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  1. Yes it is. I have until the 30th to cancel it if I can find another option. GapDirect only goes 72 month. GEICO does not offer gap/loan pay off coverage. Their rate is almost $80 less than Progressive or any other quote to get it. That makes the $18 better. Ally lowered the monthly payment to $684.06 and the rate went down to 6.64.
  2. Congrats!!! I got in the 700 club on Equifax. Others are still mid 600s from the mortgage pull. Had no clue of the Equifax from the mortgage score. Still pushing.
  3. 1. Yes 2. Maybe 3. Maybe. I would go back to WF to see if the pay for delete is possible. 4. Many banks.
  4. Thanks MarvBear. Quick question. Is GapDirect legit for gap? It says $240 for 36 months of coveage. I'm budgeting $400 x2 each month so I figure I will be done with gap in 36 months. That $1433 financed is an additional $1800 almost.
  5. I just got approved through Ally. $45k@ 6.89%. 84 months. $690 is the payment. Had $7700 negative equity.
  6. Hey everyone. Just a quick update. I had three approvals to work with for a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve. The first, Capital One, wanted $11k down, although I only had $6717/7717 in negative equity. The second, American Acceptance Credit & the old lienholder, wanted $1774 down, then $813/month due to 24.10% interest. You know I told them no. Well, the third approval came from MarvBear's advice. Thanks for the years of saying if the situation is NOT cut and dry, let the F&I guy do his thing. THING he DID!! I went for a brand new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Reserve II. $35k was asking price vs $50k msrp. Had I been financed with Ford/Lincoln, I would have received an EXTRA $1000. So, Ally Financial financed me with $1500 down. $668 is the car note. 6.89% interest. In THIS case, buying new was better than used. It only had 26k miles, but even new, this was the best deal. Plus, I have a lifetime powertrain warranty. Yes, I purchased GAP for $1433. I rolled it into the loan for $22/month. My credit unions turned me down, even after the manual consideration. One credit union counted my student loans against me, even though Covid has forced ALL student loans into deferment. I even have documentation about the old and new payment. OH WELL!! Odd part is EQ 711 EX 667 TU 667 from what I've seen. I'll get an official MyFICO later. Couldnt get rid or sockdrawer any cards yet. I will wait until after the house. Overall, the $493 old car note with $690 new car note amounts to about 4% increased DTI. I believe I am now at 32% with rent and car note PLUS student loans.
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Thanks for the feedback that credit has tightened. I foresee that things will get more challenging with Corona and its effects in the second wave. Hence, the urgency to see what's going on and make the best move for me. The new car note estimates are only $100 more per month. but the FAR lower interest rate (8-12%) is what I saw with Capital One. Few updates: 1. I got preapproved for up to $35k with Capital One. 2. I'm also aware of the possibility of refinancing for the lower interest rate. July 1st is 5 years after BK7 discharge date. 3. I am more keenly aware that at 98k miles, I only have 2k more miles for hybrid system warranty too. NACA does not use a credit score for the mortgage.
  8. Have 2017 Fusion Hybrid Titanium. Love it. Owe $15800, but worth maybe $10500 after 14 months at 28% interest. Now, I want to upgrade to MKZ Hybrid... Escape Hybrid was nice but can't get cooled front seats. I found cars at $21-24k. Found new at $34k. Score should be close to 700 on July 1. I paid $3000 on credit cards this month. The online calculators say $40k at 5% 84 mo is better than $28k at 15% for 72 months. Id rather NOT go brand new as two MKZ hybrids had less than 15k miles on them. Whats going on in the Auto credit world? I'm thinking Capital One and Ford would pick me up easy. I'm $65k/yr. I don't mind driving to buy out of state if necessary. I'm about to buy a house too.
  9. So i went into Walmart about three weeks ago, maybe four. Instead of Woodforest National Bank, in its place was Fort Sill National Bank. No credit check is what was stated. The account has a $10.95/month fee on it though, but again, its better than the prepaid cards!!!
  10. Yes Renasant is AWESOME! I just had a jackbut Bank Manager.
  11. OH wow. Sorry to hear. Woodforest may be another option. Any clue whats on your reports? I owe nothing over $1000 and all of it is at least two years old. I did get approved and remained open with Wells Fargo.
  12. Consumers Credit Union is awesome!!!

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