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  1. That is a REALLY good idea. I'll look into that and if I did it that way it wouldn't come back on me if I am wrong (which I could very well be). Keep copies for yourself just in case!!! and Good Luck!
  2. I worked with a girl years ago that had spread a nasty rumor about one of my brothers..... i sucked it up for the longest time being nice to her. She told me countless stories of how she lived in a garage with her hubby and 2 year old (and she was prego) with barley any heat and no running water. She said this garage belonged to her mom and they would bath and go to the bath room their. That p-ed me off because of the children but then one day she fessed up to having food stamps and wic, she told the welfare people that her husband left her and had not heard from him. My perfect revenge was the day she said someone called DSS on her and they actually took her 2 year old away and all her support.... Apparently it was worst than expected.... she was fired shortly after that..... Revenge is soooooo sweet!
  3. The website is tailored to doctors of his specialty - that's really all I can say. I agree on the second part and that's where I'm struggling. It doesn't make ANY sense to me and I really don't want to harm this man with baseless accusations. I don't know why or even if someone has reported him or what would stop them. I dunno - I'm extremely confused and really want to do the right thing. I don't know if the right thing is shutting my mouth or opening it. I just don't know but I will always err on the side of caution. If you do not say anything and he makes a fatal error you will be sick with guilt. Think of it as someones mom,dad, brother or sister.... you can just send a copy of the information to the medical board in your state annomously (sp). That way you know it is in their hands and can have some of the responsibility shifted to another party. If this is a "hack" job by someone other than him then he will have the burden of proving it, which a drug test could easily clear him or destroy him..... i am sorry you are having to deal and make this call. I would have a roller coaster of emotions if i found this out about m dr too.... Good Luck!!
  4. I love it! But i hate that it goes head to head with Idol... I love Idol too!
  5. I heard about this on the radio this morning and the radio guy said it right.... they are reserving a special place in hell for her!!
  6. Hmmmm... Sounds like he is trying to set her up to really be fired for job abandment (sp). I would document all this and have written statements from other employees like that supervisor, stating that they did not know that she was termiated. He could easily have told her that so she would nopt come back therefore firing her for abanding her job...... This guy is a nut case!
  7. A letter you send the creditor you have been denied asking for a reconsideration on their denial to extend you credit. Generally listing reasons on why they should give you a new account concerning the reasons they listed on why they denied you. I have read a few threads since I have been here and some have had success with a recon. I just tried my first and am waiting to see the results. Thanks. I do not think that i would ever use that but it is great to know that it is out there......
  8. ok.... i gotta step out on the stupid branch.. whats a recon letter?
  9. Wonder what made this happen? It dropped in less than 10 mins......
  10. This sounds like my house. I am the one up doing stuff and asking 10 billion questions. I can not sit still to watch a movie for that long. The last move i actually sat and watched was poltergeist...(sP) Was watching with friend at theor house.. and they all yelled at me because i was asking so many questions... i honestly can not help it..
  11. no not through attorneys... We were looking at consolidating some loans and CC debt when i found a company that actually talked to us about our options... Negoations were the best way for us. We are using First American Financial. They have been super. I know it will urt my credit but it was already bad so we tought it really can not get worse...... I did not know if anyone out there in CB land had done this and if they had suggestions/advise/experiences.... Thanks
  12. Wow! that does sound like Mono... i had that in college... Glad your feeling better!
  13. My brother has been put in the hospital for them before. The docs tell him the main factors are: Hotdogs, chocolate, caffeine, stress, lights, lack of sleep and Cheese. The docs also told him that cutting caffine out cold turkey can cause them and that caffeine helps to prevent them... makes no sense to me.... If i get a really reall bad one i will take a goody or a bc powder.... they seem to do the trick. (for me atleast)
  14. DH and I are currently in negoations and I was wondering if anyone has done this and what were the experiences....

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