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  1. If you need a store card to build your credit, keep in mind that Spiegel, Metrostyle,Chadwicks, and Roamans all have soft pulls on their website


    I think it is best to create account, fill your basket, and then see if they say pre-approved


    I applied for the Metrostyle credit card and was declined.....Decided i would buy two suits off of one of my credit cards and then it hit me with a "you have been pre-approved, enter the last 4 of your social


    So dont apply until they give the pre-approval after u out some items in your basket and you sign in


    Thanks! I had applied before with metro and had been denied. Just tried with a couple things in my basket and was approved


    Thanks again

  2. I have a satisfied judgment in Ohio that was filed with courts on 6/09. This IS the date I go by for removal right? Not the "motion for judgment filed" date in 10/09? All resources say "filing date" or "date of entry".


    Really want this off my reports. Any help appreciated.


    well, I guess that wouldn't make sense, now would it? :angry:


    how about 6/02 and 10/02, respectively.

  3. I'm going by FCRA:



    15 USC Sec. 1681c 01/08/2008







    Sec. 1681c. Requirements relating to information contained in

    consumer reports



    (a) Information excluded from consumer reports

    Except as authorized under subsection (B) of this section, no

    consumer reporting agency may make any consumer report containing

    any of the following items of information:

    (1) Cases under title 11 or under the Bankruptcy Act that, from

    the date of entry of the order for relief or the date of

    adjudication, as the case may be, antedate the report by more than

    10 years.

    (2) Civil suits, civil judgments, and records of arrest that,

    from date of entry, antedate the report by more than seven years or

    until the governing statute of limitations has expired, whichever

    is the longer period.

    (3) Paid tax liens which, from date of payment, antedate the

    report by more than seven years.

    (4) Accounts placed for collection or charged to profit and loss

    which antedate the report by more than seven years.

    (5) Any other adverse item of information, other than records of

    convictions of crimes which antedates the report by more than seven




    I think your thinking of the following paragraph ( I removed (6) bc it was already too long & not needed):



    © Running of reporting period

    (1) In general

    The 7-year period referred to in paragraphs (4) and (6) of

    subsection (a) of this section shall begin, with respect to any

    delinquent account that is placed for collection (internally or

    by referral to a third party, whichever is earlier), charged to

    profit and loss, or subjected to any similar action, upon the

    expiration of the 180-day period beginning on the date of the

    commencement of the delinquency which immediately preceded the

    collection activity, charge to profit and loss, or similar




    I could be researching in the area though. I have been all through the Ohio Revised Code and from what I could understand I'm pretty sure pertains to SOL for filing. (And if you live in Ohio you know that's a whole other topic :grin:)

  4. I know I've posted about this account before, but everytime I pull my reports and see it on there I get tee'd off all over again. I just doesn't seem as if they can report this way.



    Account Number: XXXX Current Status: CHARGE-OFF

    Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $0

    Type of Account Installment Credit Limit: $0

    Term Duration: 18 Months Terms Frequency: Monthly (due every month)

    Date Opened: 2004/04 Balance: $0

    Date Reported: 03/2007 Amount Past Due: $0

    Date of Last Payment: 02/2007 Actual Payment Amount: $0

    Scheduled Payment Amount: $79 Date of Last Activity: N/A

    Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 09/2005 Months Reviewed: 30

    Creditor Classification: Activity Description: Transfer/Sold/Paid

    Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date:

    Balloon Payment Amount: $0 Balloon Payment Date:

    Date Closed: Type of Loan: Unsecured

    Date of First Delinquency: 04/2005

    Comments: Charged off account



    Account Number: XXXX+1 Current Status: CHARGE-OFF

    Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $1,188

    Type of Account: Installment Credit Limit: $0

    Term Duration: 18 Months Terms Frequency: Monthly (due every month)

    Date Opened: 2004/04 Balance: $0

    Date Reported: 03/2007 Amount Past Due: $0

    Date of Last Payment: 02/2007 Actual Payment Amount: $0

    Scheduled Payment Amount: $79 Date of Last Activity: N/A

    Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 10/2006 Months Reviewed: 28

    Creditor Classification: Activity Description: Closed

    Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date:

    Balloon Payment Amount: $0 Balloon Payment Date:

    Date Closed: Type of Loan: Auto

    Date of First Delinquency: 04/2005

    Comments: Charged off account


    Don't know where to start.

    ABC1 sent to inhouse collections 10/06, whom I pif 2/07. They sent me pmt his, copy of contract and their prnt scn of acct info. Per this info, my last pmt date is 9/05 but it did not bring me current so the Date of major del is 4/05. Also this is not an auto loan as ABC2 reports. It has an auto as security along with some other items.

