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  1. I live in Austin and know the bank location where it happened. I still can't believe he used a scooter though and got away for a bit. You have to use an app on your phone to operate these. He probably had a debit or credit card. What's in his wallet? LOL.
  2. How hard was it to recon this app? I am really interested to get in with Citi for the future. Please advise.
  3. WestCoastKid, What kind of scores and baddies did you have when you obtained the Citi Secured card? I had always heard in the past it was a card for building credit not rebuilding so I'm curious if that has changed? Thanks for the post BTW.
  4. Capital One is actually an option if it's been well over a year since your account charged off. You can apply for the Platinum card labeled as Fair credit and if you don't meet that one they may offer the secured option. Or you can apply straight away for the secured one.
  5. I just did an immediate transfer back and forth from my Wells Fargo, Chase, and Capital One all instant. This does work. I love technology.
  6. That might be assuming you sign up with Zelle on the Zelle website using the same email address in that case yes. You sign up with Zelle through the bank not with Zelle directly. You use a different email address which is the only way to differentiate a different Zelle account etc. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Yes. I did the same and was approved. I will keep Chex frozen for the time being until I can get items either removed or showing as paid.
  8. I have confirmed that you can pay yourself using Zelle using multiple banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One, etc. You create multiple email addresses and sign up with each bank using the email as the contact such as example: mechase@, mewells@ or whatever your heart desires. You then verify all the information required to link the accounts. Payment is instant and just as if you were paying someone else. Why do this instead of just transferring from another bank? I like instant things. I keep my money in a few different accounts for reporting purposes as they are from different jobs. If I want to pay a bill but don’t have enough money in one account I can just do this and boom it’s there. It does mark a note that the money came from the user name on the account so it’s obvious it’s not new income. I just thought I would share if anyone was interested in doing the same.
  9. So I’m back again repairing and rebuilding. I confirmed that I applied for a Capitalone 360 Checking account over 2 months ago and they denied me because of Chex. I do have a few negative credit union accounts on there. I froze Chex last night and re applied. I was immediately approved but said I had to call before account was officially open even though I received an email saying approved with last four digits of new account number. They just asked if I was a previous victim of identity theft and I agreed because I have. I have no default history with any major banks that use EWS btw.
  10. Can they demand full balance owed on auto loan because I defaulted on credit card? Or attach balance when auto is paid off?
  11. Can they demand full balance owed on auto loan because I defaulted on credit card? Or attach balance when auto is paid off?
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