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  1. Crown Jewelers.... that takes me back in time!!!
  2. Nope... my student loan history was the only thing I kept perfect, no matter what. I consolidated 6 loans into one at the same time.. the other 4 show perfect, this is the only one with an oddball late showing.
  3. My reports are almost clean.. I just have a couple of issues, both of the same nature, that I'm trying to clear up. I have 2 old Student Loan tradelines.... both were consolidated into another lender and closed. On both of them... they show perfect payment history.... all the way up until the very last payment which shows as a 90 day late. Explain to me how it is possible for it to be on time in May and 90 days late in June!! I've disputed the tradeline and they keep coming back as validated. I've sent hand written letters to Transunion about the issue.. asking them to explain how it is even humanly possible to fall 90 days behind in 30 days. What is my next step?
  4. According to the NSLDS, the only loans showing are 2 loans, both serviced by Navient and both guaranteed by Texas Guarantee-- so why oh why does he show these loans 3 times from 3 places?
  5. That's the goal. He starts a fantastic job tomorrow and we'd like to get the rehab process rolling quickly enough to hopefully avoid a garnishment situation.
  6. I'm not part of the "store cards are evil" movement. I have a couple of cards to places that I shop frequently. But in general... generic top tier plastic is way more desirable.
  7. Did the NSLDS thing and waiting on SSN verification. As far as the eddebt site... he has NO clue what zip they have on file. He spent a long time not doing what an adult should be doing... and now we're trying to repair the damage done.
  8. Ok.. I don't know how to begin fixing this issue.. student loans were one thing I always kept up with on my own report. My hubby has some student loans that are defaulted. On his credit report though, it shows as being under multiple lenders, all showing "Closed". So.. I have NO clue who to get in touch with about the loans to get them taken care of.. or even who held them LAST for that matter, as they all seem to have almost duplicate payment history. They are currently showing up as follows 2 different tradelines for Sallie Mae (I assume Sub and Unsub). These all show as "permanently assigned to government" 1 tradeline for Navient which shows "Charged off as bad debt, profit and loss writeoff" 2 tradelines under SLC Student Loan Trust which show as "transferred to another lender" 2 tradelines under Texas Guarantee Student which show as "collection account, placed for collection" The tradelines showing as Texas Guarantee are the only ones recently reported, so I'm under the assumption that those are the current holders of the loans...what would we need to do to get these things back where they need to be? In addition.. the one random loan from Navient shows as being a "joint" account. Would that be a private loan? I'm not sure how those work either.
  9. Ok.. so I still have a couple of baddies left on my report (almost done!!) and I'm trying to determine something... When I got these accounts, I was a resident of Texas. At the point that they went bad and CO'd.. I was still a resident of Texas. But as of a couple months ago, I became a resident of Ohio. Am I still governed by the time limit in Texas, or does the limit change to Ohio, despite having signed contract on these debts while I was still in Texas?
  10. Bump action---http://www.exploremodeling.com/Casting/ModelForLeona/90178/Anne-Marie_W.aspx
  11. New link, same concept... please vote if able: http://www.exploremodeling.com/Casting/ModelForLeona/90178/Anne-Marie_W.aspx

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