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  1. Read the Auto Forum here, including past posts, ask MarvBear lotsa questions and check out the stickies. You might not understand them right now, but later, at the dealership it will all come together. My scores were 640 TU, 620 EX and 615 EQ. If my util was lower, I am sure I could have gotten a better rate and if my CLs were higher with lower util. I'll post a pic as soon as I can.
  2. Marv, You are a gem! Your sage advice and insight made us sound intelligent about car buying when actually we were not looking forward to even stepping on the lot -- we downed a pan of southern walnut brownies before we went the day before , that's how wrecked our nerves were. Thankewwwww
  3. Got a new '04 Outlander (Rio Red) for $16k less $3500 rebates ($2000 rebate/$1500 customer loyalty cash) and $2k down @14.9% interest. Autoenhanced FICO was 565 on EX, 601 on TU. We plan on refinancing after the two years ... MarvBear was invaluable , assisted us through the thick of it. We followed absolutely everything here on CB and the F&I guy told us that he could see "we knew our game" and let us actually see the F&I software he was using, printed us out a copy of the F&I screen snapshot, let us see some of the dealer sheets for the maker so that we could see he wasn't lying or trying to scam us on rebates, loyalty cash (we were hardcore -- there was no "hee-hee, ha-ha's" pokerface all the way) until the deal was done. However, the F&I manager wasn't so happy he did all that at first, but later came around and told us who he absolutely knew who would approve us and the pros and cons of each approval! In the beginning: our salesman attempted to throw a crippled zebra at us: a loaded '04 Diamante with 'problems'. As the salesman was backing out of the parking spot so that we could test drive, we could hear probs with the car big time(everytime it moved it sounded like a creeking mattress over a microphone). Inside it was absolutely loaded, leather package, heated seats, moonroof, 6 disk CD changer, lumbar control 8 different ways & memory, temperature control driver/passenger, power everything, alarm etc. Wanted $18k, champagne beige. Asked the salesman to run a CarFax and he runs one and smugly passes it to us. We read and under the history we see, "rental vehicle for a major rental car company". We read the words out loud, the salesman squinted, mouth dropped open and he dropped his head and almost lost consciousness. He regained his composure and then 'attempted' to explain that "rental vehicle" didn't mean that it had been used for that purpose for the general public (uh, yeah...) but for us it explained the terrible strut and break problem and then after looking at the AS IS warranty pasted on the window, labor and parts were to be split 50/50 between the dealer and customer; car had over 25k miles on it and about 10k miles left on the limited warranty so we figure add another $1500 or so for the struts, rotors, etc. and the price goes up to about $19.5k for what we could actually 'see'. Who knows what else was wrong with this rolling titanic. We are FINALLY out of the rental car!! We are signing the papers after work. Thank you CBBBBBBBBB!
  4. DH's Orchard has not reported since Sept. My HH CC is up to Oct.
  5. Applied. BK given as reason for decline. Same here. HBSC is not BK Friendly -- I was declined for the HH-trio for that reason specifically. Maybe if BK is much older 2-5 years, but not 1 year post BK.
  6. javaowl

    Credit Approved

    Name of institution: Union Plus Approved/denied: Denied Score: 618 Credit limit: N/A CRA pulled: EQ State: California Name of institution: Corvette Card Approved/denied: Denied Score: 618 Credit limit: N/A CRA pulled: EQ State: California Name of institution: GM Extended Family Approved/denied: Denied Score: 618 Credit limit: N/A CRA pulled: EQ State: California Asked CSR for reason she said "BK filed, judgments". BK discharged 7/2003; 2 tax liens IIB, marked paid/released as of 7/2003. All TLs marked IIB. CSR even said that unless those are errors they could not approve. :oops:
  7. Do any of the credit cards have credit protection/account protection that picks up your payments when you become unemployed? You might wanna check your statements. If you have it there should be a small charge on there for that and the type of coverage (RadioShack: Chargegard; Target: Safetynet, etc.) . At least your CC payments could be kept up-to-date until cash starts coming in.
  8. I need to wait a few more months, yes? Nevermind, got my answer :oops:
  9. Same thing happened here. TU updated all at once, not as they come in -- EX has updated as the responses come in.
  10. Go Christie, Go Christie! Now you're cellular, now you're cellular! Canyou hearmenow? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?
  11. Thanks....but actually I am a mod over at LS1.com, and I am already a member at LS2.com. Sassy, thanks for zapping that pic for me, I cant believe I didnt notice that... I also wanted to say thanks to all that have helped me along the way to getting this car. Its nice to find a place where we can all help each other to better serve ourselves... Thanks again to all!! BTW - the giraffe is pissed b/c he doesnt fit, and its a 2 seater :wink: Verbeek, SCHWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! That car just is plain spankin' :8) Now, about the giraffe ... he's union ... if he doesn't ride, no one rides, capeche? Just a heads up Congratulations~
  12. DH does this all the time! Including checking windows, patio doors, iron and computer.

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