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  1. check out this thread on CB. It's compiled by CB members to show which CRA's are pulled and what scores are needed in order to get approved for cc or loan. This way you can compare the requirements w/ your scores before applying. That way you don't have inquiries and nothing to show for it Credit Pulls Data Base http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?autocom=creditpulls
  2. Hey does that include your name? hey can that file be edited to remove your name so its not on here????? they do lurk
  3. I sending one off tomorrow, ordinary snail mail. I think it's better to come off as a regular "joette" who just messed up and would like to get on w/ her life. But that's my preference. I'm curious too as to which method gets a better response.
  4. Now that's priceless!!! She's so cute!! I absolutely love the pic!! Fortunately, he's still at the stage where he love's bath time, unlike his older brothers. So with a little hard work, lots of soap and water, and a whole bottle of "Mr. Bubble", it came off. Now if I can just get it off my pine dining chair?
  5. Thanks, hegemony. I was really worried. I think the point loss might come from an au cc I'm having updated, not deleted opps. Even though the Cardholder has a good pay history, I requested to have myself removed due to the balance remaining near the credit limit. ( and we are talking way up there!)
  6. Today I'm officially a "Member"!!!!! Happy Member Day to me!
  7. Score watch notified me today that my FICO decreased by 18. The only changes to the report are the "In dispute" statements on 4 accts I'm disputing: 2 to be deleted per the dv responses and 2 to be updated as PIF. Is this negative change normal during the dispute process?
  8. I definately agree! Just a hunch but if they did have documentation, they would have provided it instead of a copy of DH highlighted credit report. FYI: I'd check to see if they acually pulled a new CR inquiry for this "documentation"
  9. Here is a portion of my letter: I was going through a copy of my credit report and noticed that there was a collection from your agency on my credit report, which I was not notified about. I don't refuse to pay, but this is a notice that your claim is disputed. In accordance with the FDCPA, I have the right to request for a validation of my debt. This is asking for proof regarding this and verifying the same. You must be aware that reporting such inaccurate information will result in defamation of character and it would leave a dark patch on my credit report. You are supposed to st
  10. anyone know how to get red sharpie marker off my kids hands and face? I've even used Dawn and it's not working
  11. Thanks for the *bump* idea and the link. I'm not sure how I missed the class thread. There is so much info on this site! Now I'm off to Professor PsycoDoc's class. Thanks Again~
  12. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the proper place 1st I want to start by saying thank you to every single person on this board. The information everyone contributes is invaluable. And to use a phrase I'm sure you've heard countless times before " I wish I would have found CreditBoards sooner". You definately deserve a standing ovation. I have spent countless hours on this board researching and preparing myself for battle. So much so that, I see the "Creditboards.com" logo when I close my eyes. I eat, breath and I would say sleep but I don't even remember what that is, repairing my
  13. I'm a newbie, not an expert, but I have had recent success w/ LVNV on 2 seperate accounts and 1 DV a piece. I wish I would have found this site years ago!
  14. Ca tried calling this morning @ 8:00 am. This is the 1st contact I've ever received from them. Since it's been 21 days from reciving my DV, I'm assuming it is in regards to the letter. I was in the shower and my answering machine is not hooked up so I don't know why they called. I know not to call back, but should I just wait until 30 days up and send 2nd dv? The majority of the posts I have read say to wait. But I worry b/c my situation is that I'm not in the 30 day window. But they are still required to validate if I request the info. I'm so discombobulated. ( I always wanted to use
  15. has anybody had success w/ dv'ing merchants?
  16. sent ca dv cmrr sent 2/15. green card shows receipt 2/19. they have not contacted me via phone or mail since, but all three cras don't show as in dispute on my 3/7 reports. should I contact cras, or ca again as my next step? I also have another account that's not reporting yet that this particular company has sent a demand for, but I have been waiting to dv until this is cleared b/c I don't want to "stir the pot".
  17. I sent LVNV a DV 2/15 and recd letter back dated 2/20 that they had closed the account & were requesting removal from all three CRAs. As of yesterday, I had no FA alerts on any of the CRAs, and it had only been removed from EQ. I wonder if it was how your letter was worded (is that a word?), or if it's just a new payback tactic?
  18. OMG! I thought I cleaned all that up. I'll just blame it on being a newbie. Sent DV to cavalry today. Thanks!!!
  19. what a bummer. Hopefully lenders will take into consideration the good payment history I have under the new account.
  20. I only have 1 student loan that was originally w/ Bank One Edu but I defaulted and they sold the account to Anchor in 2/2005. Upon pulling my CRs, I noticed that Bank One is still showing, but not reporting, Since this account was sold, can I have it removed? Here is how it looks on EQ: Current Account: ANC/GLELSI (Individual)Not on Record Account Number xxxxxxxx Account Type Installment Credit Limit (High Credit) $4,122 Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms) $50 Date Opened February, 2002 Date of Last Activity January, 2007 Description Student loan Last Report on
  21. I know, I'm a newbie and I'm blowing up the boards already. Anybody have a list, url or link to the list EQ's CA codes? I know I've past it some site in my 3 month journey, but I can't remember where. Boy, they can sure spell out how much i'm due, but not to who? ok, now I know i need a break.
  22. I definately agree w/ ouiser33. I would DV Allied again stating another CA is trying to collect on the same account and also DV the new company(CMRRR). This will do two things: 1) drop Allied from your report, if they have sold the account and 2) make sure your paying the right company. If your really lucky and Allied sold to the new CA due to not having the supporting docs, then it's a good gamble the new company won't either. If the new company is able to validate their claim, hopefully if it's timed right, you can settle before the 2nd company goes on your CR. If you have to settle aft
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