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  1. You can do for yourself the same exact thing they would do for you. Which is basically file an "offer and compromise:" with the IRS. I intialy contacted JK Harris and then found out I could do the exact same thing for myself they where going to do except $2000 cheaper.
  2. A lot of apartments will let you out of a lease if you pay a reletting fee also. I have done this once and it was well worth it. Was able to move out of the horrible place and had no negative affects.
  3. Try Spiegel or Newport news preapproved links. Soft pulls only and could help you get some more history going. Maybe Macys and Bloomingdales also.
  4. Yeah "please" delete this inaccurate account from my credit report scumbag "thank you".
  5. I already know the 2 little words and didnt even have to pay 30 bucks. "Win Lottery".
  6. Started pulling daily in Feb 07, got my buzz off email tonight. Guess Ill stick with PM now.
  7. Prosper showed up on my TU report today when I did my daily pull. Actually helped my score a little bit because I have had the loan through them for several months. But I have never heard of them reporting to anyone but EX. Maybe times are changin over there. I dont surf there site much anymore beacuse my payments are on automatic from checking and I have loaned $50 there so Ill check on that in a couple of years and see if I got it back lol.
  8. Request new report, then log out and wait a couple of minutes and log in again. Then view report and it shows the new date and report. Thats how it works for me anyways.
  9. I worked for a rent to own place for about 6 months a couple of years ago as an account manager. The pay was great, but I went out to attempt to pick up a delinquent customers rented computer and had a 9mm stuck in my face. That was my last day of work there. I hated the collections end anyways. I always let em talk me out of picking it up.
  10. They took me several trys and only luck I have had with them was I finally got them off EQ.
  11. Same here. I have received a few payments from selling on EBay using Google Checkout, never a hard pull.
  12. Mu understanding of this is it is not accurately reporting in this case.

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