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  1. Wells Fargo: 866-412-5957 (credit analyst)
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  5. Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard $7500 Discover it $8500 Best Buy Store Card $4000 AMEX Blue Card Everyday $???? and I didnt ask. Just happy I'm not Blacklisted. All Thanks to this wonderful CreditBoard!!
  6. I am getting close to a Card spree. And I need some guidance. I am done with the secured cards phase. I have 2 secured cards: Open Sky and a Local FCU. I have a Bank Credit Card graduated from secured: Wells Fargo I have a Credit Card from DCU. And I have 2 store cards: Walmart Discover and Amazon, both have been increased. Equifax 727 Walmart 795 DCU FICO 751 Credit Karma 756 Credit Sesame 775 No Baddies. What are the best cards to apply for next and how many should try for? And Thanks to this board I started in the mid 500's.
  7. No. 7 on Transunion, 4 on Equifax, and 1 on Experian.
  8. Hello, I have 7 Inquires in one year. That year started last April. I have not applied for anything since last April. I am ready for to do another card spree. How many Inquiries should I be concerned about?
  9. Thanks Why Chat, The Medical Collections are deleted off my Credit Reports. Thank for the information and help.
  10. I have done the following steps. 1. Disputed with the CRAs. - Received the debt was verified from the CRA, but not the info requested from the Collection Agency. Never heard from them. 2. Sent a written Dispute directly to the Collection Agency. 3. Sent a second Dispute to the CRAs with Certified proof of CA received my Dispute request. 4. Received notice the CRA is investgating. 5. Now I just received a letter from the Collection Agency. - They are offering a 50% discount for the dept. That offer is good for 30 Days. - They also say, unless I notify them within 30 days after receiving this notice, that I dispute the validity of this debt, they will assume the debt is valid. - They go on to state, If I notify them in writing that I dispute the validity of the debt, they will obtain verification and mail a copy of judgement, the name and address of the original creditor. Now, I know the Medical business this debt is allegedly from, has gone out of business. And CA is from out of state. Should I send another Dispute as requested by the CA? Thanks.

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