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  1. Oh gosh. I just applied and received a discover card with 0% balance trasnfer until July 08. I wonder if I have to be making monthly purchases!!! I better check this out. Where can I find out?
  2. Zamura

    True or False?

    I have fraud alerts, too. I applied for a discover last week and got the "further processing" notice. They called me a couple days later to verify I'm who I said I am and then approved me over the phone. Not sure if that helps or not.
  3. Agreed. I thought I was very responsible, too. Turns out I wasn't. I really honestly swear I thought I would be good with it and shrugged off the warnings.
  4. Just PLEASE be responsible with whatever card you get. You may not be planning on buying a car or house now. . . but later in life what you do at this age WILL affect you. Even if it's 10 years from now.
  5. Banks DO keep copies of money orders. I've requested a copy from 5/3rd before and gotten it. My boss needed one for an ebay payment and I bought it there. Something happened where boss needed to turn item into insurance and he had to provide proof of payment. I called 5/3rd and they pulled up the record for me.
  6. Congrats!! I know that feels good.
  7. In order to get the best rewards on my Blue Cash I only need to spend $6,000 a year, which I do easily.
  8. Okay. . . thinking along the lines of universal default where a consumer can run late on one card and have his/her interest rates jacked on all cards... We are only looking at our spending habits and patterns with Amex in order to trigger the F/R. What about our spending habits on all of our other non-Amex cards? Perhaps there is a common ground. Note, I'm NOT saying that everyone ran late on a non-Amex card thus causing F/R with Amex. What I am saying is perhaps there is some usage similiarities on non-Amex cards for F/R victims e.g. running high limits on other cards or perpetually carrying a balance on other cards. Something like that.
  9. Haha. And I work with 10-Ks every day. As well as 8-Ks, 14s (14As) and S4s. Imagine how exciting my job is.
  10. My boyfriend called in March about a 30/60 day late on his Macy's card and he's still waiting for it to update.
  11. I don't see what the big deal is. If I get an F/R I'll send them whatever tax form. 1.) I didn't lie about my income. So, I have nothing to hide. 2.) They already have access to all the personal information on me they could need to potentially destroy my financial life. I'm not granting them anything special. 3.) They do offer advantages that "all those other cards out there" don't. I like theatre and concerts and Amex gives me special access. They're customer service is above any of my other cards. They have great insurance purchase policies. Out of all of my cards, I'm most impressed with Amex. Maybe I drink kool-aid, too. But, I'm not so lazy as to not spend the five minutes max it would take me to grant them access to whatever tax form they request. *shrug*
  12. Okay, suit yourself. I have the bill that shows $724.12 was paid and that zero was due last month. Then, $322 of new charges that are due this month, including a new $4.24 charge. I called Citi and they told me it was interest accrued before the $724.12 payment. It makes sense to me. I mean, I've never taken a cash advance or had a BT in my life.
  13. Actually, Kybosh is dead on. I have always paid in full. But, three bills ago I broke up my payments. I sent in a $100 check in case my full payment didn't come through in time. Turns out my full payment popped in the day after due date. (No late charge or anything like that because my $100 payment more than covered minimum.) Then, my next bill came out at 724 and I paid that in full. Then this bill comes out for 322 and shows a $4 finance charge. It goes back to 2 months ago because it was the outstanding interst billed between the time of the outstanding amount and the 724 payment. Does that make sense? It only barely makes sense to me. Well, it's my own fault and that will teach me!
  14. Well, I've never taken a cash advance. But, perhaps I should call and find out if that's what has happened. The mind boggles.

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