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  1. Yeah I got it all straightened out, It was so messed up, and just getting to talk to somebody at experian is pretty tough. but it is straightened out now.
  2. Ok so I sent Dvs for me my wife and my mom this morning. I just think I'm going to have to pay this and bite the bullet because my moms new place just needs a receipt saying it was paid. Paid collections only last seven years right?
  3. was your friend just talking about opting out?
  4. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?a...DE=02&qid=2 its a way of lowering your hard pulls
  5. That's precisely why you should DV them, CMRRR. which part of that is precisely why I need to DV them? and if I DV them doesn't that take a while, because they have thirty days?
  6. No i had not gotten to them yet, I have been busy fighting with experian about another issue. they were next on my list. but now I cannot wait the 30+ days to DV. my mom is in the hospital now and when she gets out she I need to have her moved into her new place because our lease is almost up and we are moving to a smaller place because she was supposed to go to this community. I know its completely my fault, I just really don't want to pay a CA especially an amount I don't agree with.
  7. On my credit there is one collection for $967 to an apartment that I used to live in with my wife. I had given thirty days notice instead of sixty as per the lease so after we moved out they charged us for an extras month rent and a load of late charges. Our monthly rent was $509 but the collection is for $967 because of all the charges. I understand that I need to get them to validate but I have another problem because of this, My mother is attempting to move into a senior community and because they are a tax credit community they will not let her move in until this is off her report or we get a receipt saying its paid. oh yeah its on her report because she cosigned for us, so I now have to get this fixed because my past mistakes aren't only hurting me this time. So I need to get this fixed quickly like within a week, and I really don't have an extra grand lying around, not to mention paying a CA(shudder) but does anyone have any ideas besides just paying those dirty sobs?
  8. how do you get two or three pulls a day?
  9. If "B" actually works how long does it take. Ive been updating my Truecredit everyday for two weeks and nothing has changed? Does it take a long time for it to work?
  10. I use RBFCU and they are awesome to us, they have financed two cars for me From 7-9% when everyone else wans to give me 20+% if they will even give me a loan.
  11. and it was all for nothing, because my CU ended up financing me. Always go to your CU first!
  12. Car dealerships try to get you financed through every bank they can find and in my experience about half are hard pulls and half are soft. I just bought a galant and I was friends with the finance guy and he told me that he hit up 29 banks and about 14 of them were on my reports as hards.
  13. My Cu financed two cars (saved us from drivetime on one of them and let us buy the other new) and gave wife and I $1000 holiday loan. and our scores are low right now around 500

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