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  1. Hi MrSparrow, I just went through the same thing a couple a months ago. I received a bill in the mail from the doctor's office because I learned the hard way that BC/BS did not cover certain items on the claim that was submitted. In essence, the doctor's office forwarded to me the part I was responsible for. I think you should settle the account. By doing so, you will save yourself alot of money and heachache. I believe you said you owe them $600...ask OSI can you settle the account for $500, $480 or less. Make sure you get the settlement and pay off letter in writing on OSI's letterhead. Some creditors will allow you to settle the account and make payments on the settled amount. You and your family should devise a plan then call OSI with your proposal. Good luck!!
  2. I learned about this site through one of my friends. I am seriously trying to improve my credit.

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