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  1. We obviously need a "spit take" emoticon.
  2. I don't have a signed lease. I'm on a month to month. Does that change the 90 day parameter? Does this even apply to me? How close is a short sale to a foreclosure?
  3. I'm currently living in a property that is approved for short sale. Potential buyers paraded through the home just about every day for a month until about 3 weeks ago when the traffic stopped. My lease is month to month and my landlord is not communicating with me. About a month into this process, I get a call from a family asking if they can come by to see the house because their offer was accepted. They told me that they hoped to be in the property by October. The landlord won't talk to me, other than rent reminders so I emailed the listing agent as an "interested party" and she told me that the owner had accepted an offer and was awaiting the banks approval. In the meantime, the landlord has offered me no information, and maybe that's normal but I'm basically packed and ready to go in case someone shows up one day with the keys to move in. I've been "encouraged" by both real estate professionals and an attorney to escrow my rent until this plays out. They told me that the owner, chances are, hasn't paid the mortgage in order to even qualify for the short sale. I was also told that although he may not be paying the mortgage, I still owe him the rent. I received a 5 day pay or quit, via email 4 days ago. My questions: Is there a resource where I can check the status of a short sale? What rights do I have, if any, being in a month to month agreement? Is the 5 day notice valid through email in Virginia? If I elect to "quit" and leave, what's the penalty to me? How soon can this become an eviction? Any direction in this matter is greatly appreciated.
  4. I got the following message at Credit Check Total. *Monitoring with Experian begins within 48 hours of enrollment in your free trial. Monitoring with Equifax and TransUnion takes approximately 4 days to begin, though in some cases cannot be initiated during your trial period. You may cancel your trial membership any time within 9 days of enrollment without charge. I also read some complaints from customers who weren't able to cancel in time, claiming that they were only getting a message to call back later until their deadlines passed. They were being charged $30. Any other ideas?
  5. I haven't had a "3 n 1" account since Privacy Matters back in '05. What's the latest deal just to monitor all 3 and pull daily? I'm not so concerned with bumpage(though I'd appreciate it), but I want to be able to monitor my reports as I rebuild. Oh yeah, I'm also a cheapskate...
  6. I do have some savings...should I just beef that up? Is that a greater priority than eliminating debt?
  7. Okay, so I have some debt to be addressed with my tax refund. How should I move this cash for good? My scenario: $10k in student loans at 4% $14k in car payments on a Hyundai Accent that's worth $9k at 15% That's it for debt. Is dropping the entire $5k on the car my best option or am I overlooking a better option? Other than these two bills, I am completely debt free, thanks to a BK7 6 months ago. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  8. I fully understand your "re-insertion" comment. That's a great letter but I'm not sure it's going to do much to have Experian act. I was hoping to go after Dependon anyway.
  9. No, it was disputed after I wrote them directly.
  10. Way back in 2002, I received a parking ticket for $25 which I promptly disputed. After not hearing back from the small town who issued the bogus ticket, I assumed my dispute was reasonable and had resolved the issue. Cut to 2004, when I joined Creditboards.com. I get this collection account on my report claiming that I owe Dependon Collection Service $250!(Talk about your mark ups.) I promptly disputed the account and wrote two DV letters to Dependon and the result was a prompt deletion. Cut to December 2008. I'm perusing my Experian credit report and lo and behold, Dependon is back! Mind you, this is after i filed bankruptcy back in April and it was discharged in July. I had forgotten about them they had been off my reports for so long. I disputed and it came back verified in like 2 weeks. I talked to my BK attorney and he told me that he can't help with tickets, but he may be able to if they tacked on more than they are allowed to by law. He suggested that I contact them and ask for information about how they calculated the amount. He also told me to keep track of everything they send. No offense to him, but I happen to trust you guys more than I trust my BK attorney because I've known you longer. I'm thinking independent of how the collection agency arrived at the amount, there must be some other violation that should be pointed out tactfully to Dependon's legal department but I haven't been here in so long, I'm having trouble remembering where to start. My question is, how would YOU approach this dispute? Any and all constructive advise and/or direction is greatly appreciated.
  11. As I understand it, this is one of maybe 3 or 4 properties he owns. I'm not sure he's in trouble with them all. I do know that he purchased this property at the peak of the market and as a result, his profit margin completely disappeared about 8 months into my option. I decided not to exercise my option and he was stuck. He dropped the rent from $1750 to $1450 to keep me from moving after the option expired because he said he had refinanced and his payment decreased considerably. I think he dropped the rent because he would rather match the other offer I had for another rental and keep me as a tenant than to try to find someone else to move in.
  12. My landlord is not subject to the VRLTA because he doesn't own at least 10 properties. (man, do I hate this state...) I guess I am once again in relentless pursuit of a rental. Wish me luck...
  13. There is no contract. I've been on a month to month since June. My original rent with option aggreement expired. So no matter what, I have to be given notice? Is that based on Virginia guidelines or what?
  14. Okay, so I recently received an email from my landlord, the owner of the house I live in, originally a "rent to own", saying that he's getting rid of it. I suspect he got laid off from his job and is struggling to make ends meet. 2 years ago, it was a rent to own for $380K. I opted not to buy it after a year, continued to rent it and subsequently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last April. The BK was discharged in July. Now I get an email from his realtor that he is going to try to liquidate it by way of a short sale. I don't exactly understand how this is carried out. He's offering it to me for $180K. I'm not even sure if that number is approved by the bank, but the house is probably worth that. If I don't buy it(which I dont' think I can so soon after BK7), he's going to sell it to someone else just to get out from under it. My kids are in the local schools and I'd like to stay in the area but I have few options. My family can be ousted at any point, right? What recourse, if any, do I have? Should I withold my January rent in the event of an emergency move? What rights do I have to protect my family? Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  15. APPROVING BANKAmericredit BUREAU PULLEDExperian CREDIT SCORE584 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCEVirginia NEW/USEDNew YEAR OF VEHICLE2008 MILEAGE16 RETAIL/LEASERetail AMOUNT OF LOAN14200 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE? TERM CONTRACTED72 months(ouch) APR/LEASE RATE16.35 MONTHLY PAYMENT310 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY:2008 Hyundai Accent w/ "popular" package. Down payment: $500 trade in value from my Isuzu that wouldn't pass emissions.

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