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  1. Haven't updated here in awhile. I'm down a total of 130 pounds. I still have 50-70 more that I'd like to lose. Finding it comical when I run into people I haven't seen in a while and I have to tell them who I am! I put a pic up on Facebook for the first time in years and a friend that my sister and I grew up with asked her who was the person in the pic on my wall. She had no idea it was me.
  2. Actually, I believe that money would be in addition to any child support obligation, unless of course the court took it into consideration when figuring out what his child support amount would be. Hmm. I hadn't thought about that. I guess I'll know soon enough, once the guardianship of my daughter is completed over to my parents. I know I'll be paying child support (gladly, it's my responsibility!), but just assumed I'd be having her ss amount forwarded to my folks.
  3. I'm on Social Security too. Did you apply for benefits for your child/children? I recall having to do an application for mine and they both get what's called an auxiliary benefit. Essentially I get 3 deposits into my checking account each month. One is for me, and the other 2 are for my children, for me to use for their care (the amount they get is half the amount I get in total, so let's just say you received a thousand bucks a month for you, your kids would get five hundred total divided between however many kids you have. If 2 kids, they'd get two hundred fifty each). If you were to get something like this, it's likely your ex-spouse would be able to have those funds directly deposited into her account to use for the care of the children. I'm unsure if that/those amounts would satisfy your support obligation or not, but it's worth checking into. Good luck! ETA: Here's a link to the SSA site discussing auxiliary pmts. http://www.ssa.gov/oact/progdata/types.html
  4. Well, from personal experience, I can say that for me sugar, grains, and starchy carbs in general did exacerbate my depression symptoms. But part of it wasn't direct. For me, grains & sugar cause inflammation in my body and made my fibromyalgia unbearable at times. Being in constant pain and being exhausted all the time was very depressing. Since I've quit eating those things, my pain has practically been non-existant and my depression has been pretty much under control. Obviously, there have been many things in my life over the past year+ that have contributed to depression that have been factors I am unable to control (everything that went on and is still going on with my daughter). All things considered, I am doing very well and not needing medications for the depression or my diabetes. All of this I contribute to ditching the starchy carbs/grains/sugars. And of course, the other positive "side effects" of ditching those things...lots of weight lost and "normal" blood sugar readings. :-)
  5. All stores use deceptive marketing. Heck, even grocery stores. I used to get excited to see those fantastic buy one get one free or buy one get two free sales. Then I quickly realized the price was jacked up on the first item, and the deal wasn't that great after all. Regardless if something says "sale" or not, people have to decide for themselves what they are willing to pay and what the item is worth to them. Point being, if a beautiful shirt says it's 50% off, but the price is $xx with that discount, I have to decide if it is worth it to me. If I've had my eye on it for awhile and it truly is discounted that much, I may just buy it. I would never buy something just because it claimed to be a certain percentage off.
  6. My deepest condolences on the passing of your grandfather. I don't have any advice on your husband's work situation, but hopefully everything will work itself out.
  7. After the past 2.5 crazy years of my life, I NEED a vacation. Furthest I'll get is wherever my imagination will take me. I can barely afford day to day expenses let alone a vacation. Yeah, woe is me. Hmph. :-\
  8. I just started a business. I needed something that I could work into my schedule between dropping off and picking my son up from school. I just started less than 2 weeks ago. I went to a printing company and had business cards, magnetic business cards, car door magnet signs, brochures, gift certificates, stickers, and thank you cards made up. I'm in the process of creating a website as well. My trade? Personal assistant. If it's legal and ethical, I'll do it. So far I've catered a luncheon for 20 people and right now I'm taking care of 2 dogs while their owners are in Hawaii. Still haven't done any real advertising yet other than driving around with my car magnets on and gave some business cards to friends and family to pass out if they know of anyone needing services. I'm hoping once I get the website up and some real advertising done that I can get more business, and therefore more word of mouth advertising as well.
  9. If it were me, and I had just gone through 2 moves already, they would have to provide a much higher salary, a sizable signing bonus, and a relocation package. It sure must be nice to be desirable in your field to have them pursue you :-)
  10. So incredibly sad. The world we live in today is such a scary place.
  11. My son was bullied quite a bit at the end of last school year and the beginning of this school year. This caused him to suffer from depression, anxiety, and even feeling suicidal. He refused to "tattle" or bring it to the attention of staff due to the threat of retaliation. These days, kids are threatened with "snitches get stitches" etc. Between that and the fact that even if he had brought it to the attention of staff, the schools rarely follow their own "no tolerance" policy, especially because any witnesses are to scared to talk. I was prepared to remove my son from that school and start him elsewhere or homeschooling him. Luckily, he was able to recover from the bullying and now is doing really well. Tigz, like others I have a lot of respect for you. However, blaming the victim here is just wrong. I know, for my son, although he never did anything to get back at the bullies or anything...had he called someone a name after being tormented and in turn gotten beat up for it- the blame still wouldn't have been on him. I know, from being bullied myself as a kid, that feeling powerless against your bully can be downright humiliating and cause a lot of emotional damage. So what if the kid tries to find their voice and stand up for themselves or others by calling the bully a name...if anything, the bully deserved far more than a tongue lashing. I suspect you wouldn't feel the same had the scenario happened to your daughter. It's nearly akin to blaming a rape victim because she was flirting or dressed provocatively or sexy. The bully started it...it's not like the grandson began taunting the bully for no reason or out of nowhere. I'm just baffled at how this blame could be placed on the grandson.
  12. Awe! That's heartbreaking! So sorry for your loss :'(
  13. I purchased a nice thick mattress topper through Overstock. Had no problems.
  14. Yes, very good movie. It's also one of my daughter's favorite movies. I find it hard to watch now, though. Too many parallels to my real life with my daughter with the mental ward and some of the behaviors shown etc. I can only hope that my daughter is never in a position to be admitted again, but of course I know it's always a possibility. Thanks everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts over the past almost year. It has really been a heartbreaking challenge, but a necessary one.
  15. I finally am able to report GOOD news. My daughter is doing very well! She was transferred from the RTC she had been in for 8 months to a lower level TGH (therapeutic group home) almost 2 months ago. She finally began being involved in her treatment and has an excellent therapist at the new place. She is scheduled to be released from the most recent placement in a couple weeks. We had our permanency hearing this week (CPS protocol) and prior to the hearing we all decided (including my daughter, it was her idea actually) that she will go live with my parents. Everyone is in agreement that this is best for her, in that she will not essentially be thrown back into the same environment as she was in and probably be tempted to go back to her old lifestyle. My parents live about 30 miles from me and the environment is much different there. She will have more positive things to get involved in, as well as have a strong father figure to help guide her. I will still be her mother, my rights are not being terminated. I will see her several times a week, maybe even daily. We will continue to work on our relationship. She is excelling in school and is enjoying being a mentor to some of the other girls at the TGH. She has thought a lot about her future and has decided she wants to go to college and get a degree, and further down the line she wants to adopt special needs kids. She has made a tremendous turn around, I am so proud of her! I'm sure there will still be bumps in the road, nobody is perfect, but I am confident she has absorbed many skills to help her along the way.

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