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  1. why wait? who says we'll all be alive next year?? ENJOY life for what it is... TODAY!!! but i dint say go take out 120% equity loan out, and go take a wold trip also...
  2. ehoez

    Cash for Keys?

    its only 500-1500$
  3. Who the heck told you that? Yes they are supposed to be reported! Well, depends on how you won them... its called a W2-G form. Found that one out the hard way! lol. in large casinos, most dont W2-g unless you have 5k in ONE cashout.. now some small cainos have a $1k W2-G trigger some vegas ones dont W2-G until you cash out 10k or more.. it differs everywhere i learned the hardway too. i did a damn 11k cashout, with a 9k buyin, them bastards was trying to tax the entire 11k, instead of the 2k profit/winnings
  4. are you serious? you can buy a home in your city from $50k to 150k no problem in nice areas. why would you buy a new car before a home? do you know your trade in value will be after you drive it off the lot? buy a home first, and buy her a Toyota camry for $17,999 new 2009 model onyl $329 a month
  5. i got the same letter, it says UP TO 3.29% reduction from your current rate. they can calculate what you paying based on your credit report
  6. anyone siged up for 3 of them at the same time, AND pull all 3 daily? or is that too much?
  7. whats the "other" board? if u need to PM me that answer.
  8. no, you cannot be arrested, (even if you had the car in your garrage)
  9. CANCEL EVERYTHING your car comes with a FREE GM 100,000mil powertrain warrnity you're paying like an extra $150-200$ a month for NOTHING you dont need lojack, you have ONSTAR, free for the first year, and its only $16 a month ,after the first year.

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