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  1. I think you are light on your guestimate. $30k+/- will get a two car garage. Best to add another $30k-$40k to get that list of 2nd floor rooms added in.
  2. You can get a $25k signature loan from a CU on your cell phone pretty much instantly these days.
  3. So....do tell....what was the major repair? The suspense is killing me....
  4. What is the major repair that you assume needs a permit?
  5. Let's get some questions rolling: What do you intend to do with this land? Are you allow to build on it? (zoning) Can you build on it? (physically possible) No utilities....has the site been approved for on-site septic service? (perc test) Are you able to get water via utilites or well?
  6. FHA appraisals require the apprasier to report if the 'utilities are on and functional'. Turn on sink, flush toilet, engage furnace/ac. If they don't work or if you don't feel safe turning them on (you are not expected to turn water on at the street and then test the faucet or engage the main breaker, for example), then call for inspection.
  7. That's an odd little product. What can you do in a year? Flip perhaps? I would check your loan papers and see if it says they can pull your credit since you only have 12 months to pay it off. You may have signed without knowing.
  8. Good idea. PSECU, for example, will give up to $30k unsecured instantly with payments of $400 a month. And of course you need to be clean and employed.
  9. As an appraiser, we simply report what is there. We do not make the call or decide if the property conforms to the rules. With this report information in hand provided by the appraiser, the FHA 'person' (underwriter I would assume) makes the final call on how to move forward, if applicable. Please note: It is not the appraisers scope of work, or job, to provide you with documentation from the state as noted below. -------------------------- 3. Abandoned Well A letter may be obtained from the responsible authority in the state government stating that the subject well w
  10. The appraiser will simply report what is there, that the gas well is 200 ft from your home and have zero decision on the loan or underwriting calls. It's nice that the appraiser is contacting the operating company, well above the course of normal business. FHA 'person' will make the final call. You will need additional documentation to support what you said above.
  11. You could ask the appraiser to do an 'as-is' report with a 'subject to' valuation included. While not a complex assignment, expect to pay more for this report as it requires more work (ie multiple sets of comparables). Like Brian said, the lender/bank cannot use the results or report for lending purposes (intended use/intended users). Funny thing, you will probably pay less for this type of 'personal' report than you would when you apply for a loan and get an appraisal from an AMC. Good luck with real estate. Over a decade in and I still haven't seen it all.
  12. Well we know your balance and we know what the world wide interweb thinks your home is worth, but we are missing two important things: When did you purchase your home? What was the purchase price vs. the amount financed? (did you put any money down) ------------------- One could assume your downpayment was minimal, if any, due to the required PMI. Another assumption would be you just purchased the home, due to your PMI payoff calculation, perhaps less than a year ago. Too many unanswered questions.
  13. There are a couple dozen question that will perhaps solve your problem. I will ask two: Are they really 'mobile' homes? Details about year built, building code, make/manufacturer. Do they have different 'tax parcels'? One deed can have multiple parcels and individual parcels can be on individual deeds.
  14. Is this $8,000 short on a $50k house or $8,000 short on a $250k house? You know the builder would like to take his family on a two week vacation with that extra $8,000....... Stand your ground op.
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