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  1. As others have said, just let it happen. The less you send the better. Keep that letter you've received as ammo in case of reinsertion.
  2. Congrats..!! You mentioned in the OP that usually you have to trade your car in to the dealer. That should never be the case and you're never required to do it. Normally, if they're requiring that to get a low interest rate on the finance side then you're not getting a good price on the trade in.
  3. Fantastic right..? Like having a new identity. Congrats on everything especially the new home...!!! Post your story in success stories.
  4. I was approved for the Jet Blue Plus with a $9,000 CL. I get 30K miles for signing up and spending $1K within three months. I'm flying R/T to Costa Rica and it's about $4,000 for three of us round trip on the card. I get 6 points per dollar spent on the card so another 24,000 points. Additionally, a free Fico score and some other benefits which I found fairly attractive made this a no brainer. They have a hub out of JFK where I fly out of also. I pay this down quickly, ask for a rate reduction and a CLI.
  5. Approved tonight for Barclays Jet Blue Plus for $9,000, it comes with 30K miles and we're flying to Costa Rica on Jet Blue for a little surf vacay at the end of April.
  6. I like your approach also...!!! I just spoke with someone at Macys who gave me the direct number for their credit dept. I'll call tomorrow..
  7. Thanks, that's what I had previously heard. I'll give them a call and post results. That's crappy service though for them to not update with the correct balances.
  8. How do I get Macys to report my correct balance which is really zero.? Is there a trick, if not I'll call customer service and insist that they do. Its been about six months or more since I've had a zero balance and they're reporting almost $300.00..
  9. Elaborate please, I need to make some money grow more money..!! Thanks..
  10. Partner, around these here parts, we're not used to paying collection agencies anything; UNLESS when we do, it also comes with a written agreement to delete it in exchange for the payment.
  11. Did you not get the increase? What are your scores? How can you have a Chase cc with only a $200 CL, for 12 years? $200 CL for 12 years is a long story. short version, struggling, living in a car, jumping from one job to another, car repo'ed, slept in park, put to jail for sleeping in park, defaulted/charged off closed to $20k credit cards, lived in a friends garage for a couple of years, during the winter i freeze, during the summer i melted, this was in california. gave up on credit, gave up on life, attempted suicide, put a gun on my head multiple times but too much of a coward to pull the trigger. i am an salamander wrapped in a moron, what can i say. We don't judge....congrats on the improvements you've made in your life...!!!

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