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  1. So from the looks of things my Equifax report is split. I tried applying thru dcu and they're saying I have a fraud alert on my file but I don't... I even spoke with Equifax and they verified this... dcu has pulled my report twice and keeps saying it's flagged.... looking to obtain about 65k
  2. Tyra that's exactly where I am now. I've took multiple screenshots and filed the complaint. Actually this is my 2nd complaint... today I was able to speak with someone out of the Atlanta office of Equifax who assured me she'd call me back with the problem resolved. Fingers crossed!
  3. What was the outcome of this
  4. Are there any resolutions? Is there a technical department?
  5. So I've been dealing with this for a while. I've filed complaint after complaint and nothing has been done. Non of the accounts on my Equifax report have updated since November. I've paid off vehicles, credit cards, etc and every TL on my Equifax account shows November as last activity. Also, I have tried pulling my CR everyday and it always tells me that "Equifax returned no data". I've filed disputes over the phone (because I can't access my file online). Something is really wrong with my file and I don't know what to do. I've contacted every creditor on my report and they're rest assured me they are reporting to them but apparently my file is corrupt. Please advise
  6. Thx.. I will try and file another complaint
  7. I have credit secure, true credit, my fico.com.... i cent even access my report via Equifax.com....my accounts haven't updates in over 4 months
  8. I have a couple of credit monitoring services and I can't access my Equifax report. Also my Equifax report is not updating for months at a time as if the file is corrupt. I pull it everyday and I have only been successful obtaining it twice in 4 months. I've called Equifax, filed a complaint, and nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Fico average around 745 and I have several auto loans ranging from around 50k-65k..... 125k income
  10. Currently in the market for a vehicle and looking for finance around 65-75k. Who has the best rates?
  11. I have American Express credit secure as well as the myfico product
  12. I have a few credit monitoring apps and neither will allow me to get into my equifax report. Also apparently it's not updating from the creditors because it hasn't updated since November. I've contacted equifax and they've told me it's because I have wrong info on my report and all types of crap that wasn't it. Can anyone offer any advice?
  13. I Just started the process of doing a cash out refi with nationstar which hold my current loan. After speaking with the loan officer I was told I qualify for a cash out refi which would allow me to pay off some credit card debt. So far I've sent in the requested check stubs w-2 homeowner insurance. Spoke to the closing processor yesterday (4 days since applicantion started). Has anyone ever did business with this company? If so how was your experience? Do I need to be aware of anything?

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