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  1. Florida in August on purpose????? That's crazy talk. This weekend, I'm taking a quick trip up to Eugene, OR, with Squirrel. Memorial Day, we're taking a 3-day cruise with the kids to see how they like it (ultimate plan is for them to LOVE it so I can take them on longer cruises, and the H can no longer use their cruising inexperience to thwart me). I'm considering a Yosemite/Mammoth trip in June, to coincide with a race, maybe. I think that's it? We thought about Florida for the older kids, but the flights were just too expensive this summer. Lame. Memorial Day, we're
  2. Try the Courtyard Dupont Another suggestion is to stay in VA (Arlington, Alexandria) near a metro. Hotels are a bit cheaper and the metro is very easy to use. The metro offers a $14.00 one day pass.
  3. Nothing like watching folks do the "Cicada Swat Dance" . . . I believe the last time a species of Cicadas came to the DC area was back in 2007.
  4. I work with lawyers . . . so I'm pretty much a "babysitter"! I'm also a part-time maid . . . for free!
  5. And every once in a while, I'll pop in . . . Last time I posted, my daughter was in middle school . . . and playing AAU basketball. Fast forward, the chick is in high school. She's a freshman, made it on her school's varsity team. Was doing well, a couple local write-ups in the paper and then . . . she did a RG3! She tore her ACL and menicious (sp). Surgery was done last month and now rehab'ing. She'll be as good as new in September. The granddaughter is growing leaps and bounds too! She's 3 and a mess! Hope everyone is doing well!
  6. Since I have internal heat these days, I'm going with the 65 degree temp in the house. There are plenty of hoodies, sweatpants and blankets in the house if you need to warm up . .
  7. I'd like a do-over for the season's opener . . .Le Sigh Signed a NYGiants Fan
  8. No way in . . . I've been able to purchase jeans from Macy's for $25.00 and under . . . sale and coupon!
  9. 2 charged in death of Ala girl forced to run ATTALLA, Ala. (AP) — Roger Simpson said he looked down the road and saw a little girl running outside her home but didn't give it another thought. Police, however, said the man witnessed a murder in progress. Authorities say 9-year-old Savannah Hardin died after being forced to run for three hours as punishment for having lied to her grandmother about eating candy bars. Severely dehydrated, the girl had a seizure and died days later. Now, her grandmother and stepmother who police say meted out the punishment were taken to jail Wednesday and fac
  10. I haven't seen the tape but after reading this thread I've come to the conclusion. . . I wouldn't have shot the laptop, it would have just gotten "snapped" in half. Said laptop has internet service (that I pay for) which means I have every right to check and see what's going on. I don't care if it was a gift from me, dad, granny, auntie, etc., you still need that service to use said laptop. As for the permanent scar, I'm not buying it. . . my uncle whoop my tail in front of my entire 5th grade class in the school yard, because I did something I had no business. Am I scarred (sp?)
  11. automated UW will go off of the date listed in the credit report any time before the 2 year mark it will deny. Thanks for your response but I want to make sure I'm clear, lets say your name was removed from the title May 2009, is it fair to say you can start the pre-qualification process June 2013 or before?
  12. While reading this link yesterday, I have another question that pertains to Bk/Foreclosure purchase http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=483142 My question is if OP had started the clock to be eligible in June 2012, could they be prequalified in May and get actual loan in June or would they have to wait until July to start the process. Or, could they start the process in June? Just trying to get a clearer picture. Thanks.
  13. Hummm - always tricky when it comes to responsibility after a BK where the home was included - typically if you continue to make payments (reaffirmed or not) the mortgage is still viewed as your responsibility in the eyes of a new lender considering you for a mortgage - in this case not reaffirming likely will not matter - as soon as you go 30 days late you will be waiting 12 months to be eligible - if you walk from the home then it will start the clock for a foreclosure which is 3 years - I am afraid you are not going to be able to buy if you do not make the payment and sell the home - had yo
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