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  1. Were you late when you started the modification process? They do tend to put things to a halt when going through a modification and this in turn can cause you to be late (without risk of foreclosure). So while the process is going on, say it takes a few months for it to go through...you're monthly payments aren't technically being made (even though yes you're paying the trial payments but that isn't considered you paying on your actual loan). Of course credit reports aren't their forte so they won't know what to tell you on that but this is reality when going through a modification (usually).
  2. Oh yes, go down there, turn the car in and get your down payment back. No sale was made.
  3. LGW was to send payments to PRA. Typical JDB crap. Send your letters CMRR.
  4. I did it came back validated You filed a claim with the CRA's and they validated it? Or are you talking about sending a letter to the JDB who has the collection?
  5. Wow I've never heard of being forced one way or the other. My company offers health insurance but while the weekly cost isn't much the deductible is INSANE. I'm talking $10k per calendar year. I opted to go on my husbands plan (he works for our county).
  6. How old are you shoes and what's the quality? Both matter a great deal. Naxproxin really isn't that great for you. I'd take it sparingly. Make sure you're drinking lots of water throughout the day and there are foods to eat that help with inflammation in the body. Also, make sure you're stretching really good..before and after. Also, be careful carrying so much on your back. I agree to distribute the dead weight throughout your body is a good idea. Vest is a great idea instead of the weight bounching on your back and shoulders. Good job on exercising again
  7. Unless you have the funds to pay them I'd leave them alone and lay low. Florida's SOL is 4 years so hang tight. I second the Utility collection. Try and pay the Utility company. Some do pay attention to your reports to see if you're gaining new credit or loans..
  8. I can believe it. We've got high tourism here...lots of "easy targets". I'd be interested in a study of the age range of those that fell for the IRS scams. A lot of elderly people fall for it and we've got a lot of retirees here...
  9. If only there were a way for these people to have the funds available to them throughout the year... Most claim the wrong way to begin with.
  10. I know Santander does for $11. Actually, I just got a general email today saying they are no longer accepting credit card payments.
  11. Okay, so I have another year to go. Thanks everyone!
  12. Very nice! What a factastic feeling seeing your hard work pay off! Congrats!
  13. I have Nissan (opened 2007) on my report that shows charged off and they have a CA trying to collect for them. It's only reporting on my Experian. How long do TL's stay on your reports? This year will mark 10 years since it was opened. Defaulted in 2011. The CA is NOT on any of my reports. Anything I can do?

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