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  1. I applied for and received a Target Redcard with a $200 from an in-store auto approval back in 11/06. In 2/07, they auto-CLIed me to $500...I used the card twice to buy my daughter's school clothes in the entire time frame, and PIF each statement. Around the same time they were giving out Visas to everyone else, I received a letter in the mail upgrading me to a $1000 Visa - that was approximately 8/2007. I again spent about $150 online on school clothes, PIF at statement time, and put the card back in the drawer...haven't used it in months. Today I went online to change the address and email address for the account, because we are moving shortly...and noticed that at some point, they increased my CL to $5000. I never requested it, and I certainly didn't use my card regularly, and I always PIF - the interest rate is atrocious. My credit score is not yet above 700 due to utilization on some balance tranfers and 2 baddies (chargeoffs) that are due to fall off in 5/08. So even if there are "rules", not every rule applies to every person.
  2. Well, sweetie, you could have instead gotten the call that I got at 12:30pm from DD's school... "Mrs. LadyK, your DD has a fever of 103." "I'll be right there." And DH is out of town this weekend. How does that man manage to always be gone when she gets the creeping crud?! Or maybe it's a conspiracy they have going, she saves up her illness for the day after he leaves...
  3. First let me say that, as I know many others here do, I love, adore, am addicted to animals. I adore my pets so much that it's difficult for me to give them medicine they don't want to take, refuse to share my pillow at night because I am sooo tired, et al. I'm a huge sucker when it comes to animals. That said - I absolutely, positively would go to WAR with anyone who knowingly subjected my DD to the ever-increasing possibility of being bitten, mauled, etc. And I adore my DH, but if I felt he was him-hawing about taking the hard line once his emotions got involved in the situation (it's very easy to say "Kick it out!" when you are not staring the sad owner in the face, you know, before you start to feel sorry for the person and all they have been through - you start making up excuses, trying to think of other ways to solve the problem, etc - I know it well, I am a non-confrontational type unless you hit one of my "hot buttons") I'd give him a swift verbal kick in the head. There'd be Verbal Kung Freedom Unlimited Fighting up in here. ***queues music*** Follow any of the advice above...it seems the breed has issues with multiple people/children. Ok, so your SIL needs to accept that this particular dog is simply not a family-friendly breed. (Personally I research all breeds of animals before I look into getting one in a family environment, but that's just me.) If she is so very set on keeping the dog (which she may be, after having lost everything else familiar to her), then hard choices must be made, and she and BIL MUST make them. If DH won't make that painfully clear, then you get to - fun though that is. You don't sound like you want to go for some kind of compromise (and I DO NOT blame you) like a kennel (which may not work anyway, to be QUITE honest, since they let him out of the bedroom all the time...they may very well let him out of the kennel as well!) - but if it would make your family harmony (not THEIRS - YOURS) better, perhaps you could set up some kind of "rules list" of things you will allow to be attempted before the dog MUST GO. Something like: 1. Get Kennel 2. Get Training 3. Constant Supervision etc. And if the "rules" are not met, then they know the dog (and them if that is what it comes to) goes. I know how you feel, though not in regard to a pet - DH's best friend lived here for about a year back when he fell on very hard times. Never again. Let me reiterate...never in a million years, you would have to slowly pull my toenails out one by one and then I would likely still refuse. DH's best friend had changed a LOT between high school years and post-bad-times, and no matter how much I attempted to tell DH about his friend's behavior and how it was truly insulting and unacceptable, DH would him-and-haw about it, saying "well it's just the hard times doing this to him, he's a good guy, he was always a good guy before..." Who ended up being the heavy when it was time to make him hit the bricks? Me. And how many years, further actions by his friend elsewhere, and accounts of his activities from other friends did it take for DH to finally say "well, gee, I guess he's just changed for the worse..."? About 3 years. And it was never my words that convinced him. It was finally the words of a former friend from high school telling him that said Friend was still acting the fool 3 years later for him to finally decide I had been right all along. Which, of course, he never said. So nope, you're absolutely not out of line. You're human, your DH is human, SIL is human, but the dog is the dog, and as responsible adults you have an obligation to yourselves and your children. The dog is causing a "situation", so it must be dealt with.
  4. Karma is a beotch. We all make mistakes, sometimes little mistakes somehow spiral into huge mistakes...but, as you described a grown women who surely, by this point, should have some semblence of a head on her shoulders... My momma said, "When you have dug yourself into a hole, stop diggin'." In this lady's case, well, hun, you reap what you sow. Gal should have had a spin around with the movie "It Could Happen To You" and taken special note of what happens to Rosie Perez's character in the end.
  5. I've actually been looking for one...I am not much for the other game systems, but the Wii, and the fact that you actually get into it, seems like a perfect follow-up to my DD's Vsmile (which she has really outgrown in many ways), plus our whole family could play. But I refuse to pay double the MFR price just because I developed a genuine interest at Christmastime. I missed today's normal price at Amazon, though. Life won't end if I don't catch one until next Spring.
