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  1. Kinda random thought-------- At 30 I decided I wasn't where I wanted to be in life, so I triple pierced my ears, took my 1st real vacation, Vegas Baby, and got a boob job(Don't believe people when they say they'll get bigger with kids. I have three and mine shrunk). At 31 I decided I wasn't financially where I wanted to be and cleared up my credit, got my $$ right and bought a house. this year I'm thinking skydiving. My brother wants to go bungy jumping, but that's too much like upside down lynching for me 3 year old wants oreos, but I'm out. He'll have to settle for fruit snacks
  2. I just watched a news segment the other night that pertains to this. I'm not sure if it was the house or senate, but they are trying to take action on the credit card companies. At the last session, consumers came forth to give a statement about how their rates were jacked up and CL increases denied even though they had always paid the company on time. The credit card companies replied that even though a consumer may have an excellant payment history with their company, if the consumers overall credit file utilization changes in such a way that it MAY pose a risk to them, then per the credi
  3. I have this account that I can not get removed from EQ. here is how it is reporting per my truecredit report: TICOCREDIT Account No.: 1071**** Condition: Closed (Paid) Balance: $0 Type: Pay Status: Current Past Due: High Balance: $1437 Terms: Limit: Payment: $79 Opened: 04/2004 Reported: 04/2007 Responsibility: Individual Late Payments (last 7 years): 30 Days Late: 60 Days Late: 90 Days Late: Two Year Payment History:
  4. oops didn't know that went thru the 1st time
  5. bump! anyone? sent link in pm Hope it works
  6. bump! anyone? sent link in pm Hope it works
  7. I thought so, but wasn't sure. Thanks
  8. Yesterday I had a ca deleted from my exp report. Somehow it caused my score to drop 7 points. (it doesn't seem like much but when your in the low 500's, every little bit counts) I thought it might have been due to aging since this collection was from 02, but I have an good TL on that report from back in 99, so that can't be it. Everything else on the report stayed the same, except for 2 cc accounts reported my last months on time payments. I have read many posts that state this sometimes happens, but I'm curious about why. You would think it would go the other way. What gives? Any ideas?
  9. It worked for me. I had a similiar situation where NCO was not reporting (yet) but was trying to collect. I dv'd NCO and on the 2nd dv received the "we are deleting your account" letter. Since they were not reporting to any CRA, I did not have to file a dispute. PS***Keep your eyes on your mail, phone and CRs b/c NCO will sell uncollectables to other JDBs.
  10. This happened to me also yesterday. It wasn't really a "new account", but a status change on an account I'm disputing thru EQ. It was changed to "customer disputes, reinvestigation in progress" w/ EQ. I think the confusion is over how TU labels the alert.
  11. whole heartly agree! If anyone considers using the Myficos forum, I hope they just remember what side of the 50 yard line there answer is coming from. really? when did FICO engage in ANY adverse action against you????? wow. where did that come from? They have not "personally" attacked me in any way, however I'm sure you'll agree that the vast majority of FICOs income is made by corporations, collections agencies, financial institutions. In other words the companies that report to them keep them in business, not the average Joe requesting his fico score. Furthermore, I do h
  12. If you use the forum they know who are are b/c they are able to link your screen name to your Myfico account and see your activity. That way "forum admin" can "effectively" answer your questions . whole heartly agree! If anyone considers using the Myficos forum, I hope they just remember what side of the 50 yard line there answer is coming from.
  13. I started last month and my worst report was EX. I had 22 COs reporting mostly dups), now down to 11 (6 of which Med), 1 judgement (until 1/09), 2 positive TLs. No BK. I'm starting with: -Imagine $350 Cl (pd to zero immed. & made small purchase)*Pre CB -CJ $1500 -$500 secured 12 month bank loan against $500 CD(it about equals out) *I thinking of adding 2 au accts but worry b/c the bal. stays so close to the CL (3-4k each) due to him just paying the min., wonder if the 4 yrs of "never lates" would offset the utilization?
  14. recd letter from EQ verifying all 3 accts. Letter actualy states that each is not the same account as the other. what to do next? This is just not my day:(
  15. Last month I PIF a CA on an account that went chargeoff 2 yrs ago. This morning I go to pay a traffic ticket online and find an open case against me filed by the OC 2 yrs ago & still has an open status. WTF?! Upon calling the Clerk of Courts the operator informed me that the petitioner needs to file as satisfied. This leaves me very confused b/c I was never served AND there was no judgement. To top this all off, I'm in the middle of disputing this account due to not knowing who actually owns this account. ( see thread:http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=242284&hl=)
  16. ok sorry guys, I found the really long thread that relates to this question AND pretty much answers every question I ever will have on AUs. sorry,
  17. does anyone know what triggers the FA for each CRA?
  18. Cap 1 I took a brokers advice and asked for removal. He said that due to the bal being near the CL that it was hurting my score. At the time I had 4 positive TLs inc this one and 15 CAs. Gee, I wonder what was really hurting my score? My score dropped 19 points!! Like I have points to spare. note: Since then I have managed to get 6 CAs removed and haven't touched the 6 med CAs, but those drop off this summer and have added 2 of my own positive TLs
  19. If I am removed as an authorized user and the TL is deleted, do I have to start the history over again if I'm added back on? I'm assuming I have to start from scratch, but I just want to double check
  20. They never actually asked if I lived there, just what addresses I was disputing. I know 3 were tied to TLs I just had deleted, so that's probably why she removed them. Others I just said, "that was not my address".
  21. THERE GONE! THERE GONE! As of 30 minutes ago I'm NCO free!!!!! Wonder if it was the song?
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