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  1. Have no idea what your letter actually is but mixing Fed violations and TX in the same letter is a fast train to nowhere.
  2. Some information: 1. Existing Mortgage is $178,000 House appraises at $272,000 before remodeling. Current loan is conventional with 5.25% rate and want to refinance anyway 2. Our Joint income is about $262,000, our DTI is about 20%, Our credit scores are 700 me and 740 her. Utilization might be high but not sure how much of a negative this is. 3. I am VA eligible We want to remodel and add on to our existing home. The work will cost about 80-100,000 and will add some square footage but also includes some landscape work. Not sure of reappraised value but estimate it to be in 315-325K range We don't want to put a lot of cash upfront but could put up to $15,000 What are our options Conventional and VA?
  3. Just wanted to drop in on this very interesting thread. I don't post much if at all but continue to read and lurk. I along with some others am proud to have had a hand the "Texas Mother" thread which has helped many of my fellow Texans fight back with the help of Texas laws which can put some fear into creditors. Helpful enough to be pinned I actually went to court and won several lawsuits on my own and have noticed over the years that some of my fellow Texan's took the same road with some success. CB was a turning point for me and I still benefit to this day.
  4. I recommend your friend be either judgment proof ie:insolvent or have violations to counter with. Poking a lot of OC's or JDB's while it's in SOL is asking for trouble
  5. I was under the impression that it could on the record for as long as 7.5 years which if my math is correct a DOFD of 12/2007 would drop 0n 7/2015
  6. NTTA is pretty easy to deal with. I had a $1500 notice from them last year. Turns out the card I had on file was hijacked and blocked and I overlooked NTTA when fixing, I had changed address and no forwarded notice was sent by NTTA. Went to the NTTA office paid the actual tolls and all was forgiven. Because NTTA uses JP court its $250 for each violation unless resolved. Doesn't take long at that rate to run up a big bill.
  7. In TX a lot of the JDB's and CA's do use JP Court, if the original amount was below 10K it is possible they got a judgement and have interest accruing which is legal in TX. Just a possibility here.
  8. There are circumstances which will reset the SOL but usually involves payment. I happen to agree that NO GOOD ever comes from talking to a JDB/CA If their lips are moving they are lying. If this is well out of SOL, then try to catch them in a violation and send an ITS and offer to settle for deletion, no resale, no 1099c, and kill the debt. Readily doable. Someone please point out to me the Law that says admitting to a debt resets SOL please.
  9. Is it possible that Fan holds a judgement against you?
  10. Think about other debts, particularly if in SOL. You are on the radar for someone. Very doubtful its a judgement, they usualy rear their ugly head fairly quickly.
  11. It is difficult when the OC uses a CA. It is stretching (maybe too much) but I would try a letter to Fan that basically is along the lines of Your Agent has violated so as Principal you Fan are responsible and I am gonna hold you legally responsible. If Fan takes any action or, and there is a little case law tha holds that collection reporting is collection activity, then the full weight of TFC and BCC17 can be brought to bear. Sketchy but what have you to lose.
  12. Sewer service: server says and certifies you were served, he just tossed it into the sewer, gets paid and moves on. You find out when a default judgement shows up
  13. In most jurisdictions, the account must be brought current to reset SOL. There are some states where that is not true. I do not believe NY is one of those states. Check the NY UCC . A minor payment that doesn't bring the account current usually has no real effect. Harris is shady as Hell and IMHO would file suit if he could. I would be concerned about sewer service and default judgement on his part but things like that are not as easy in NY as they use to be. I would be ABSOLUTELY sure of dates and such. SOL in and of itself might not prevent a suit from being filed it would serve as a strong defense. The amount is pretty considerable and greed often rules.
  14. Don't underestimate how sophisticated and how much info these "scammers" have. Real folks trying to serve you know it can't be attached to a DL and they don't call, they serve. Promise you it's a scam
  15. Happens all the time. Tell them Foad, if they violate, then an iTS letter may get an agreement to break the chain.
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