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  1. I like them for their occasional balance transfer offers with 0% interest for 12 months and NO transfer fees! Also great for high credit limits like others said.
  2. does that mean I apply to Honda and they send my request to many other lenders? Do I get one credit hit for that?
  3. Are you saying to not apply for my own outside loan before going to dealership? I was planning to do that for leverage as I have a score above 800 and should get the best rate. 10 years ago I got my own loan and at the first dealership I told them straight away because I thought that was the thing to do. They seriously actied in a way that they did not want to sell me a car. took me to a car and the salesman drove it and when I asked to drive it he said he could not allow that due to insurance reasons, nobody ever test drives because cars are new and they know car is good, etc. Now I know not to mention I have my own financing until I negotiate with their financing. thanks for the help. I think you helped me 10 years ago on that car, still driving it for now. I got many results as well but you need to click on each result individually to see details. before it showed up as a list showing details of creditor, location, score, CRA and whatever comments the user made.super easy that way to get info I needed then I could search the page if needed.
  4. Thanks. The old way that creditpulls gave results would have been helpful for this but they change the way it displays.
  5. Thanks! I've been on this site since January 2007 and I must thank you and other for the large amount of help I got to get my credit in order so I could 1) Navigate bankruptcy 2) Do bankruptcy clean up of my credit 3) re-establish credit 4)re-build credit 5)Get into graduate school where at the open house the financial aid rep said "If you have bad credit this is not the school for you." It was medical school and above average price but I got in and wife was working so we managed it. Only did government loans. 5) Fixed wife's credit 6)Own a home and 2 cars (paid off but were at great interest rates) 6) have Utility at 5% $100K revolving (because of corona-virus holding onto cash) . 7) Now ready to refinance home and student loans due to lowered interest rates and credit situation. Plan to pay student loans in next 12 months and switch from 30 year to 15 year mortgage and pay off quickly (10-12 years). Take care everyone and thanks!!
  6. When I purchased my first home a few years ago I did it all online and by phone as my lender is in another state. I am pretty sure all I had to do was send copies of my W2s and those of my wife. Is that how it typically works these days or do I need to actually send copies of old tax records? Thanks!
  7. World Elite +$8100 was $20K. first time I used luv button because every time I thought to use it I didn't get the soft pull verbiage and a couple times I did get to pull, I was denied. Had this card for about 5 years. SMH. Set a reminder for 6 months.
  8. I want to check the status of some disputes I mailed into Equifax. I used up my monthly credit report with the $1 3 for 1 service. For the last week when I go to the website to check the backdoor, the page is constantly showing some "down for maintenance" message.I tried logging in but you need to purchase products to see report. Any other ways to see EQ report for free or very cheap? Don't want to use my yearly report with them yet. I'm trying to get some things cleared up so I may purchase a home. Thanks!
  9. Kayvebear killed the 20/20 for everyone, and you can now get an Experian FICO from myfico.com. You can move this CU to the worthless pile with all of the others. * Credit unions are strictly for rebuilding and car loans, neither of which matter to me at this point in life. Your situation may differ. Not sure if the Kayvebear comment is an inside joke. Spent some time searching and see he had problems getting approved but I see other people getting approved. Not sure what to make of some posts regarding how CRAs are reporting TLs differently now. What's the final consensus?
  10. applied online and got message they are reviewing. phone call next day requesting pay stubs so faxed it in. called same day to confirm. placed on hold for few minutes then approved. less than 24 hour turn around.
  11. So I had to send in some W2s and I'm now maxed out at $50k. Thanks for the help. Now deciding on going for PenFed when my $50K NFCU TL starts reporting or PSECU 20/20 now. See,s like I'm still AMEX BL'd
  12. Did PSECU make it harder to join recently? I remember when the 20/20 was first mentioned on CB I joined and there tons of ways to join.
  13. So I successfully got a CLI on my Visa and then called to see if they can use that for NavCheck CLI and was told that it would be another hard pull. do I keep calling to find someone who will do otherwise or is the SOP for NFCU?
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