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  1. bump! (Why isn't this stickied anymore? )
  2. Try asking to be put in the override queue I think they call it.
  3. Wow I'm in the same boat as you! What did you do to get regular Blue? About a month later, hoping that hitting the 6th month mark of having a credit history would help, I applied again on the website, but ended up applying for the Blue accidentally. Denied. Called in asking for recon, basically stating over and over that I'd like a human to look at it, that the credit history I had was perfect, had a steady job, no debts, etc etc. Eventually got someone who talked to their supervisor to put me into the override queue for someone to look at it. Called back for the next week checking on it every day. (For reference, there's a reference # on the denial letter that they use). Then one day on calling in, hey said I was approved for 2k. And that's that. Just don't expect a CLI on activation
  4. Amex denied me on Blue Student due to not enough history, but approved me on Blue after recon. Yas have the macy's card.. Though it can' hurt to wait a little longer Recons n'er hurt - (Override Queue)
  5. ASayre

    AMEX Recon

    Amex does do recons, though they may or may not approve on the recon of course. Call and talk to the rep to transfer you to the credit dept, and ask for recon. if they don't figure it out, ask to be placed in the... they call it the override queue If I remember correctly.
  6. They have both a citi card on the thankyou network and one that's cashback, and one without rewards at all. I'll try switching over to the diamonds preferred and then to the pro on monday!
  7. Hm, are there any other cards that offer 3% on restaurants? Discover has 5% on 'em, but that's only from Oct -> Dec
  8. I currently have the Chase freedom with dynamic rewards - 3% on top 3 categories of the following: 1. Grocery Stores 2. Gas & Convenience Stores 3. Fast Food & Quick Service Restaurants 4. Utilities (Gas and Electric, etc.) 5. Drugstores 6. Commuting 7. Pet Supply Stores/Veterinarian 8. Phone/Cell Phone Bills 9. Movie Theaters 10. Department Stores 11. Gym Membership 12. Beauty Salon/Spas 13. Movie Rentals 14. Dry Cleaner 15. Cable/Satellite TV, Internet Provider Since the only expenses that I have are groceries, dept store and fast food restaurants , that covers the majority of expenses. For Gas, office supplies and cell phones, I have our business SimplyCash AMEX for 5% on those. The only major expense I have left that isn't covered is normal restaurants. Sit-down type restaurants. In fact, that's probably my #1 expense out of everything. I want the 3% on restaurants. I don't want to go for the AMEX Costco due to perceived increased risk of FR for having multiple cards. That leaves, as far as I know, only the Chase and citi professional cards. Figured since I already have a chase card that I would be using, and a citi card I would not be active on, that it'd be best to convert the citi card.
  9. Is it possible to convert a Citi Dividend to a citi professional? I've read conflicting information on these forums as well as from Citibank and I'm not quite sure What the deal is with it. Or do I need to convert it to a different type of card and then to the pro? Thanks,
  10. Lowered to Tier II (12.15%) from Tier V (23.15%) ! ie, Prime +3.9 ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR) FOR PURCHASES Tier I 8.25% Tier II 12.15% Tier III 15.15% Tier IV 19.15% Tier V 23.15%
  11. congrats! i called last week to have the apr decreased. they decreased it, but a no-go on a CLI. it's cool tho. they started me at 6K and i havent used it much, so i wasnt too disappointed. what is you apr like? Currently at a high 23.something. Haven't asked for a reduction as I PIF. High APR prolly because I had to get the original App reconned and had to talk to a supervisor.
  12. I <3 Nordstrom. First they gave me a CC, The Nordstrom Plat, (albeit at a line of 1000) even though I had nearly 40 inqs on experian. 5 months later, I called today, saturday afternoon, talked to a nice person here in the US, and got it painlessly increased to 5,000 [my highest limit!], without any questions/inqs/whatever! Horray Nordstrom Bank!
  13. ASayre

    Horry *B!

    Just got *B on EQ now! Yay! 18-> 16
  14. ASayre


    If you DO get denied, call and ask to speak to a supervisor for recon, with all the reasons why and such -> They can and, in my case, look over it and approve
  15. ASayre

    Horry *B!

    Started daily pulls on TC just over two months ago. For the last week or two, TU didn't update. TU finally Updated today and I went from 21 inqs down to 6! Horray *B! (now for EQ to start)
  16. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=242892
  17. Yar, not working for me right now
  18. These are the links to get the free reports from the CRAs due to declines/adverse action or what not: Qualification is as follows: The various CRAs tend to hide the free online access. For example, the Equifax tries to convince you to buy it or that it's only accessible through mail. Here are the links: http://www.transunion.com/personal-credit/credit-disputes/credit-reports-disclosures.page (contrary to URL, this is NOT the free annual one) http://www.experian.com/reportaccess/index.html'>http://www.experian.com/reportaccess/index.html (Click 'Get my Report Now') https://aa.econsumer.equifax.com/aad/landing.ehtml (Equifax will constantly add on things and try and get you to buy something. Be sure to uncheck the things that require payment) All of them require verification of some form, usually a series of questions, and I think TU requires you make an account if you don't already have one. Enjoy, and use responsibly! Update: pdf file of all CRAs as of May 2015: 201501_cfpb_list-consumer-reporting-agencies.pdf
  19. They gave me the not enough income message... but the limit is at less than 3% of my income, and the limit is less than the amount I've had in CD's there for atleast a decade. No derogs on the credit report, etc etc. Stupid BOA
  20. On Denials/adverse credit action, allow a consumer to see the entirety of data that the creditor receives. Not just the report, but the scores and any other data that was sent to the creditor should be made accessible, free of charge, to the consumer.
  21. I'm looking to purchase a new vehicle, and I have the means to pay for it in full. I only have about 7 months of credit history, and all the TL's are Revolving accounts. My question is: Would it be beneficial to my credit score to get financing on the car, make a monthly payment or two (until it reports to the CRAs), and then pay off the car? Or would it just me more trouble than it's worth? Thanks!
  22. If you had a virus at one point, the only way to truly be safe, (and it's a must when dealing with financial stuff), is to reformat and reinstall. Some of the more nasty virus/trojans have been known to install rootkits on your machine. Can never be too careful.

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