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  1. Now that I have my ca's and co's mostly cleaned up, I'm starting on the medical portion of my crs. I have three reporting on my CRs all under the same umbrella company. The 3 on tu and exp report as closed 10/07 under rossman and on eq they report as pcb "collection" in status. It's interesting to note that in 8/07 I contacted them to make arrangements due to mortgage qualifications. i have never had any contact proir. At that time they did not show closed on the cr's, however the collector offered me a settlement for all three. She then called back after faxing terms of settle stating th
  2. This is so true. I was just reading where Chase and citi are cutting back peoples CL due to financial forcasts. They are also raising thier granting and CLI guidelines because of this. wish I could remember where i read it
  3. Well I called merrick, per the rep it's probably a promo pull. Interesting conversation though. i was informed that "you don't apply to Merrick Bank. Merrick Bank extends offers of credit to those it deems worthy" That was after I told her I had never applied for credit with them b/c I thought they blacklist. She also said that they don't blacklist, just require no unpaid chargeoffs on report. Good to know, if true. I think I'll follow Centex frame of mind and see what comes in the mail. and yeah, I'm opted out.
  4. Merrick soft pulled TU 3/08, but I don't have an account w/ them, nor did I apply for anything in 3/08. I did have an old nextcard chargeoff that they bought years back. But it is paid in full and due to obsolete in two months. So why the pull? Who would I contact to find out? i don't think it's to extend credit b/c I think they blacklist.
  5. Ok so I pull my 3n1 from EQ and was happy to find a ca deleted. Then as I looked thru the report I noticed the original credit grantor had updated. After all the drama I had with this account (see http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...=269643&hl=), it's back! Equifax Experian TransUnion Reported Reported Reported Account Type: Installment Installment Installment Account Number: sameXXXX sameXXXX sameXXXX Payment Responsibility: Individual Individual Individual Date Opened: 04/2004 04/2004 04/2004 Balance Date: 03/2007 03/2007 0
  6. congrats male nurse! Did you rub your eyes when you seen the amount available? I know I did. Does anyone know how long before they convert into a visa? Do you have to request or do they send an offer?
  7. shouldn't cra's delete b/c of a non-matching address? no, they just verify what the CA has on tapes most times. This account is past sol. The CRA should catch this during dispute. If not, then you should be able to delete based on that. once again, I'm not a pro though
  8. I'm not a pro but here's my advice.. 2nd Dv. This time thank them for providing someone else's bill at someone else's address, but you need the original contract and application signed by you requesting and agreeing to pay for this service they provided. I'm big on contracts and agreements b/c most ca's don't have them, especially JDBs. If your sure it's out of sol require them to remove** make sure you don't sign your letters***
  9. What was the timeframe whereby they sent the letter to you and deleted? I have gotten to the point where the BBB is now involved and after some correspondence, I have PR where they allowed an unlicensed paralegal to dispense legal advice in addition to the numerous violations. I'm just waiting for their response since the BBB sent my last ITS letter to them at the end of March. In my mind, I would think they would take care of this ASAP but BBB notes so far, they haven't heard anything. I'm holding off for now, but ready to send letters to the VA State Bar Assn and AG's office in addi
  10. If you dv PR they may not be able to validate. Most times the OC just sends the account over w/o contracts, and all the other info. I would dv PR immediately for everything, signed contract and all. Always make them prove that the account is yours (even if you *think* it is) and all the info is correct before offering any settlement even PFD. I wouldn't even mention a settlement until then. Also DVing PR should stop them from reporting to EX and EQ since they aren't on there yet. If they do, you have a violation on your side. PR was the easiest one for me to deal with. When I d
  11. good luck. I hope your able to burn NCO. I have a passionate hate for them and Sherman. SCUM SCUM SCUM!
  12. thanks. you guys are great! I'm sooooo glad I found this place.
  13. 800county, has anyone told you how wonderful you are? Thank you!!!!
  14. hmm.. if it's eq then I'm a no go. They are my lowest score. I'm in Columbus. I haven't had any luck finding area info pulls on my web searching
  15. that's what they say on the pulls data base and it's been pretty accurate for me
  16. It's only taken a year, but i finally cleaned up my reports as much as I can. I'm now in the rebuild stage and trying not to app spree like I really want to. In the last year I've picked up a mortg, imagine cc 500 cl (which I've already clsd, hate them), target 3mos old 200cl they just cli 500, cj 1500, Kays,jared and JBR 1400cl, instl 1000 just pif and orchard unsec500cl. Now that my TU is over 700 should I go for citi or wait? I would really like to round out the cc's w/ a decent card (really I just think it would make me feel better!!!!! ). My negs are a pd judgmnt in 02, 3 unpd med a
  17. I had something kinda similiar happen a few years back. My advice is to call whoever you bought the $$order from and request a copy of the cancelled $$order. This will tell you who actually cashed it. I would DV NCO immediately before they could hit my CR's and along w/ everything else, request the date of transfer from the OC specifically . Also request in writing the date of transfer of the account from the OC. (when it happened to me I called the OC and they just sent me a print screen of the acct info including date transfer). If the OC cashed the $$ AND it was within the time frame of
  18. I heard merrick has a blacklist too. That's why I'm scared to apply for Hooter's. I'm at my rebuild stage so I'm trying to make my inqs count. Thought I would be good for BOA, but they offered me secured instead, maybe I should have went to Orchard? Oh well, It's still a good week Merricks gone and Target gave me a cli after 2 mos good pays.
  19. Hot Damn it feels good!!!!!!!!!!! after years of of drama from them due to nextcard, poof, they're gone. sent a dispute to TU yesterday for a zero balance update and they showed me much love. They were due to fall off in nov, can't wait to see what that does to my score. Now I'm going to try for removal from EX and EQ, maybe I got my dates wrong. wonder if it's safe to apply for hooters now?????
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