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  1. Not sure if this was made clear in earlier posts but here ya go. This was my journey YMMV. Net 30 Tradelines Tier I Prerequisites: Filed with SOS, DUNS, 411 Reliable Uline Quill having a website with custom email may help with this Grainger Gemplers HD Supply Seton Interstate Batteries BlueRibbonWebHosting gopromos Teir II Prerequisites: Paydex, 5 D&B Trade Lines, $250 High TL, EX and EQ files established Staples Office Depot Valero Citi backed gas cards FleetCorp Citgo, BP, Chevron Any cell service Northern Tool Tier III Prerquisites: Same as Tier II + 7 D&B trade lines$500 High TL, >3 TLs on Experian/Equifax Northern Tool Newegg Most Citi backed store cards with the exception of Home Depot Sears (requires age) Best Buy (requires age) l3store Tier IV Prerequisites: Same as Tier III + $2.5k High TL, 10 D&B Trade Lines, >7 TLs on EX/EQ Key Bank (with PG, no pull) Home Depot net 30 Apple Lease (requires age) Costco (requires age) Radio Shack Sunbelt Rentals Ikea Tier V Prerequisites: Same as Tier IV + $5k High TL, 15 D&B Trade Lines, >10 TLs on EX/EQ Lowes Revolving/Net 30 Amazon Revolving/Net 30 Wright Express Home Depot Revolving (PG, no pull) Tiger Direct Macys Tier VI Prerequisites: same as Tier V + $10k High TL, 20 D&B Trade Lines, >15 TLs on EX/EQ Target (requires age) Walmart Sams Store card Comdata Tier VII Prerequisites: Same as Tier VI + $20k High TL, 25 D&B Trade Lines, >20 TLs on EX/EQ Dell Bill Me Later Business Sams Discover Tier IIX Prerequisites: Same as Tier VII + $40k High TL Financial Statement attached to D&B Ford Motor Credit
  2. Thank you all for your submissions. I'm pretty clear on what I need to do now.
  3. Well I'm not having any trouble paying child support I'm trying to find out how I can better my credit situation. I've heard (read) all of what I possibly can't do...I'm looking for what I can do. Thank you for your response.
  4. Hello all. Been lurking but not doing. Finally decided to give this credit repair a shot. I have a few questions that I hope can be answered. I am a newbie so please be kind. Fico Score: 560 Baddies: 5 collections Revolving Acct: 0 Installment Acct: 0 Loans: 0 Inquiries: 0 Goal: To be able to increase my FICO score enough to be able to purchase an unsecured card during the initial phase of my credit repair. (from day one) Question 1: I have $28,000 worth of child support in arrears. I would just like to know if child support hurts your credit score / manual report. I read somewhere on this board where someone paid off their child support but it gave them absolutely no increase in their credit score. So if that's true then does it even matter that the child support is reporting as a collection account? Would it even hurt my score if I surrounded it with massive amounts of positive credit reporting? Question 2: I also would like to know if I could use one of those authorized user websites that sells authorized user accounts and I wanted to know if using said account(s) would be beneficial for a credit score increase? I asked the site if it mattered that my name address wasn't the same as the name and address of the person who would be selling me the authorized user account and they told me that it didn't matter that I could benefit from using their service. I read the boards and they mention that you needed to have your last name or the same address in order to benefit from the authorized user account but these online authorized user programs that sell authorized user accounts say different. Has anyone ever used or paid for any authorized user accounts and if so what were your experiences. Will using an authorized user account in the initial phase of my credit repair allow me to reach the goal that I have above? Just basically looking for creative ways to increase score. Thanks to you all in advance.
  5. Quick question guys. Does a "Closed (paid) Current" status account hurt your credit score? (do not take into account the accounts age) It's not a negative account...just closed it and the lenghth of time that I had the account was less than 90 days.
  6. This maybe a weird question but why then would you even consider getting a AU on your report is FICO won't even factor it in. Seems pointless to me.
  7. Just got off the phone with some buddies of mine in the banking industry and wanted to get some updated information as far as credit is concerned. I was just told that as of Nov. 1st CRAs will no longer recognize AUs and programs that allow for individuals to use someone else's credit to increase their scores. Can someone please verify this as this will be a huge blow for my future credit plans. I trust my source but just wanted to be sure.
  8. So you mean to tell me that if CARD A checks to see if CARD B/C/D/E/F is late or delinquent and just one of them are you're gonna hike up my rate. Dude I'm pissed. Just happened. What does one card have to do with the other. Grrrrrr, can't wait till I'm outta sub-prime so I can leech these buzzards something fierce. My fault I suppose. Should've read the FINE PRINT. God I'm mad! /rant off
  9. Hmmm, ok. Then maybe you can explain why some creditors state that they only report to a specific CRA. I asked my CU who they reported to and they said "TU only", so...
  10. xchip


    Credit Score Odds of Becoming 90 Days Delinquent 780 576 to 1 700 288 to 1 680 144 to 1 660 72 to 1 645 36 to 1 630 18 to 1 615 9 to 1 600 4 to 1 585 2 to 1 As the above table illustrates, those with credit scores below 615 are a very poor risk. In fact, it's hard to get a mortgage loan with a credit score below 600 or 620. If your credit score is between 640 and 680, you can get approved, but with more scrutiny. If your score is 680 or above, you can get a mortgage loan quite easily.
  11. Yea, First off...great board! Just wanted to know some CC companies and or ANY COMPANY that reports to all 3 not just 1 or 2. That would be a great list! Thanks for all the info so far.

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