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  1. Well, the settlement options for this are very attractive (snicker), listed below 1) Free one year membership in the HOT LINE program (uh, ok) 2) Free one year membership in the Buyers Advantage program (uh huh) 3) Free one year membership in the AutoVantage program (zzzzz) OR 4) a cash payment of up to $11.00 (wow!) Or stay in and takes my chances (the attorneys are seeking $900,000 in fees so far) The deadline for response is February 16, 2006, so there's time to consider my options LOL Anybody else get one of these letters? RG
  2. You should NEVER trust a CA, not ever... Get the general or collections manager to sign a letter stating so (get it in w r i t i n g ! !) in your possession BEFORE sending any money. Make certain you have a NAME that's attached to this signature that's legible. Enclose a copy of said letter with your payment, sent CMRRR. Do not let them weasel out by saying "it takes up to 90 days to delete, yadda yadda yadda...", make sure it's 30 days from receipt of payment. Good luck to you! RG
  3. First off, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING, especially a medical release authorization. Why give a scummy CA your protected private medical information, especially when it's none of their business? That being said, you may have shot yourself in the foot by DVing the CA (rule #1 with medical...deal with the OC only!). The next questions are: Do you actually owe the debt? Are you willing to pay it if you do? If you are willing to pay, or it's a legitimate insurance mistake, you stand a chance (albeit slim) that the HIPAA letter could work for you. Again, by DVing the CA, you've really lost a lot of leverage. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but that's all I can offer. RG
  4. The courtesy notice was suggested to me by Why Chat, and rather than use a "form" letter (there is none in this case until now), I wrote it myself. I posted it with the hope it could be used and modified to suit. UPDATE: I did hear back from the "compliance officer" stating they believed they acted within HIPAA and the info stands as is. Fair enough...but they're in violation of Florida Statutes (which I mentioned to them in the letters), so it's off to the OCR and Florida AG.
  5. I searched but couldn't find anything, so.... Anybody else get a "Creditline Settlement Request" letter in the mail? I see it's attached to a class action suit against Trilegiant, but I didn't want to do anything without getting some CB'ers input first.
  6. The "courtesy notice letter" is what I did, based upon Why Chat's HIPAA program. The courtesy notice isn't covered in the actual "program" listed on WC's site, but rather was a suggestion given to me that I implemented. I did one with success, and after that sent out two others (with no response within the time window), so I'm taking it to the OCR complaint stage after the holidays (less chance of it falling through the cracks that way). The successful letter was for a $10K bill (yes, I did pay it to the OC), and the others are for minor amounts, but it's still private protected information. By sneding the OC a final "courtesy" notice, you show to the OCR (and any other regulatory authority) that you made every possible amicable solution before actually filing a complaint. YMMV
  7. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Correct! To Why Chat you listen....
  8. Thought I'd share this as it's worked for me so far... Use this ltter prior to actually filing a HIPAA complaint. Why Chat, feel free to correct it as necessary. RoadGlider’s HIPAA Courtesy Notice (used in the State of Florida, check your states statutes and modify to suit) RoadGlider Address City, State ZIP SSN XXX-XX-XXXX FAX (XXX)XXX-XXXX Legal Department Original Medical Provider Address City, State ZIP CMRRR# 13 December, 2005 RE: Letter of (first HIPAA letter) Letter of (HIPAA follow-up letter) Account # (original account) Patient: (you) Dear Sir/Madam; I am writing you this letter as a courtesy to inform you of my intention to file a HIPAA complaint with the regional OCR office. Additionally, I am filing complaints with the appropriate agencies of the State of Florida. As I stated in my previous letter, I have no desire to cause you unnecessary difficulty. However, the nonpermissable entry of my minor protected private health care information on my credit report, on an account that has NO permitted business purpose since there is NO payment due, has caused injury to my credit reputation, and is a direct violation of both HIPAA and Florida’s Medical Privacy Statutes. I am enclosing with my complaints a copy of the original letter I have sent to you, along with a copy of the check, clearly showing payment ONLY to (Original Provider), as well as evidence of non permissible communication to the consumer credit bureau via a third party agent of my protected private medical information. I am dismayed by your lack of compliance in this matter, and to date I have not received any response to my two previous letters, which regretfully leaves me no choice but to file the aforementioned complaints. If you wish to communicate with me about this matter, you may do so via FAX transmission or US mail within ten (10) days of the receipt of this letter. Sincerely, RoadGlider Good luck in your HIPAA progess
  9. Why Chat... just a further question on this: What do you suggest when the CRA responds with "we require further identification in the form of social security card and or other identification before we can process your request"? I know that the CRAs are also in the business of data mining, and it's my opinion that you shouldn't provide any further information that could be sold off. Besides that, they already have the required info, correct? What sort of counter-response should we offer?
  10. Why Chat is correct in his methodology....follow it TO THE LETTER. Don't "threaten" anything... in the unlikely event this goes to court and/or being filed with the OCR (or other agencies), you'll look a lot better as being completely reasonable (i.e. you tried everything before being forced to file, etc.) and a judge or official will treat you and the OC accordingly. If you look "sue happy", or threaten to sue, you can (and likely will be) held accountable for your threats... FYI, you can follow my particular case in other folders. I learned a lot just by reading reading reading. This bears repeating: Don't threaten to sue unless you're actually going to do so.. threats are empty and can have serious consequences! Thanks again, Why Chat!
  11. Got most of them to disappear, but a couple are still sticking like glue... BBB complaint already filed, with AG's complaint ready to go and lawsuit being drawn up now. I look to conclude this by year's end by the latest.
