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  1. So glad this worked out. Thanks for sharing. These less traditional situations are far more common and complicated because there are lots of things to consider.
  2. Definitely find another lender. If your credit is as solid as you say, its just finding the lender to make it work. I switched jobs the day AFTER my lender FOUND ME! I knew the job change was coming. Same field. Educator. Just had to get paperwork the underwriter could process easily. I had no clue of the timing. Remember, the rules are the same, but lenders are free to add on THEIR individual extras.
  3. Quick update. Officially closed. Student loans were used as an excuse!! We IN HERE!!!
  4. Smart. How old are the debts? Are they reporting on EWS already?
  5. Thanks. I wish I had known that two years ago lol, but its amazing that I got my first $2000, then $5k, now a $7k. Will transfer a few balances and close Merrick. Could also do both Capital Ones. I'm looking for one card to exceed both, as I have two from Capital One and Credit One.
  6. Credit One got me with annual fees. I paid them off, but missed that payment. I was only late ONCE, but it didnt get to 30 days. Hope the best for you. Now, I'm going to check into upgrading both or combining both.
  7. How often do you upgrade your accounts? I find that every year or two, I need to look so I dont have bad terms with high limits. Those cards I just keep as dummy accounts that make my numbers look great, but I dont really use. Better to have it than not need it, than need it and cant have it OR get it.
  8. Discover is interesting. I like their service, their products, but I hate their secured card. Why? I had it for over FIVE years secured. I then *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*ed and complained (lack of better terms), so my card was unsecured. However, i could only go from $200 secure to $350 unsecured. Frustrated with credit limit requests that went NO WHERE, I closed the account. Two days later, I reapplied for the same card with better terms. Got INSTANT approved for $7000!!! 0% interest for first fifteen months too!!!! Look. I've been here since 2004, but I never knew what I know now, so I've got way WAY better tradelines. I refuse to get indebted the size of my annual income in credit cards. Keep going!!!
  9. UPDATE!! I close 9/9/22!!! Mortgage FICOs were 653, 641, 640 if I remember correctly. Rates are UP, but I still got 5/497. I'll look at refi because $122.360 onths is $44k.
  10. This one is dead too. Discover: 866-222-0536 (EO)
  11. Just used the 7866 number. Just remember that the application specialist is NOT the same as the Account Specialist. The account specialist wasnt able to get on the line OR they played the same game here. Just CSRs, not folks who can actually do anything.
  12. DAMN!!!! Its a whole different world today.
  13. It doesnt hurt to try. However, Chase may be telling you its changing and that change doesnt benefit you. ALWAYS keep additional financial backups.
  14. Thanks. I figured someone else might think the same. The down side of these forums. People come and go so quickly.
  15. Happy Saturday morning. I've been with this '22 Lincoln Corsair GT since January 21st. LFAS is my lender. 1.9% for that I am FOREVER grateful for the savings. However, their website is TRASH!!! I pride myself on keeping track of things electronically, but it seems the only way to reach the website to see ANYTHING about the loan is to use the app on my phone. It may not really matter much, as I have auto pay set up with my credit union, but still I like the access. Has anyone else experienced this? What workaround did you find?
  16. I have an Excel sheet. I also setup bill pay in my credit union so I just usually do it all there. Apps help too.
  17. When you get an account under 'duress' (bad credit terms), always go back and have those holds or restrictions removed. I couldnt mobile deposit with Penfed because that restriction was on due to my Chexstatus.
  18. My point in mentioning it is that they can work with someone despite a BK. The repo was done the day the payment processed... that's not fair.
  19. Thanks. I'll definitely check. The equity makes the house have a lower loan to value amount, which usually means lower interest and can even be a tipping point when other things are borderline.
  20. I put them in Bk twice.. I'm forever DONE with Santander if I can help it. They repossessed a car with an active payment arrangement on it. Of course, its no longer on my credit. there are so many other options.
  21. Point taken. I always tell my coaching clients to do the numbers. My 1.9% at 60 months costs less than 3.9 at 72 months, but the savings on 1.9% at 36 months is negligible for me. $800 total saved with payments $200 higher a month? lol. I'll take 60 months and pay off other stuff. Use credit, but dont get in-debted unnecessarily.
  22. WOW!! Well damn... Puts the slow credit unions at an advantage, UNLESS they have the best deal by a lot.
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