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  1. So i went into Walmart about three weeks ago, maybe four. Instead of Woodforest National Bank, in its place was Fort Sill National Bank. No credit check is what was stated. The account has a $10.95/month fee on it though, but again, its better than the prepaid cards!!!
  2. Yes Renasant is AWESOME! I just had a jackbut Bank Manager.
  3. OH wow. Sorry to hear. Woodforest may be another option. Any clue whats on your reports? I owe nothing over $1000 and all of it is at least two years old. I did get approved and remained open with Wells Fargo.
  4. Consumers Credit Union is awesome!!!
  5. wait denied for the regular account or denied for the freshstart? I have the U2 fresh start checking.
  6. I got turned down for First Commonwealth, PNC, and Affinity Federal Credit Union due to Chexsystems, but Wells Fargo also approved me for the REGULAR checking in branch, not the opportunity/second chance account. Shall update later. Will close the Woodforest, as their procedures arent the same and even the Wells second chance is better because you can avoid the $10 monthly fee.
  7. I got approved through One United Bank for Checking. $100 deposit via debit card, $12 monthly fee, but its a REAL account with mobile banking, mobile check deposit, and more. its an online bank.
  8. I applied last night. This morning I get the email the decline is due to Chexsystems!!!! I need to order a report anyway, including EWS, Clarity, and and Telecheck.
  9. Woodforest has changed. It is still a solid second change account, but NOW its six months before deposits are not on an extended hold...
  10. Do not forget One United Bank. Its in LA. I'd lawyer up on Kinecta.
  11. I got approved Feb 21 fo 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium. Originally told $1000, but only had to put $200 down. Not mad at the high interest rate. Got my Experian Fako up to 648, FICO said 604. Cant refi. Got preapproved, but the repo from June 2018, I assume, is REALLY hurting me. Paying off old debts less than two years and just rebuilding. Decided to double my income and pay it off early. Yes, its high, but with two repos from June 2018 to January 2019..., Sometimes we just have to SUCK IT UP!!!!
  12. Just tried PNC, as the Woodforest account at $12 a month is a big high. I already have multiple accounts, but want a local branch option. Once I pay Georgia's Owncredit union back, I can reapply with them. PNC declined. Have to look at EWS report.

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