  12. *** U P D A T E *** WhyChat, you truly ROCK! After sending the "courtesy" letter, the OC folded like a tent.... Pulled the tri-merge this morning and *poof*.. it was gone! Thank you again, and for the newbs reading this, FOLLOW THE HIPAA INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER, WhyChat's program DOES work! Now for a couple more pesky paid medicals and I'm home free. This success gives me serious motivation!
  13. An update to my HIPAA complaint... I sent the first HIPAA letter, along with payment and restrictive endorsement per Why Chat's program. The dispute letters came back as "unable to verify" unless additional identification and signature sent (did not do so). I sent the second letter, no response. Today I pull my reports, and the CA is showing as "paid" (uh-oh!... this time there was a restrictive endorsement!). I have my OCR complaint drafted and ready to send, as well as complaints to the AG's office and our Consumer Services office (Florida). My question is... do I DV the CA or leave it alone for now? And should I redispute with the CRAs and send the requested personal info? It's been a long road, but I'm still at it... Thanks!
  14. On 8-18, I sent a HIPAA letter to the OC, along with a check (WITH restrictive endorsement), and after not hearing anything for 30 days (aside from receiveing the green card), contacted my bank about the deposit date. They faxed me a copy of the check with the message "Credit to account of payee. Lack of endoresment guaranteed". I did not see a credit to my account, so I'm assuming the OC cashed it. Also not seen was any mention of the CA, so the next step is the CRA dispute and follow-up letter yes? With the amount being what it is (10K), I want to be absolutely certain of what I do here. I have copies of everything (both side of both checks), so I'm not worried there...I just want to get the item of my reports. Thanks again for youe help!
  15. If you use the HIPAA letter, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you use the restrictive endorsement, otherwise the OC will simply forward the payment to the CA and the net result is a paid collection! (I learned this the hard way). I DID get lucky and have one OC pull the collection back and delete, but it was 1 out of 4. If you don't understand Why Chat's letter, go back and read it and the instructions again until you do!
  16. It's closed because I traded in the bike that loan was for and I have another loan for the new one. The loan in question is showing a pretty hefty balance (only made 3 payments on the note) and I thought any installment debt was better as "paid and closed" as opposed to showing a balance (for utilization or repayment risk?). I'm content to leave it, but if I can gain any FICO points, I'm tempted to try as I'm getting ready to purchase the building my business is in. Thanks for the quick reply.
  17. Hello again, This days question is about an installment account that has been closed since April, but is still reporting as open (not updated). The account is question is with HD credit which previously reported pretty quickly. I have the "paid in full" letter from them as well. My question: Do I write them directly and ask them to update with the CRAs, or do I send copies to the CRAs and ask them to do so? I do not wish to lose the positive TL, even as new as it is (12/04 - 3/04) every positive helps. Thanks to CB, I'm on my third Harley in a year and half's time (took a bit to find the right one!). Thanks to all, especially Pryan and Why Chat.
  18. That particular collection was an insurance error. For other ones, you might look in the Medical forum and search for Why Chat's HIPAA letter program among other ideas.
  19. This is a follow-up to my post in the medical folder.... I had a medical collection deleted with Why Chat's HIPAA letter on both TU and EX with the end result being my TU report being clean and my score jumping 98 points from 654 to 752! (yeah!!) Now to nuke the rest of those pesky meds (all paid, just need them off!) and I'll be in great shape. a big T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! to CB.
  20. UPDATE>>>>> Got my EX and TU investigations back, and one of the HIPAA letters worked! (this was the one that went to the CA before insurance...had the OC deadbang). Of course, because of my screwup with the endorsement, the others remain (have to go the DV route and try my luck). At least my TU report is finally clean Thanks again to all who've replied.
  21. Well, after much consideration, I'm going to try the HIPAA letter, only this time using the restrictive endorsement that I neglected to do on the others. (thanks for setting me straight on that, Why Chat)
  22. At this point I think it's moot... however, I'm looking into Florida's privacy laws in preparation for suit as they are much more restrictive than HIPAA, in addition to the HIPAA complaint process. The 30+5 day clock has almost run out.
  23. Alright...now I'm at my wits end here. I've been trying to clean up medical collections for the last 6 months now, and have little to show for the effort. Now yet another one to deal with. I had been contacted by a CA about a transport bill (helicopter flight) that totalled over 10K (after insurance). I requested proof that I owed this amount, and they told me "we'll send you a copy of the bill". A week goes by, I get another call asking what I plan to do about this, and I inform them I have not yet received any correspondence from them. I was told "oh, it was mailed out the day we spoke about it the last time" (uh,ok..then where is it?). I was then told to call them when I received the bill to make arrangements, yadda yadda yadda. I then contact the OC who informs me they no longer have the account and to direct inquiries to the CA. Further to this, they tell me if I pay them, they will simply forward payment to the CA. Today I pull EQ, and here's a brand new collection from said CA. (will this never end?). I have the money to pay, and am willing to do so, but now what to do? The HIPAA letter has worked for some people, but as of today has not for me. I'm getting the complaints, etc. ready for the final phase of that though, but that's another thread. My question is: what do I do now? Do I offer a PFD to this CA? (no more phone conversations, this I know). Do I try the HIPAA letter and maybe hopefully only get a PAID collection to show? (excuse the sarcasm). Or do I try the DV route? I'm sorry to sound so sarcastic, but this is getting out of hand. The only derogs I have on my reports are medical, it's not like I'm getting credit cards and charging up to the limit and walking away from my responsibility to pay. I'm truly frustrated with this, and it takes time away from my running my business to try and correct this stuff. For every step forward, I feel like I'm sliding back two. Anyway, what to do now? Anyone?

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