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  1. Well I'm just going to prepare you. I tried cancelling by email and they wouldn't let me. They said I had to call!!
  2. That's good news. Is the check usually cashed or just held?
  3. Great points. For myself, we gave them 3%. Yes it's a lot, AND their house has been on the market for a year. However, they've also had 2 failed escrows, and also, because of our short escrow, our earnest money isn't really in any danger of being taken from us. So, we felt safe with the 3% and felt that the owners would realize we were very serious with that much and be 100% okay with a fast escrow. So far, all is going well. We should close next week. Thank you for your input!
  4. My husband is actually acting as our buyer's agent. He is a commercial real estate agent, but he's licensed in residential, too. He's a great negotiator and people-person. We've been pre-approved for an FHA. I don't know if it's a strong pre-approval, though. I'm trying to get in for as little as possible. Is the earnest check applied to closing? Or is it just another added expense for us? Thank you DLG.
  5. My husband & I are most likely making an offer on our 1st home within the next week. The homes we've been looking at for the past 1-2 months have not sold, so it doesn't seem like there will be much competition from other buyers. What is an appropriate amount to give as earnest money? We're probably going to offer 190,000 on a 199,900 listing. This is in Texas - Missouri City or Sugar Land. Is earnest money alwyas necessary? If it sounds like I have no clue what I'm talking about, that would be correct.
  6. magnolia


    Are class action suits ever filed against these CA's?
  7. I think she's great! I love YB&F. It was such an easy read and very interesting. It motivated me to get my sh** together. I actually found this board by someone recommending it on Suze's YF&B board.
  8. magnolia


    That's why I just logged on. I got the same alert and freaked out! What in the world is going on???
  9. magnolia


    Oh and last 12-24 months credit looks pretty good. It's the older junk that's bringing down our scores.
  10. magnolia


    There can be some alternatives to FHA depending on your scenario...can you tell us more about your information. Well, my husband's mid-FICO is 560 and mine is around the same. Gross income: 6500/month Payments to car loans and IRS: 661/month We have $5700 in savings but will have at least $10000 within the next couple of months. We've been looking at houses 190,000-200,000. Is that the kind of info you're looking for? Thank you!
  11. magnolia


    Hi y'all. Just starting out learning about mortgages. We are looking to buy our first home and I think we'd qualify for FHA. Do you recommend it? I was going to start researching it all this weekend but figured I'd ask you guys first.
  12. Interesting. I'll look into it. Texas seems to have some really good laws so here's hoping! Thank you.
  13. I understand your reluctance, but can't he leverage that relationship to get stuff done? That's what I was thinking. After getting past the humiliation part, he actually did email the CEO and she asked the director of admissions to help him out. (Admissions is where they take care of all the financial stuff) The director wasn't sure if it could be done. He has called his "guy" at the CA and is waiting to hear back from him. I'm hoping but not feeling too encouraged since he wasn't sure. So I'm looking into other ways while we're waiting to hear, just in case.
  14. Thank you for the advice. I was reading about the HIPAA process, but I really don't feel comfortable sending a legal letter to the hospital. My husband works with many people there, including the CEO, and values that relationship highly. I feel so conflicted!
  15. I am not an authority -0 just learning myself, but I believe it has something to do with either being "assigned" the debt, as in "Help us collect this for a fee" or whether the debt is bought by the CA and the OC writes it off as uncoollectable - taking what thay can fropm the purchase to the CA. I am sure someone will tell me if I am right or wrong... When I go to the hospital's bill pay system on their website, it lists my account and gives the option to pay right there on their site. I guess I just need to find out what would happen if I pay it that way. I'm wondering who I should talk to that would really know and it wouldn't be a guess. It seems like so many CSR's give you an answer that they think should be right but don't really know.

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