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  1. Long time no see. I never thought I would be back on the board after doing credit repair but here I am. Back in 2016, I broke my ankle; went emergency room and got a $200 bill. I didn't pay cause I didn't have it. I'm in a better position now. I would like to pay the Hospital and get this off TU. It's not reporting on EX or EQ. The collection agency reporting is ARCH (Accounts Receivable Clearing House). Will WhyChat Program works for this or should I contact the Hospital and pay direct? Thank you.
  2. I have two old addresses that are not tied to any tl on my report. I don't see them anywhere. Where can I find a letter to get these removed? (I rather not call if I can help it) I haven't been on this board in a while.
  3. My Care Credit account was charged off last year and it was over $2000. Yesterday, I received a letter from this firm located in Maryland. They are collecting on behalf of Equable Ascent Financial whom I never heard of. For the past few months, the account was sold to five different CA agencies which all I have send a debt validation letter to and which none of them have responded to so they give it to the next CA. Does anyone have any experience with this firm? If I send them a DV letter, will they sue me? I live in VA and the SOL is 3 years. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have not received their placement letter so I was wondering if I can go ahead and send a Cease and Desist letter? I got another call from them from a 406 area code number. Tsk. How do I approach with the calling ID spoofing since it's a violation?
  5. Has anyone had any experiences with this company? My Care Credit has been charge off and sold to them. I've received several calls from them under their 800 number. When they call me yesterday, the caller ID shows a local number (new tactic?) I kept the conversation brief and asked them to send me a letter.
  6. They agree to my settlement but they send me a company letter with no signature. I asked for a letter with their signature. What should I do? If I don't get a signature; is the form still legally binding?
  7. The acct I'm settling with US Bank is actually a different acct that was sold to CA which unfortunately they couldn't help with me that so I have to deal with the CA. I send them a settlement agreement and so far no word yet. Once again, they call me at my place of employment and I told them I sent them an agreement and they can response in writing; the rep tried to get me to pay over the phone. I told them that I would need some offer in writing in order to pay off the acct and he keep at it with "we must need a payment today" and ask me to do a post date check. I kept pushing with I need something in writing; he got frustrated and told me and I quote: "Obviously, this phone conversation isn't working so we'll response in writing". They're going to sue aren't they? Maybe the state of Virgina will have better luck or something?
  8. I have received a letter in response to my dispute. They send me an Affidavit of Correctness/assignment from US Bank and said I need to pay them and not US Bank. What's the worse case scenario? I've already made arrangement with US Bank to settle this.
  9. cindel25


    Yes, they will open another acct with you once your debt has been paid.
  10. Thank you. I send them a letter today CMRR. I called US Bank and they told me that my acct can be settle with them however the remaining balance (interests and fees) was sold to United Credit Recovery which sold to Pace.
  11. Long time no see CB! Has anyone have any experiences with this company? I did a search and nothing came up. I got a couple of phone calls from them back in October which I ignored until they call me at my place of employment. Stupidly, I talked to them and they are collecting for a US bank overdraft acct that was close last year. They left a msg about keeping the account and they won't have to turn it over to the state of Virigina unless I agree to settle with them. I have the letter from them and was wondering if I should send a dispute letter. I did have some luck settling with CAs in the past and they removed their entry from my credit reports. Thanks in advance.
  12. I tested it out for ya. All my CRs are on ICE and I was able to get my credit grade. It also automatically opens an account for you here: www.knowbeforeyouapply.com/ which shows all the credit offers you are eligible for based on your grade.
  13. Still have my Juniper but I notice they decreased my rate. Must be hurting for money if they're closing accts.
  14. Transunion is stalling on the Free Credit Monitoring from Townes Settlement. I keep getting a msg: "one refresh per 24 hours". The last pull I made was on October 4 and I tried again this morning and still the same msg.

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