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  1. You arent entitled to them deleting the information because its actually YOUR fault, not theirs. If you go to them demanding, citing legal stuff, then it can backfire on you too.
  2. TRUTH!! I am unsure why people believe the credit can be trashed over YEARS and they still figure it should be fixed in minutes. The other thing is that those three tradelines may not have any activity. $0 balances dont always look good IF the account isnt used and closes out.
  3. Credit cards, like any product in a financial relationship, should progress and provide more benefits as you become a better financially. cv91915 is RIGHT. Once you are out the dumps of the starter cards, you SHOULD have some benefits.
  4. Thanks tmcgill. I appreciate that reminder. Inquiries dont matter to me when in upgrade. I HAD to get out of the restart/rebuild accounts. Cant avoid the new inquiries. I'm now bigger on relationship, so since they gonna use my money to MAKE money, I'm gonna use them to save and make money too. No more monthly fees waived by balance or direct deposit. I only have a few direct deposits a month. Its not work the extra running around to transfer money, so Wells Fargo two checking accounts will be shut down. Yes, they have national access, but $20/month is insane.
  5. Hey everyone. Just a quick update. I know its an old thread, as this is NEVER an easy process. So, I got my final mortgage decline today. I now know that in order for me to get a mortgage today, I've got to do far more than the bare minimum. I had the middle mortgage FICO 670 vs 620. I have sub 40% DTI when adjusted for my student loans, as they still do not report accurately. I think they report quarterly, not monthly, but I'll check. I even had the numbers run with up to 20% down for a conventional mortgage. None of that mattered, as i still did not get the final underwriting approval
  6. I hear you. I need a mortgage broker too.
  7. Quick update: Not only did i get Langley, but I also got Justice FCU and Capital One. I already have CCs, so solidify the relationship for greater benefits later on. I am waiting on Citizens Trust Bank, a local one. I was declined last month, but it was before the unpaid account fell off chexsystems. First Tech FCU is taking its SWEET time processing, so Im not worrying about it. I currently have: WFx2, Pen Air FCU, Pentagon FCU, Justice FCU, NASA FCU, OneUnited Bank, Capital One, USAA, Langley FCU. Why so many new accounts? Wells Fargo will probably go, as I dont pr
  8. I did get approved at Langley Federal Credit Union. Totally free account. Waiting on Justice FCU. Might go back to Georgia United.
  9. $254k forbearance? Wow. But Im $482k, so I had to come out. I also am not able to put down 20%. Wonder what your FICO scores were.
  10. HSBC does not do prequalify/preselect anymore.
  11. So I put myself BACK in chexsystems in 2016. That account, which I will not continue to pay on, falls off 6/16/21. I'm sending the letter a couple days early. The same way Im upgrading my credit partners, I also upgrade my banking partners. I dont qualify for Navy Federal. Any other good credit unions with shared branching Im missing out on? Its all about rewards, loan products, and perks with EVERY account. I could add ONE more outside of DCU. I started off with NASA FCU. I also added two w/PenAir FCU. Then, two w/Wells Fargo. Pentagon Fed added me back in 2016, but I
  12. Yes I believe you are mortgage material, but you've got to get your student loans to report on the CREDIT as in repayment. Be prepared for 5% down. Get your cards down to 10% or less utilization to maximize your scores.
  13. Thanks. Im definitely using it more.
  14. Great @cleverpronoun. Thanks for sharing. Im killing off Merrick Bank. The $1100 limit is more than Discover, but Merrick will NEVER offer better terms. Once I close on the house, its gonna be closed and PERMANENTLY sent to the sockdrawer.
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