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  1. It has been quite some time since I have been on the boards. I am grateful for the information I learned here to get back on the right track with a defaulted student loan. Rehab really saved me and good my credit back on the right track! The problem that I am having now is that it is really depressing how high my outstanding balance is compared to the original amount I borrowed over 10 years ago. I wish in hindsight that I had never consolidated because I feel like I have so few options that don't just make things worse. I am wondering if there is anyway to go around AES and try to negotiate a lower settlement payoff from Suntrust directly? I feel like I just need to know what department to reach to try to have this conversation because using normal channels I am bound to get nothing but a bunch of No's Thanks in advance for any ideas
  2. A good explanation (directly from Experian) of the issues behind why there are so few resources and vendors to do what you want to do can be found here: http://www.experian.com/ask_max/max010709a.html I have checked into reporting rental history and owner financing mortgage history before. The rub is always that neither of us ever feels it's important enough to pay an extra monthly fee. If its worth it to you or your builder here's a few places to try. PRBC (Payment Reporting Builds Credit) http://prbc.com/main/about.php? Rent Reporters http://www.rentreporters.com/faqs.html We Report Rent http://www.experian.com/ask_max/max010709a.html
  3. Los, It is great to see you posting again!!! Things have not been the same without you. Glad to hear that life is settling down a bit for you. I don't know about others, but with the economy floundering I've pretty much just been maintaining what I have vs. actively pursuing anymore credit, but I'll add whatever two cents I can think of. no SSN/PG is pretty much a goner. HDMC is in fact history, and from what I can tell HD still hasn't lined up an alternative for Biz CC with the HD brand (Lowes has a new Amex though). Key's underwriting is moving to Elan from Citi so new KeyMC can still be had but they'll require a PG now (I gather from others posts that they may or may not actually pull personal credit depending on the strength of the biz credit they find). Citi still has CitiBusiness for sure (I can't speak to the others) and its definitely gonna be personal score driven. If you were gonna give in to any bank card Bank Atlantic would be a good starting point because of gracious credit lines and no interest starting promotions. I never felt a need for the Dell, and most of the newbies haven't figured out how to work the Dell process ever since Citi dropped out, thus there is not much recent experience to share. The constant is that CIT is quirky and phone verification is critical when you place your order or they'll shut your account down. no new HSBC BB accounts, but Costco is still alive and kicking. Despite all the prognostications that Equifax is bound to become bigger player in the Biz Credit arena it seems like the status quo is still in effect. GEMB and bank CC's seem to still be the only ones looking at or reporting to EQ for the most part. So EQ Biz files are still sparse, EXP Biz files are still incorrect (and it takes forever to get them to correct), and DnB is still just as slimy as usual and likely still the biggest player. DnB hasn't had to develop any new tricks because the same suckers in a rush to build Biz Credit files still fall for the old tricks :-) Don't have any clue about this one but would love to hear any info from someone. The only thing that has changed is that some of the traditional net 30's nowadays might want you to prepay your first order, but whether you prepay or bill to an account they'll still report. Staples isn't quite as easy as before, but for the most part if you have you DnB and EXP files in place, directory listing in place, and at least something reporting to your file it will be pretty easy to get. However, they will take at least 6 months before they'll ever report anywhere so its nothing to worry to much about unless you actually need the account. OD is still nominally harder that Staples. Once you get your credit files all setup it might not be a bad idea to start out with the usual net 30's and some gas cards Valero, BP, and Shell. Once those simmer you'd probably be best suited to keep us posted about what changes you notice compared to your last go around. We all know credit has restricted but I suspect that with a methodical approach you will still do fairly well with building. Hope to keep seeing you around!! Maybe some other older posters will come out of lurking mode :-)
  4. Be honest (i.e. you had a temporary financial hardship at the time the debt was originally incurred, or had hospital bills that were not manageable, etc.) and just keep it brief and to the point.
  5. Who is the they that sent him the statement of identity form? Sounds like it is a standard form not intended to cover this unusual circumstance.
  6. If I recall correctly I tried two different local banks (a CU and a Wachovia acct). I tried initially by submitted online and then the transaction failed a day or so latere. I tried again by phone with a different account, and when that transaction kicked out as well that's when I called back and found out about BA's policies. My experience was over a year ago, so maybe their policies have changed.
  7. I tried doing it to a debit card and that is how I found out about Barclay's policy. Though it does make sense that transfer to an HSBC debit card would be one loophole. Whats td? Good luck.
  8. Company specific and Bank Atlantic definitely will not do it. Citibank is the only one that I can confidently say that you would have no problem.
  9. I'm a Realtor. If you are truly a Realtor then YOU might want to start adhering to the Code of Ethics of Ethics and Standards of Practice in Article 15 and stop making reckless and misleading statements about the entire industry.
  10. CK reinsertion is one of those myths floating around. Yes, every once in a blue moon they have reinserted some of their own bumped inquiries, but I am not aware of an instance where it has caused bumps through other services to be impacted. Since its completely free I say why not add it to your bag of tricks.
  11. (1) Rehabbing a Student Loan that had been haunting me (2) Finally feeling like I had progressed enough in my rebuilding to drop kick HSBC, Orchard, and Hooters on New years eve! (3) Managing to hold on to my Chamu and Junami accounts amidst all of the credit fluctuations in 2009
  12. I am about to close out my HSBC credit card before the next annual fee is posted. I had debated holding on long enough to get my free CreditKeeper trial. Is it the same interface as Experian Triple Advantage? If so, I won't even waste my time.
  13. I also pulled yesterday and today. No change whatsoever for myself or my partner. Maybe you just had accounts that hit 2 year aging as of January or something that dropped off this month.
  14. Why are you considering doing a rapid rescore? Did some credit issues drastically change recently, or are you about to put an offer in on a home?
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