference.
  14. My father in law is retired navy. He is not a NFCU member but do I qualify to join just because of the military status or does he actually have to be a member of the credit union?
  15. sorry, I didn't read any previous threads before I posted. I was just so upset had to vent somewhere!
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