    On 12/20/06 ABC1 gave ABC2 consent to use their trade name in my state. Then on 12/31/06 ABC1 and ABC2 merged. According to the merger docs filed with the secretary of state, ABC1 ceases to exist as a seperate entity on 12/31/06. In 3/07 ABC2 (AFTER I pif) reports to CBR's as charge off unpd with inaccurate dates and same acct #, except one digit added on end (prior to this date, they did not report at all). On same date, ABC1 updates as $0 bal. This was in response to a request to update pif info on ABC1. Now I'm confused b/c I don't think you can have it both ways. Attempts to have either removed, as they are the same account and ABC2 still operates as ABC1, came back with the result of "not the same account" due to 1 digit difference and EQ will no longer investigate these accounts.


    Any help here would be much appreciated.

  5. Credit Application:


    Your Age? 32


    Your Equifax Credit Score? 569

    Your Experian Credit Score? 604

    Your TransUnion Credit Score? 614


    How many years have you been on file with Equifax? 8 yrs- will change to 6.5 yrs, oldest acct is due for deletion 9/08.

    How many years have you been on file with Experian? sab

    How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? sab




    Do you have an open auto loan? no

    Will this open auto loan be a trade-in? no

    How many late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? na

    How many late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? na

    Your current open auto loan is financed with? na

    Your current open auto loan payment is? na

    Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? na

    Rate your payment history on this open auto loan from 1-10 (1=poor:10=Best) na





    Total number of revolving account(s) you have? 7

    Total percentage utilized overall? 23%

    How many of your revolving accounts are store cards? 4

    How many of your revolving accounts are major credit cards? (i.e. Amex, MC, Visa) 2

    How many of your revolving accounts are known subprime credit cards (i.e. Aspire, 1st Premier) 1




    How long at your current residence? 1 year

    Do you Rent or have a Mortgage, or Live w/Relative or Other? mortgage

    Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage payment? 847

    How long have you held your current job? 7 yrs

    Your total provable monthly gross income is? 3k

    Your provable monthly gross income is provable via what method? (i.e. computerized paycheck stub, or tax return, or bank statements) stubs

    Is there additional monthly income? What amount monthly? no

    Describe the source.

    Is the additional monthly income provable?

    Spousal income is not applicable.



    Please tell me your exact down payment in cash? (rebates and trade equity are not considered, please input a dollar value only.) 2k

    Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? yes

    If yes, please very briefly describe.

    school filed 10/02 for funds not covered by financial aid. paid with out garnishment. satisfied 2/04

    Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s)? yes

    If yes, please very briefly describe.

    1 pd collection

    3 unpd med collection

    1 pd med collection

    1 new acct (hence 569 score) that really should not be there. In dispute. better come off (damn rec perf mngmnt!)

    * please note score also reflects 3 pd charge off installments that are same account. Been in battle 3 yrs.

    Please rate your overall creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10= best) 7

    Please rate your Installment credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best) 7

    Please rate your Revolving credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best) 9


    New or Used vehicle you are considering:

    used- 2007 fusion sel 15k

    2007 sonata 16k

    2007 ford five hundred 17k


    Was hoping I wouldn't have to do this until next year, but it looks like "the wheels are about to fall off" my free and clear. :lol:

    Thanks in advance.

  6. umm, last month I tried to have a pd co from Merrick removed from EXP due to age. It was reporting as a charge-off since 05. It is not due to fall off until 11/08, but I wanted to have it removed instead. EXP updated instead with a co date of 7/08??? WTF??? CO after paid in full. Since dola is was still reporting correctly (and I have pmt history docs to back it up), I decided to go the soft approach and make the phone call. The rep from Merrick cms dept explained that since all information AT THAT TIME was reporting correctly that they were not able to delete due to in house legal requirements. However, since it is NOW reporting inaccurately, it would advisable to resubmit my dispute. I'm waiting on it now. I don't know, it could be the case for you also. I don't think it would hurt to write to the CRA for removal due to the inaccuracy.


    FYI she stated that Merrick really wants some of their earlier portfolio purchases cleared out.

  7. I had success with CPA removing an Insight cable account in one dv. I contacted insight and was told they had purged the record from the system due to age and would have to deal with the collector. I sent a letter to CPA stating per my conversation with such and such on such and such date, insight had no record of an account in my name. I requested original contract, pmt history, the whole shabang. They removed completely.

  8. so last year I opened an imagine cc ( iknow, pre cb though and had to start somewhere) with a $500 cl & $150 annual fee. In 1/08 I PIF and closed it before the annual was to hit. It is reported as closed on all three CRA, but updates every month as "ok" in pmt history field. Since it's reporting as "closed" with a $0 bal should I include in factoring my utilization?