  6. I have actually heard that term before, I believe my mother passed it on down to me. Now that I am grown, though, I tend to explain it to my DH as my logical mind fighting with my emotional/moral mind. Sometimes it gets quite annoying. The fact is, I have a generally flexible set of opinions (though not flexible morals) and can change my opinions based on information and how it is presented. To some, that may appear to be waffling. To me, it's simply adjusting my opinions to match the facts. The trouble comes in when the facts may be harsher than what I would wish they were. Then those two parts of my brain start hashing it out.
  7. Adding to what Pam mentioned... You previously mentioned "demoralizing the sailors". Let me further emphasize that overall, The Navy Does Not Give A Whoopidy Doo about the Morale of the Sailors. My DH's current command is manned by a CO who made this plainly obvious. The conversation went something like this: "Sir, XX personnel just returned from XX far away place and did not have a chance to purchase tickets to the Mandatory Fun Event we have scheduled tomorrow, and all the tickets are gone. It has come down the Chain that those people who cannot attend must stay here at the building and "find something to do" during that entire time period. Why don't we just allow these personnel to go home and be with their families, since they just got back?" CO's reply (and no, I am not making this up): "F*@k the families." The morale at DH's command is so low, another true story, that one of the officers came in to Quarters one morning and said the following: "They are looking for people to volunteer to go IA (Individual Augmentee) to Iraq, anyone want to volunteer?" DH calls it "balloon hands" when people pop their hands up faster than a helium balloon can rise. He said as soon as this was announced, the room was full of balloon hands. The morale at his command is so bad, these people would rather be shipped off to Iraq than stay where they are. For whatever reason, there are those who actually believe that Iraq would be preferable. ...and it is not just the command my DH is currently located at. He's been at several commands, shore, ship, and expeditionary (a combination of the two), and all of them have made him come home cursing and tearing at his hair. There's a reason we're done this coming March. And it's not the pay, it's not the moving around, it's not the conflicts in various places. It's because DH simply cannot take the rampant lack of common sense, lack of even minor concessions for humanity, constant lack of organization, and buck-passing. So trust me, I hear ya. It's not just Leave that does not necessarily make sense. Many more things do not make sense, that have far less potential reasoning to them.
  8. I can only speak for myself, but I think others here who don't do the designer thing aren't judging those who do or telling them what they should/should not be doing with their money. I could care less what y'all do with your $$. If a $600 purse puts a smile on your face, I'm more than happy for ya. I think we're all just saying that we just sort of "don't get it", ya know? Not a judgement, just different way of looking at things. Agree with all but the last line, for me. I get it. When someone has enough money to easily support all of their basic needs and then some, has their retirement all set up and running along smoothly, and is set in all the "responsible adult" ways...after that comes whatever the heck you want. (Well, IMO anyway.) You can't take it to the grave with you, after all. Saving that extra beyond what you will feel you will need in your old age, an emergency, etc, so that you can have 15 million when you retire instead of a measly 10 million (hehe), just isn't necessarily the goal of some. And I completely understand that. While you can (and should) plan for tomorrow, that does not mean you should actually feel like you are suffering today, IMO, assuming that your means dictate that you do not have to do so. If you are happy with your life as it is now, and as you plan for it to be in the future, then I consider you to be embracing joy - which is one of my mottos in life.
  9. My DD will always think I am behind the times, I'm sure. She's only 5 and hasn't started in yet, but I am sure it's coming. I don't have an Ipod. I don't see that I need an Ipod. In fact, my cell phone was dead for years before I got a new one this year (free with renewal). Fanciest thing, electronically, that I keep up to date is my desktop, since I use it for so much. DH and I already decided she can have a cell phone when she can pay for it...although we will get her a computer within the next year or so (with NO internet access!!). But I don't care about what's in fashion, I don't care if my car is the latest and greatest, I don't care too much about gadgets (even though I love kitchen gadgets, I am even picky about those), and I listen to music mostly from the last 80s and early 90s, with an average amount of "today's pop" thrown in. That's ok, DH and I already are resigned to being solidly old-fashioned.
