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  1. I'll ask him, but I doubt it... 🙂 I wish he was a female so I could call for him... He is just horrible on a phone. I think I'll have to script him... and then hope he stays on script. Otherwise it will be 15 minutes of him telling someone about his accident, surgery, moving... blah blah blah...
  2. He does not have the account number. We do have a part of A account number on the Experian report, but it might be Enhanced Recovery's account number. I advised him to stay off the phone because that's the general advice here AND.. trust me, he is horrible on the phone... rabbit holes and volunteering info... he cannot focus more than a nanosecond. AND... because it is Charter (my concern) and they notoriously suck anyway, I just didn't think that the people answering the phone would really try to get him in touch with the right department. So, without having the account number, (he MIGHT remember the address this account was with), what are the suggestions? SOL for the state he lived is 6 years. and now 8 years. Well within SOL. Maybe send a check with a brief letter concerning the account and mention the previous address and hope they cash it? ETA- should he try this with all these OC's Just send a check to each one with as much info as he has about it and hope they cash the checks?
  3. I saw the pinned topic. It just said that he called the electric company and paid them directly.. I'm still trying to get info to be able to contact directly.
  4. Not out of SOL... If it is unlikely, then what is it that these companies want? To be paif and to kep reporting? If they get paid,why do they care? Honest question.
  5. Working on a friends report. He has 4 collection accounts. We are working from one Experian report, awaiting the receipt of the other two. CA OC $ Year Enhanced Recovery Charter Communications $252 2018 LVNV Funding Cap 1 $961 2017 Midland Funding Synchrony Bank $1255 2017 Portfolio Recov Citibank $683 2017 OAC Radiology $625 2018 This should have been sent to the state medicare/insurance. He has the funds to pay these debts. He just wants his reports cleaned up. Doesn't want to fight. Should we try to contact the OC? Or just send simple Pay For Delete letters to al these CAs?
  6. This is a collection being reported by Enhanced recovery. I did a search for 'Enhanced Recovery' here and I'm getting pages and pages of not enhanced recovery. Just was looking for a strategy regarding them ad Charter Communications.... If this were my own report, I'd argue it... it looks bereft of information... and the info that is there seems sketchy... I'm open to strategies regarding Enhanced Recovery and/or Charter Communications.... I'll be sending Pay for Delete letters tomorrow.
  7. Centex, I'd agree if we were going to argue with them. I'm helping a friend who just wants to pay off debts, not argue them. But this particular one is less than 2 years old, as is being reported by Enhanced Recovery ... another long-time member here suggested trying to pay the OC... but we have no contact info for them.
  8. Sorry I didn't see this response earlier. I'm following advice to try to deal with an OC when the collection is less than 2 years old. It is a CA that is reporting this. Enhanced Recovery. We (I'm doing this for a friend) are offering 'pay for deletes'... I read the OP of your pinned post. That's what we are trying to do is get in touch with the OC.
  9. I came to this thread after searching for a way to get my own fico scores. And because so much of this thread seems a bit dated, I'm hoping it can be resurrected here. Do I understand correctly that FICO is also known as Fico 8, or Fico 9? What do those numbers mean? And do I understand correctly that any of the banks/cards (citi etc) that offer FICO 8 or 9, are offering you a real FICO score? And if that is the case, are there opinions as to the easiest/best source?
  10. How does a person go about getting their real FICO scores?
  11. I did. When he first mentioned his credit I sent him the link... and in typical "I'm going to forget this conversation and pretend everything will work out fashion'... he is now in a hurry. If I didn't work for him remotely... I'd let this go. But business credit is relying on his personal score... so sudden;y it is important. I think I've convinced him to at the very least, use the letter template in the email. But I have said several times that he should just send the damn letters snail mail. Had he just done that when I suggested it, it would be done and likely responded to by now. He's a lifelong friend... so ... But I DO tell him once in a while to join creditboards.
  12. You seem set on arguing... you do see that I'm not arguing, right? You asked what his reasons were and then basically said that no matter what his reasons were, they are wrong... so why ask? My last question was rhetorical. Just pointing out the argument that I'm not having. I already said I'd like for him to slow down and am doing what I can to him. No argument. Everybody here is in agreement.
  13. I've googled this question and I cannot get ANYWHERE... I need an email address for a legal department or a "credit reporting" department with Charter/Spectrum. Does anybody have one? Thanks.

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