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  1. I have been really busy (it's my busy season at work). I wanted to give an update. After reading the responses to my post I felt better. Not sure if it was just having people who understand the frustration with working on your scores to not see them go the direction you want. I ended up going into work early on Monday and pulled my Fico 3B to see where my mortgage scores were. Equifax 633, Transunion 647, and Experian 642. So I contacted my mortgage person and told her we were ready to pull our scores and get preapproved. She didn't get to it until last night which is fine as she got back to me the same day (and I know I am not her only client). She let me know my middle score was 644. I haven't asked her yet what the rest of the scores were or which one the 644 was. She did let me know if I can get my scores up soon enough to the 660 we can still qualify for the better program. I am thinking there is a good chance of that since I still have a cli which should post and help with one of my cap1 accounts (in 2 days) and my cc I paid down to 28% still hasn't posted. I am now working on what the next thing to pay down/off will be that will help. I know the things that will help the score but need to see which will hit the credit report first. I sent all the paperwork to her that she would need to do the preapproval the same time I told her we were ready to have the scores pulled. So now we just wait for the undewriter to do her thing.
  2. There is no definite time line. Our biggest hurdle was being approved for one of the programs (it allows us to buy a home after a year of filing bk instead of the normal 2) we are needing to use. We found out we were approved for that program. Which is amazing because it's extremely hard to get approved for. We have to have a manual underwriting with that program and were already approved with everything else we just have to get my scores up. We have to do the manual underwriting approval again since it's been 2 months since the last approval. We put it off until dh was back at work full time for awhile (he is construction so was off due to our wet winter). We are actually requesting to be approved for a Lot less than what we qualify for. We want to keep our payments doable during the times dh is off work. We have a lot of issues going on with our current rental that are not getting taken care of just getting a temp fix each time there is an issue. So we are trying to get out of here asap but the rentals in our area have actually gone way up in the last couple years and so we decided to hang on here (due to lower rent) until we can buy.
  3. No, I have not gotten notice on 2 of the changes. A store card we paid off and the CC that was paid down to 28% util from over 50% util. I know when those post that might change the scores again but I am really stressed about the huge drop on the fico 8's and thinking the money might be worth paying to know. I only Needed 7 points (that is using my lowest score...the other 2 were 2 and 4 points away) to get to the 640 that we needed but we made the major changes because we qualify for a better program if we I could get my scores to 660.
  4. Maybe I should just pull my mortgage scores so I will know for sure instead of stressing over the Fico 8's?
  5. That's the one that I got the cli on and made a payment on that brought my util down from 65% to 44%.
  6. That one is our highest utilization. Since my scores needed to go up and not his we have worked on the utilization on my cards (which he is actually an AU on). I have 2 cards that are high util but both under 50%. and the rest of my cards are either paid off or under 20% utilization.
  7. Yea, I know the utilization is killing it. We did pay another card down from above 50% utl to under 30%. We couldn't do both so concentrated on one. Thanks for the heads up about the mortgage scores may be different that what the fico 8's are doing. Gives me a little hope. We don't have any baddies that were not included in our biggest baddie....our BK.
  8. That could be it. But the AU card was only a little over a year old. hmmm..
  9. I usually see everything as a a challenge to figure out the best option or how to make the best of a situation. So this is not like me. I am feeling like I just want to lay down and . I am sure some of you have seen my post about needing to bring my score up 7 points so we can qualify for a home loan. I made a payment on my cap1 cc and also got a cli which took my utilization from 65% to 44% and my score went down 21 points on Experian . Now this is the myfico score 8. I am too scared to pay to pull my mortgage scores to see if there is a drop in the score there as well. I am assuming if it dropped on the fico 8 it dropped on my mortgage score. I also received a credit score drop on Equifax Score Watch. I went from a 640 (which is what I needed it to be) to a 633. And the reasoning was an increase on a cc but the amount it is talking about is the cc that dh took me OFF as authorized user. So this should have been a decrease in the amount I owe. Any thoughts?
  10. Congrats! Enjoy your house search.
  11. Glad you found another property you like. Good luck ! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  12. Equifax Score Watch alerts say I had a 7 point drop and that I had an increase in a cc balance. The problem with that is dh took me off as authorized user and that should have dropped my cc amount by that amount.
  13. I received a credit alert today from MyFico. The alert is about my credit increase of $2000 on my cap1 card which lowered my utilization from 65% to 44% and my score Dropped 21 points . Any ideas why such a big drop with this happening?
  14. Ok... update with what I have done so far. I looked at what was suggested to me on here, what I would be able to do, and the cut off's for the credit card statements (to see if it would post during the time I needed). CC Limit Balance Utilization Mine Cap 1 7000 3045 43% cap1 (Dh Au) 3000 1336 45% Maurices 1150 114 10% Express (dh AU) 700 0 0% kohls (Dh AU) 700 141 20% Victoria Secret (DH AU) 350 0 0% ($750 limit but since I haven't bought anything since the 350 credit limit, it doesn't show on on credit reports) Joint O.E. CU 2000 561 28% DH Cap 1 4000 2444 61% - I had dh call today and remove me as AU We are going to stop at this until the 2 Cap1s (cli and removal of au), OE CU, Express post. Then I will get our mortgage scores from MyFico. Once we see if it's worth paying down the other Cap1 (the one dh is an AU on) then we will do that, But if I am too far away from the 660 then we may just hold onto the money and add it to our savings. I got my scores from Myfico. For the mortgage scores it states the following (my cc fico scores are higher) 03-20-16 Equifax 640 Experian 638 Transunion 638 When my mortgage lender pulled them on 03-03-16 they were the following Equifax 633 Experian 636 Transunion 638

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