  9. I knew it was coming I just didn't know what for. I even had the letter made cmrr ready, just sitting here waiting on thier 1st attempt. This weekend I decided to pull my reports b/c I wanted to establish some new TL's and seen they pulled in 12/07. So at least I was prepared, but man, I'm mad. I've even already disputed the inquiry. But now I'm really mad, because it's for account they had to delete last year and I can't find my green cards or copies of letters!!!! literally the only difference between the letter in my right and left hands is now they're charging interest.


    So once again, I'm at war with NCO. :(


    I once wrote a song about them on here somewhere...............

  10. Now that I have my ca's and co's mostly cleaned up, I'm starting on the medical portion of my crs. I have three reporting on my CRs all under the same umbrella company. The 3 on tu and exp report as closed 10/07 under rossman and on eq they report as pcb "collection" in status. It's interesting to note that in 8/07 I contacted them to make arrangements due to mortgage qualifications. i have never had any contact proir. At that time they did not show closed on the cr's, however the collector offered me a settlement for all three. She then called back after faxing terms of settle stating that they only accept settles for all accounts and she had found 4 more in the file base so therefore agreement was null and void. UH, your fault, not my fault, I got what I needed for the underwriter. never paid and went on with my life.

    so after looking at my recent report I pulled out the Kroll Factual data my broker gave me and found these accounts marked as "last active 7/07", "updated 10/07". under comments it says"Per autumn at rossman original date of service 9/04; closed 7/07"


    did they violate when they attempted to collect after closure? or is it ok if I contact them first? is the sol start with the original date of service? these are hospital bills


    sorry I KNOW this has been covered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it on search. After a yr you'd think I figure out how to use it right.

  11. Remember, friend, we're in a terrible credit crunch in the U.S. and soon in Europe and Asia. Because of this, people who qualified for $5000 2 years ago won't get jack now with the same scores or even higher. It isn't you, it isn't the U.S., it is the credit climate. None of my high FICO friends are applying for ANYTHING right now as they don't want to look desperate.


    This is so true. I was just reading where Chase and citi are cutting back peoples CL due to financial forcasts. They are also raising thier granting and CLI guidelines because of this. wish I could remember where i read it

  12. Well I called merrick, per the rep it's probably a promo pull. Interesting conversation though. i was informed that "you don't apply to Merrick Bank. Merrick Bank extends offers of credit to those it deems worthy" :lol: That was after I told her I had never applied for credit with them b/c I thought they blacklist. She also said that they don't blacklist, just require no unpaid chargeoffs on report. Good to know, if true. I think I'll follow Centex frame of mind and see what comes in the mail.



    The fact that they had acquired the old NextCard account following the FDIC receivership gives them the PP. It's a soft pull. Don't sweat it...think of it as helping with *B* one AR or PRM at a time...


    and yeah, I'm opted out.

  13. Merrick soft pulled TU 3/08, but I don't have an account w/ them, nor did I apply for anything in 3/08. I did have an old nextcard chargeoff that they bought years back. But it is paid in full and due to obsolete in two months. So why the pull? Who would I contact to find out? i don't think it's to extend credit b/c I think they blacklist.

  14. Ok so I pull my 3n1 from EQ and was happy to find a ca deleted. Then as I looked thru the report I noticed the original credit grantor had updated. After all the drama I had with this account (see http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...=269643&hl=), it's back!


    Equifax Experian TransUnion

    Reported Reported Reported

    Account Type: Installment Installment Installment

    Account Number: sameXXXX sameXXXX sameXXXX

    Payment Responsibility: Individual Individual Individual

    Date Opened: 04/2004 04/2004 04/2004

    Balance Date: 03/2007 03/2007 09/2005

    Balance Amount: $0 $0

    Monthly Payment:

    High/Limit: $1,188 $1,188 $1,188

    Account Status: Collection Collection Collection

    Past Due Amount: $0 $0 $0






    so here's my 4 part question:

    - If the account has been sold the OC can no longer report on any current status, because they no longer own the account. However, if it has been transferred or assigned can it revert back to the OC even after being paid? and are they allowed to report like they are in my comments section? I mean come on that's a lot of "last reported dlqs". If it's the last reported dlq, how can I have 6? I know the comments don't count against my score, but it really makes this account stand out, ya know?

    - I thought this was an unsecured loan, but after digging thru docs found that I had secured it against a car. It was not an actual auto loan, the car was used as collateral ( along with a tv, but I don't see it listed as a auto/tv account) so can they state auto account in the comments?

    can you tell I'm really pissed about the comments?

    - EQ if you lurking out there, can you please explain how less than a year ago you verified an account as not the same as the new CA, yet just updated the old to reflect new ca's info? :good:

    - Now off the personal questions, this got me to thinking. Does the way an account has been legally moved from the OC to CA effect how we can approach them. For assigned I usually demand account revert back to OC and del CA from CRA under "never had an account" . Are ther any other methods that can be utilized?


    whew. I really needed to vent.

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