  10. I actually don't do it either. I don't buy much that's brand-name, really - DH and I agree that in some cases, you should really buy for quality, but buying something simply for a label, we won't do. I have a Wal-mart purse that I bought 5 years ago, still just as good nowadays as it was when I bought it. I buy shoes when my shoes wear out (which is rarely, other than my canvas tennies) - I have the same "good" tennis shoes (cross trainers I do extended walking and working out in, etc) that I have had for 5 years, also. Most of the clothes in my closet I have had for years because they don't really change in style - sweaters, T-shirts, and blue jeans don't really "lose fashion". Each year I usually have to replace a couple of sweaters because I wear them so much - this year's replacements came from K-mart, on sale. But there are several factors that add up to create my lack of need for anything more. I am a SAHM. My car is 5 years old and only has 35,000 miles on it because it's literally a grocery-getter, kid-runner. I don't have to have a stylish wardrobe, because I don't currently go anywhere that would require me to have one. I don't have a lot of shoes, or a very nice purse (or several base-color purses for different outfits) because I have nothing that would require that, currently. When I worked in offices back in the day, I had a much more diverse wardrobe and a few more pairs of shoes (though I cannot recall ever having more than two purses, ever). So I believe some of it is circumstantial, and some of it (as some mentioned above) is because some people want to and have the money to do so, so why not? OTOH, I drink a lot of coffee. In order to save myself from buying Starbucks on a regular basis (which I did, for a few months...ever spent $400 in one month on Starbucks? I realized I was. Yes, I drink THAT MUCH cafe mocha - and Starbucks is right down the street), I buy a $30 cappacino maker every 6 months from Walmart.com. After 6 months I have killed it and have to open the new one. Just opened a new one yesterday, in fact. So I also agree with Pryan, everyone has something. If I didn't make my own coffee at home now, mine would be coffee. DH's is RC Trucks. That man can blow through money on RC Trucks in about a half-second flat...which since it is a relatively expensive hobby, is understandable.
  11. I read this article yesterday, and almost posted it to ask what member's opinions were on his views, but I was afraid that some may be offended by the terminology that Mr. Whitlock used; or simply would be offended overall. As OC would say, I don't have a lot of Vaseline 'round my house...and I'm pretty seriously against causing chapped arses anyway. I personally found his way of bluntly putting his opinion on the subject interesting, much as I found Bill Cosby's statements once upon a time to be interesting. By "interesting" I mean only that I appreciated hearing a view of a difficult subject that didn't mince words, but gave the individual's opinion straight from the hip.
  12. Praying your dad gets better quickly and with as little further issue as possible, hun! When it comes to flying, I have come to the conclusion that if I even remotely doubt that something will go through Security with me, I put it in my checked luggage. It's basically come down, now, to me taking only my purse online, and my DD's little Dora backpack with her coloring books, crayons, and reading books in it. The one carryon we do usually take along, now, has only 1 change of clothing for each of us (in case something untoward happens) - if we were delayed overnight or somesuch, I am sure we could find personal products closeby, or use whatever the hotel gave for free. Being delayed at Security with a young child has never been high on my "Fun List". That said - one year my DD's snaps on her shortalls set off the metal detector. No one could figure out what the heck was setting off the sensor...she had to be wanded and everything. Fortunately they did figure it out, since I believe she was only 3 at the time. Everyone was a bit surprised that the snaps set it off.
  13. Last week I was behind the Fire Chief's truck on my way home. He was talking, hand to ear, on a cell phone. I turned to my friend (who knows I detest people talking on cell phones whilst operating a moving vehicle) in shock, as she is an EMT. I said, "What the...??" Her reply was, "Oh, they all have them. The Fire Chief, the Chief of Police, heck every single Ambulance has its own personal cell phone." I said..."Uh, why?? They have radios still, right...?" "Yes, but they don't want to muddy up the radio traffic, so they just call each other on the cell phones." Obviously, since I personally viewed it, that can also entail using said cell phones while operating a moving vehicle.
  14. I'm surprised there isn't a sticky at the top of the forum about this particular question by this point, honestly. (Unless I simply missed it somewhere.) No offense to the OP, of course, simply that you are not the first (and will not be the last, I am sure) to ask this particular question, and receive the same answer - which in the nutshell, is Marv's post.
  15. you dont need an insurance product to keep eligibility Actually, after a certain point, if you are seperated from the military and do not have one of the products that they have listed above, you will never be able to get the products listed above from USAA, and therefore they will not technically consider you a "Full Member". And as Steve mentioned above, after a certain time period, if you do not have a relationship with USAA already, they will not allow you to become a member at all. At least, that's how I have come to understand it, after reading both on CB and USAA's website. I believe Squirrelgirl has USAA savings/checking product and cc, but no insurance. I know for sure she does not have the car insurance. Yet she has military full membership - rewards on the cards etc. They're my primary bank, and I called a few weeks ago with a question about something and they told me (I got out of the military in March) if I didn't get an insurance product within 24 months, I'd keep any banking products I had at that point but lose any other membership benefits. Interesting. Let's keep this bumped for Squirrelgirl and other military qualified members who may not have an insurance product... When I called to switch my car insurance to USAA, I specifically asked the CSR if this would "lock us in as Full Members for life" - because I had read here on CB about situations where people waited too long post-seperation to secure any kind of insurance product. Since I saved money by switching from Geico (which to this day cracks me up), it was in our best interest to switch anyway. The CSR said yes, now that we had an insurance product, we would be from that point forward considered "Full Members".

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