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  1. Has anyone used a service that will add seasoned TL's to their D&B and Experian reports. I guess the theory is that adding a TL for instance of 100k or more looks a heck of alot more appealing to a potential creditor than a TL of 10k or so. I just signed up for a service like this and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this topic. Thank you.
  2. I have a paydex of 80 with 7 tl's showing. I don't have anything showing up on experian yet. I've got tons of net 30's quill, grainger, gempler, fedex, ups, dhl, office depot, staples, franklin covey, quill, veripack. Then I have BP mastercard, Racetrac mastercard, bestbuy, home depot mastercard and an exxon/mobile gas card. I haven't had much success with the likes of Citi, Chase and Amex.
  3. Any good cards to apply for that don't require PG's and pull from D&B? Thanks in advance
  4. The Racetrac and BP were pretty easy to get. I got 4k from RT and 2k from BP. I filled out their application online and printed it out to fax it in. In a few days I called for a status and was able to get a positive response pretty quickly. Racetrac sent me a contract agreement to sign. The only thing with these cards is they are net30 cards. Racetrac will bill you after 2 weeks and you have 30 days to pay essentially making them a net 45 but you get the picture.
  5. That stinks Mindy. How long did it take for you to receive your experian score and how many TL's do you have showing.
  6. I don't believe I even have an EXP profile yet. I got my paydex in about 45 days but after a little more than 60 days I still don't have an experian presence yet.
  7. I have a paydex of 80 with 7 tl's showing. I have the normal credit cards but can't seem to get the one's with the major banks. Can anyone tell me what the requirements might be to get one of these. Or can someone direct me to a decent card to acquire without a PG. I have a BP mastercard, HDMC, and a Racetrac mastercard.
  8. How long have you been waiting for exp to show up? I'm still waiting on mine after 60 days. I got my paydex after about 45 days.
  9. Congratulations Deb. How much did HDMC start you off with and how many CLI's did you get over that 4 month period? We started out at $7500, got increased to $9,000 after about 6 weeks...about 6 weeks later they bumped us to $25,000... The other thing I have found with HDMC is that I've had better luck with CLIs by talking to an underwriter...I tried online a couple times and got turned down, but when I call, I have great luck!! Wow thats awesome!! Congratulations. I was just approved this week as well so I was trying to gauge their generosity.
  10. Congratulations Deb. How much did HDMC start you off with and how many CLI's did you get over that 4 month period?
  11. I just got EXXON/MOBIL for 3400 and they pulled D&B. It is a revolving account.
  12. I was just approved for a BP Mastercard!! I got my paydex of 80 last week with 7 TL's showing. Unfortunately I still don't have anything showing on Experian and its been about 45 days.
  13. I have 7 tl's and a paydex of 80 on D&B but still no experian profile. how long does it take for this profile to appear?
  14. Congratulations. Did you have to personally guarantee them to get it with your business profile so new?
  15. Whats the CL's on those 5 accounts ? and are they NET 30s or ? I've got 2 revolving and 3 net 30's with the highest CL showing 1000.

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