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  1. Sorry. Lied about having the grants and stuff for the Teacher Next Door. They didnt apply to me. They were also adding on $4k in origination, points, and other fees that were supposed to be much lower. It broke my heart, but the other program was better, even if I have to jump through a few more hoops. I'll update until its done. I look forward to seeing the Navient private loan suit update. I surely have THREE of them. I've been paying $485/month since 2021, but if that goes away, then I'm looking MUCH better saving that big of a payment each month.
  2. Quick Update. Peoples Mortgage lied. I have no problem sharing that I am W2. with 1099 income, and high student loan debt. The 1099 income went against me, so now pay off $10k in debt... nah. The website has grants and down payment assistance programs that just "happened" to not apply to me. Also, I was charged $4k despite getting to the NEXT higher score bracket. At least now the Federal student loan payment is there, the car I have is going back and the new payment will be lower, PLUS, Navient loans are being canceled. I hope mine are included in it.
  3. Quick update.... I found TWO lenders willing to do the work. One is Peoples Mortgage for their teacher program and another First Bank Mortgage. The first is an FHA with PMI. The second one, with a loan officer I know of from a far, is a conventional with NO PMI. I had to submit a letter of explanation because it includes a $5000 grant. He says he gets 50 inquiries a week lol. I will update everyone next week. No close possible before the end of the year without a miracle.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Once I get an appraisal, I'll be in a better position.
  5. Quick update. I also tried Patelco. I used to bank with them YEARS ago. The last account i paid in 2020 has got to come off first next year. Oh well.
  6. lol. That's the reason Discover is on my nah uhn list.
  7. I believe mortgage rates are going to rise. My preapproval, both of them, are 4.125%, but one does NOT have PMI attached, so will I wait a few weeks to finish qualifying for that one? Yes, I surely will. I just want to close by 12/31/21.
  8. Hey everyone. Just a quick update. People's Mortgage has the teacher program. Also, First Bank Mortgage has a program called FirstBankForward.
  9. Peoples Mortgage has a teacher program. My backend DTI was up to 55.6%, but I need 20k less than approved for. I will keep everyone updated. Said 4.125. Score dropped to 630, but it will be back up by the 20th.
  10. I agree. However, the fact that NO does manual review is what got me. So I found a teacher program. Today I was told I was prequalified AFTER underwriting already looked at it. I will keep everyone updated.
  11. Thanks you all. I know some replies are crazy and off-topic because there is so much you DONT know, but please do not assume anything. I am NOT in PSLF. I am in IBR. Total debt outside of student loans is only my car, credit cards, and the personal loan I got for surgery. $500k IS a lot, but after payments (NOT PSLF), the balance is forgiven as income. I'm a business owner too, but I'm only using W2 money. I went back to the teacher program I went through last year AND I will submit to Justice, since the underwriters are giving me so much love. Will update soon. Goal is to close BEFORE 2021 ends. Also, I have a 3 year lease with a price lock. if I dont close by month 18, I pay $179k vs $172k. not the end of the world, but $1505 rent is high.
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