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  1. Thanks! I had applied before with metro and had been denied. Just tried with a couple things in my basket and was approved Thanks again
  2. well, I guess that wouldn't make sense, now would it? how about 6/02 and 10/02, respectively.
  3. I'm going by FCRA: -CITE- 15 USC Sec. 1681c 01/08/2008 -EXPCITE- TITLE 15 - COMMERCE AND TRADE CHAPTER 41 - CONSUMER CREDIT PROTECTION SUBCHAPTER III - CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES -HEAD- Sec. 1681c. Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports -STATUTE- (a) Information excluded from consumer reports Except as authorized under subsection ( of this section, no consumer reporting agency may make any consumer report containing any of the following items of information: (1) Cases under title 11 or under the Bankruptcy Act that, from the date of entry of
  4. I have a satisfied judgment in Ohio that was filed with courts on 6/09. This IS the date I go by for removal right? Not the "motion for judgment filed" date in 10/09? All resources say "filing date" or "date of entry". Really want this off my reports. Any help appreciated.
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