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  1. I'm wondering if theres a company or bank that would allow me to take 4 to 6 jetski for watersports on credit for a business?
  2. lol - right!, and that's exasctly what I m trying to say, for people that cannot get a regular loan from a bank.
  3. I found a way to raise fast cash in 2 weeks, I was needing about 19K to buy surplus from wholesellers but I was short on money, so I used 1 of my accounts to raise capitals and know im even making profit! it;s risky but i learned the business... i will tell everybody how to do it... But I want to know if is okay to post it?
  4. Where I do post to do an announcement for raising capital (cash) to help others to do it?
  5. Does anyone any creditor that pulls EQUIFAX for business and PG?
  6. Hey does anyone knows who pulls EQUIFAX in NEVADA? Equifax its the highest score...
  7. It's been a while since I came here, doesn anyone knows if we have a POST with all the steps to dispute a collection with an agency?
  8. A lot of of modification loans are being done by 3rd party companies under false information by the company and customer, these customers are not having issues and they default their loan intentionally and lie to have a modification to have their interest slashed down to 2% sometimes!
  9. dannielchackas

    net income

    Sure u would it all depends in reality how much debt you have and current obligations. Looks like its very little debt you have,
  10. What is the background? How long have you had the cards? How long in business? I don't understand the part about "correct payment information when paying for cards." -=------------- Corp biz since 2004, never applied for credit until 2005. Biz1 I have had the cards for a more than 2 years so far on this account. Biz 2 Soleprop since 2007 DBA only, only months ago. What happened is that I input 1 digit wrong TWICE when setting up the account number for payments. That's MY mistake for doing COPY and PASTE. Since the payment got rejected, they though I defaulted a 30 dll payment. And got the account suspended and then closed, then I asked to review it twice... they did a full investigation I BELIEVE that's where I got nailed. So once all my accounts were suspended they all got, closed, after declining NO PG. all of my citicards.
  11. Yeah, to lelease the rest of my accounts and to reopen staples. They offered to put'em in hold, if I provide or fax them a PG, but I declined and told them just to close'em all. It was going to be the same thing anyways, so why bother... I don't PG, at all. They told me to look at my d&B and BIZ EXPERIAN files.
  12. I spoke to this person, about clearing my staples account for my 2nd business account, and finally about 2 hrs she called me back to let me know that all of my account will be closed due insuficient information from Business Experian and D&B. They provided me with PG. So I decided to close all the accounts, instead. For your information make sure you enter the correct account information when paying for your cards. This is how I got in to trouble. They also told me that ever since July/15/2008 all the guidelines has change for at least STAPLES. Now PG is required for all new accounts with business less than 2 years. They also questioned my other accounts 1st business, so they will be in question since is a CORP. That's it, its over me.
  13. I use 1login to monitor my two companies. Never had a problem.
  14. THe pro, they will call you to verify information
  15. No, you can pay the day its due. No problems. Just make sure you enter the account number correctly. Because if wrong, then they will close your account and put all other CITI accounts on hold. It happened to me, on biz 2, they cancelled my statples and put on hold all my citi cards, so far I can make them take out the hold on the accounts, so basically for me they are all closed . GE HAS BEEN GOOD TO ME!

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