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  1. There used to be a helpful tool that users would put in there approvals of various cards and what their current scores were at the time. Used to also show the location of the person applying. Is that tool gone? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  2. Ah, thank you, wise ones. I feel ( a little) better.
  3. I am in a real hole, trying my best to stop the bleeding of my credit. I have been able to get on the "hardship" programs of my major cards but there are some like Applied bank ( via a CA) that are playing hard ball. Lot's of talk about the OC willing to sue or charge-off my balance. Both which I'd like to avoid. I know we should not be even talking to CAs but when they bring up charge offs I feel obligated to working with them. Are charge-offs things that happen at the end of the year or any time?
  4. Time is indeed a great credit healer and when I checked CreditSecure just now I saw that none of my public records are no longer showing. Been 7 years almost to the day. Just wanted to share
  5. So I woke up today with a call from Chase asking me to make a payment on my old WAMU biz card that they closed. I asked them if they had a hardship program and while looking up the total monthly payment for their application, I saw that it was over 1400.00 month. That was a huge wake up call. I only have about 500 a month I can put toward cards a month if I eat raman noodles. I have 20k in revolving credit balances. Rather than plugging the dike, I'm thinking it might be best to do a debt consolidation. Are there any board recommended ones? JP Chase gave me the number to one called Money Management International (800 339 9159), anyone heard of them. I really need to get these APRs in line. Now that everything is rate jacked, monthly payments on my cards has basically ballooned beyond my current means and I'd like to salvage my credit if possible which is still decent with no baddies but that may change soon. Any advice or pointers to related threads are appreciated.
  6. So, I have been working to pay down my cards. Finally have my Amex cards down to 0 and had CITI and BOA as my next pay down targets. Trying to work it out myself without using money from the family budget ( I do web development on the side to earn some extra ) and while I was @ work CITI calls my home and blabs to my wife that I'm 8 days late with my payment. I'm sure I'll get the lecture tonight. Putting aside my issues, I thought creditors were only supposed to speak with authorized users. I think it's time to remove my home phone from every CC account. Also, CITI is using an annoying robo-caller that tells you to call them back. I wish I did now.
  7. I have been working on paying down/off cards to get my monthly bills down to a reasonable level again (post ratejackpokolips) and the rep for Citibusiness told me that I could get my biz card intrest rates lowered and dropping my payments down to 85.00 a month bit it would mean the account would be closed. Since this card does not show on my personal CR, I think it might be a good deal just have it lowered and concentrate on the cards that do matter to my CR. My questions are: Will it hurt me with CITi in the future?( I still have a personal CITIProfessional Card) Will this *deal* show up on my personal CR as a loan?
  8. As my minimums have grown I have been playing a furious game of staying above water and I was wondering it's possible or advisable to try to negotiate a deal with the CC companies.
  9. The name WAMU makes me vomit a little in my mouth each time I see it. Is there a reason you need the new piece of plastic with a Chase logo? The one with the WAMU logo is supposed to function until it expires...
  10. my 2 cards expire 3/11 and 12/10. guess i'll be waiting a while unless I call.
  11. Has anyone received a physical chase card yet to replace their WAMU plastic? They show up on my CR as chase cards but I still have not been updated. Just me?
  12. Correction. I made a typo. Amex said while the reason for the mistake (in Feb 08) was incorrect but they still DON'T want me. The way they put it, "Unfortunately, our original decision has not changed, but we wanted to be sure that we shared this correction with you. Thank you for your current Cardmembership"
  13. So I get a letter from Amex marked personal and confidential. I figured it was just another CLD due to my recent first late in 5 years (from Kohls). Finally opened it and it said that reason for my denial of a green card wasn't that my paying amount pattern was too low in feb 08. That was incorrect they said. BUT they still want me at this time for the card. I have not applied to any new Amex cards recently, why bother me?
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