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  1. I knew that It would sound like I’m trivializing being a victim of fraudulent activity but that wasn’t my intention and I know how serious an issue it is. That it’s anything but trivial.
  2. I just need a listing of all of my accounts with balances, nothing more. I can pull any report and find that, I’ve done it it the past with a monitoring service and it was a simple thing to utilize the filter and list the balances from low to high. Have I been gone so long that nobody uses monitoring services anymore? Lol
  3. I get where everyone’s coming from, and I appreciate the input. I’m sure I didn’t get my point across about what properly fits my needs. I’m not concerned about updates or fraudulent activities (that’s on them anyway) I just want to list my accounts from smallest to highest and pick them off one by one. I don’t really need to “monitor” my accounts so you speak, I just want a list of them. I’ll just grab a report from all three and go from there. it used to be nice to play with the filter and sort the balances from lowest to highest or age or whatever else they offered. I just want to say again that I do appreciate everyone’s input and that it’s refreshing to be back here after a long absence. Namaste..!!
  4. Thanks, I read your earlier post regarding Mint and while I’m sure it’s a good site for it’s intended purposes I just want something that shows all of my balances. I plan on paying them off in full one by one so the updates and reporting of them isn’t really a concern. Mint I felt was cumbersome to add over twenty accounts. I just need a monitoring service for viewing my balances and nothing more.
  5. I was under the impression that the free reports ended on April of 2021. I have too many accounts to log into each one and check them that way. I find it’s just easier to check the service and sort by balance like I used to do in the past. Equifax used to have one with a discount code. I’ll have to check again.
  6. Its been a while since Ive been here and posted. I guess I was enjoying the fruits of my labor. At this point though I find myself in need of some monitoring site recommendations. I used Myfico with a discount code years ago. Im not sure what's new or if there's a better option but all input is appreciated. Basically need to check my balances and pay every account off.
  7. As others have said, just let it happen. The less you send the better. Keep that letter you've received as ammo in case of reinsertion.
  8. Congrats..!! You mentioned in the OP that usually you have to trade your car in to the dealer. That should never be the case and you're never required to do it. Normally, if they're requiring that to get a low interest rate on the finance side then you're not getting a good price on the trade in.
  9. Fantastic right..? Like having a new identity. Congrats on everything especially the new home...!!! Post your story in success stories.
  10. I was approved for the Jet Blue Plus with a $9,000 CL. I get 30K miles for signing up and spending $1K within three months. I'm flying R/T to Costa Rica and it's about $4,000 for three of us round trip on the card. I get 6 points per dollar spent on the card so another 24,000 points. Additionally, a free Fico score and some other benefits which I found fairly attractive made this a no brainer. They have a hub out of JFK where I fly out of also. I pay this down quickly, ask for a rate reduction and a CLI.
  11. Approved tonight for Barclays Jet Blue Plus for $9,000, it comes with 30K miles and we're flying to Costa Rica on Jet Blue for a little surf vacay at the end of April.
  12. I like your approach also...!!! I just spoke with someone at Macys who gave me the direct number for their credit dept. I'll call tomorrow..
  13. Thanks, that's what I had previously heard. I'll give them a call and post results. That's crappy service though for them to not update with the correct balances.
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