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  1. Commercial pesticides are not a myth. Honestly, grow your own if you can, as often as you can - and if you can't, try to source stuff from local suppliers, who are much easier to keep an eye on. If you can't do either of those things, you're best off buying organic. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than the alternative most of the time. Will you die if you eat commercially-grown produce which has been sprayed with who-knows-what kind of pesticides? No, of course not. But keeping as much of that stuff out of your system as possible is a good idea.
  2. I know, right? It's adding insult to injury. I had all these cute shoes, and none of them fit me anymore. On the bright side, I got to go out and buy all NEW cute shoes, so that didn't suck.
  3. My feet grew a 1/2 size too! The doctor was all "No high heels for you - 2" max. Your center of balance changes and it's just not safe anymore."
  4. +1... didnt he get sick @ sea a few seasons ago?? He did - I remember when they had him in the hospital. Awwww, Phil
  5. Exactly. I'd order them from a local florist this weekend, to make sure that your order gets in nice and early. The last-minute orders and the orders which come in from the 800-number operations tend to get the worst stock the florist has on hand. BTW, I love pink roses. I detest red ones. DETEST THEM. And baby's breath is tackalicious.
  6. Any time you mention gifts, you announce to the universe that you are somehow expecting them, which is ALWAYS rude no matter how "gently" it's worded. By the way, this includes a line requesting "no gifts". People will do what they do. Gifts are meant to be an expression of congratulations on the part of your well-wishers. You can register to be helpful with suggestions about what it is you might like to receive, but ultimately, it's the choice of the giver, not the receiver. You can't rethink generosity. As a host or part of the bridal couple, that's not your call to make
  7. There are those of us here who'd known John for years. Who laughed at his brashness and admired his outspoken nature. John was brave. He was brutally honest, both with himself and with everyone around him. And while that honestly occasionally caused him to be slammed with "oh my GOD, how DARE you" responses, he never backed down and apologized for telling his truth. I adored the man. Really adored him. John had the biggest heart, and never complained when life handed him a raw deal. He stayed optimistic in the face of some stuff that would have crushed almost anyone you could name.
  8. I'm dead in the middle - three children total. And while most of what's said about middle children personalities seems to make sense to me, I wonder whether this is a bit like astrology in that you tend to find enough similarities to yourself to convince you that the analysis is on target
  9. I love a miracle. I wish there was enough magic to go around to see thousands more of these miracles in Haiti.
  10. She and Craig T. Nelson were the best parts of that movie.
  11. Neen


    Aww, man, I love V8 too. It's like tomato juice on steroids. But check out the sodium content. It'll make your eyes spin right to the back of your head. And the low-sodium V8 just tastes nasty.
  12. I use these inserts, and they TOTALLY work: http://insolia.com/ LB, if you don't get those turquoise shoes, you and I have nothing more to say to one another. I feel THAT strongly about the thing.
  13. I agree. Echo, our relationship is off to an EXCELLENT start.
  14. Hey! An important public service reminder: I DETEST THE "ROLLING EYE" SMILEY. Remember? If you don't, now'd be a good time to recall that fact, because that stupid smiley causes more trouble than half the nonsense anyone around here talks.
  15. Crap. I have the one with two wolves. I knew I should have waited for the upgraded version.
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