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  1. I still can't get a GLI with them.... Haven't had one since December 2008 or somewhere around that time last year... Called and the CSR told me yesterday that credit times have changed and that Macys pulls credit rept now on GLI ... Im calling BS but someone clarify please. And to clarify credit has changed... For the better since I got the card.
  2. They upgraded me in my 2nd or 3rd month..... Not a single thing since.. Have had the card over a year now, like most said they are weird when it comes to that... I saw it listed on my bill... It's a nice little blurb like Hooters does... Since your good pay history we have upped your limit by blah blah blah.
  3. This is the type of response you might get on a continual basis if your external report (Experian, 99.99 % of the time) won't justify a Guide Line increase. What is your EXP report like? Any idea what your EXP FICO score was before they stopped selling it? EXP FICO was 611 in Jan. 2009... That is the last time that I had pulled my FICO prior to last month. I know that when I got the card my EXP FICO was only in the low 500's. Never been late either.
  4. I don't get Macys...... I have had the card almost 2 years now, and have only qualified for the GLI a few times. I was told to call every 3 months. I do and I started with $200 and every time (4 times now) they have only bumped me $100 at a time. I called the other day and they said sorry you are at $600 which is high and to try back in 6 months. I wanted to laugh at the person when they said it was high. What am I doing wrong? I pay my bill obviously monthly on time, and almost in full. When I say almost, I mean that I usually have a balance of $25-$50. I use the card ummmm weekly if not every other week. I will even buy something as little as the Earth Friendly bags that they sell so that I am using it, I will but Makeup or a shirt or something. Any advice?
  5. Yes, they are a current creditor that doesn't report to our credit. They have NEVER pulled our reports since we first started the loan 3 years ago. They don't report to our credit they say, they only report if you default on the loan with them... Its in house financing.
  6. Yes the 1 inquiry does mean something to me, I am working on fixing and cleaning up my credit. And the baddies that are showing on my report are all paid collections, they are still bad, and every single one are MEDICAL. The 1 inquiry that is driving me nuts , is the fact that my husband is fixing to do a huge business deal and the bank is going to be pulling our credit within the next week or two for financial reports. He owns his own business. No disrespect taken Venus.
  7. Its is the exact same name as the lot, and even has their phone number listed with it.
  8. Loan has not been paid off. Still paying on the loan. Have not ever been late. Matter of fact we pay 2 weeks early every single payment, because that is how it works with our budget. We live in Texas if that makes any diff.
  9. A few years ago hubby and I were in a bad spot credit wise. Being naive we went to a buy here pay here lot. Yes the did pull credit to do the "in house financing" thing. NO the loan doesn't appear on our credit and is never reported. They say that they only report if you default on the loan. Out of no where I and hubby get a inquiry the other day from them. 1. Can they do this? 2. How can they do this? Remember the loan isn't reported to our credit it is buy here pay here. 3. What grounds do we have? They say that they didn't pull our credit, and that they don't know why it is showing up. Yes its a hard not a soft. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  10. I could have sworn that I was denied when I had applied about a month ago, and well..... I checked my mail today and I have it... No I dont remember if I got the denial letter in the mail.
  11. I did the binder as well with tabs for each CRA for my credit reports, and then tabbed out the individual creditors. I put paper in the front as well of each of the creditors tabs so that I would have a place to write notes etc... Good luck on your journey! Most inportantly find a method that you are comfortable with and you can follow and know where your stuff is.
  12. The Paypal part is very eye opening to me..... I myself have not had anything charged on my accounts, but I did close down the accout that was linked to my paypal account a few weeks ago after deciding that it was time to just close it... Since closing the account that was linked to my paypal account and not even issuing another account to that yet, I have had daily fruad emails about my paypal account stating that a new emial has been added to my paypal. After the final email yesterday ( I got 2 of them) I decided that I would just close my paypal account and be done with the scams that are floating around right now and not have to deal with it anymore.
  13. Thank you, I found the address on the BBB too. But can this company do this to us?
  14. OK, so my DH gets a call a few weeks ago on his bosses cell phone from this JDB the OC is from Wells Fargo they claim. DH has NEVER used or even given out that cell number much less his. They also said that the debt is for a check that was just mailed to my DH and he cashed it. He does not ever rember this happening. He did have a debt on his credit report from Wells Fargo and its since come and gone. He didnt really mess with things till I came along and started helping him with it. He did tell the JDB to never call those numbers again and that he nees something in writing to even prove that is his debt. He made to many calls and received to many callsto remember who it was and the number was gone for me to research it. Anyways this was listed on his credit report that I have dated 03/2006. Ok the trade line reads as such: Wells Fargo Financial date opened 03/2000 amount $1300 items as of date reported 12/2002 date of last activity 03/2000 Upon checking credit this am I see that they have done an inquirey. Not listed item on credit just the inquiry so far. So they call just 10 minutes ago and tell me that they are going to research bank records, verify employment and take us to court if I dont pay this debt of my husbands. I told him first off don't threaten me, I don't know what you are even talking about and if you want money you need to send me something showing that my DH even owes you money. I then asked for the address of the company and he said why do you want it, I said again can I please have your address, he said NO! OMG.. I said fine, I would like to talk to your supervisor, he said to the person next to him it sounded like hey you want to talk to this person they want a super.... She got on the phone I heard a loud beep in my ear and she rambled off address and hung up on me. I had to finally look it up on the BBB since she said it so dang fast. What do we do now. This is obviously out of SOL. I am sending out a DV today. Any other options? I do live in Texas and this is over 7 years right? Last I checked the SOL was 4 years, and the 7 year mark was up ummmm in March of 07....lol correct me if I am wrong please. Dont need my bank account being taken away

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