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  1. I have a friend overseas who wants to start a business in the U.S. The problem is I don't know if its posibble for her to place her name on a U.S. bank account. Most importantly I don't know if she should start an LLC or Corporation because of filing taxes. Please excuse me if this isn't the right section and someone can post some useful links.
  2. What Banks/Credit Unions out there allow business accounts to be opened with only a Tax ID and do not use chexsystems? Thanks!
  3. This isn't an FDA loan at least not... what did you mean by "the funds cannot come from a source".
  4. To keep this quick. I'm applying for a mortgage and the bank I chose wants this documentation, 2 recent pay stubs. W2s from 2008 and 2007 Credit Report Bank statement to show down payment. I've sent in all the info but they want more. In particular they want to know every little transaction in my bank account. I find this to be intrusive, they shouldn't even know what bank I'm with anyways. Not sure what difference it makes to them where the money came from. I'm afraid they'll ask me for my first born and a pint of my blood next, does it mater if it's a gift too?
  5. Ok so I have heard bad thing about BOA. What's the point of the 0% fixed APR on balance transfers if I still gotta pay b/w 8.24% and 19.24% on the loan balance?
  6. BOA Platinum Visa Business Card - Special 0% fixed intro APR on balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles - $20,000 credit limit - APR for purchases variable APR range from 8.24% to 19.24% - Annual Fee: None - Cash Advance Fee: 3% of each advance ($10 min)(including convenience checks and overdraft protection advances) - Balance Transfer Fee: 3% of each balance transfer ($10min; $99 max). - Variable Rate Information: All APRs (other than your introductory APRs may vary. They are determined by adding a margin to the Prime Rate ranging from .99% to 11,99% for purchases and Non-Check Balance transfers; 15.99% for cash advances and convenience checks and 23.99% for Penalty APRs - Other APRs: Non-Check Balance Transfers: 0.0% fixed intro rate for first 12 billing cycles from account opening thereafter, a variable APR ranging from 8.24% to 19.24%. Cash Advances and Convenience Checks: a variable APR min 19.99% currently 23.24%. Penalty APR: A variable APR max 29.99% currently 29.99%
  7. International travel and I will pay it off quickly once I return.
  8. Find one that fits your desires. Cash back? Gas rewards? Store discounts? Travel rewards? Low rate? Easy high limit? Other than getting a card to get a card, what would you like? Good for traveling purposes, most important a low fixed rate. Is 8.99% good? Is there any use negotiating?
  9. So am I good to go with just about any credit card?
  10. My personal credit score is in the mid 700s. I have just started launched business this year and I don't have any credit related to that. I got some offers in the mail I might entertain but I think that's a bad idea wit the variable rates. One fixed rate card was 8.99% APR. How long does it take for approval?
  11. I It looks like I need a credit card but I've never had one before. Maybe it is best for me to put it on my business name? I have an emergency travel plan and want to charge it to a card. What is best?
  12. That's the kind of help I was asking for at the least in the first place but no one even replied for almost a month. Looking for the right attorney is like looking for the right doctor which is like feeling around in the dark. I have a friend who is an attorney and he always says "he doesn't know" even if I ask for reference (yes, what good is he I know). I will try craigs list that's a nice suggestion. I wish there was a source out there that had substantial reviews of attorneys, doctors etc, I try my best to pick a good one but I'm always disappointed, they act like they don't want to help you, shady, like you're bothering them.
  13. I can't believe this almost a month and nobody. I'm glad my life wasn't at stake no help here.

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